Proposal:Public transport schedules/Ferry route timetables

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This is part of the proposal for public transport schedules.

Public Transport Schedules/Ferry route timetables
Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: LeifRasmussen
Tagging: schedule_type=*
Applies to: relation
Definition: Tags for adding timetables on Ferry routes.

Draft started: 2018-09-09
RFC start: 2018-10-30


If the ferry route has no schedule system at all

schedule_type=none should be added to the route.

If the ferry route operates "on demand"

This can happen if the ferry is a very small service (e.g. a small boat crossing a small river) in a third world country.

schedule_type=on_demand is used together with opening_hours=*

If the ferry route operates every X minutes, with unpredictable departure times throughout the day.

schedule_type=interval and interval=* used similarly to standard public transport routes. interval:forward=* and interval:backward=* can be used on ferries mapped as ways that have different intervals for the two directions.

If the ferry has a fixed departures timetable.

schedule_type=timetable, departures=* and duration=* should be used. departures:forward=*, departures:backward=*, duration:forward=*, & duration:backward=* can be used on ferries mapped as ways to add more detail.

The tag departures=*, when used on a complicated ferry route mapped as a relation and serving many stops, indicates when the ferry departees