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Sacred building
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Hanoj
Drafted on: 2007-09-09
Moved to building= on 11 September 2007


Religion is a standard part of our (social) landscape (and of almost every human being) and current science considers it as an anthropological constant. Religious buildings are historical navigation elements, axes of ways, remindful, dominative. Tagging religious buildings is naturaly. map town with Christian buildings

Description (Tag:amenity=place_of_worship)

I want to normalize this tag Tag:amenity=place_of_worship. My ideas have background in european traditions, but I hope they are compatible with ideas of other people in the world. I've remaked it to light version.

  • I think the formula "amenity=place_of_worship" is too long, i want to change it to current building of religion.
  • In new solution is not tag "religion=", because value of tag "amenity" is original for buildings in everyone religion.
  • Tag "denomination=" is a complicated feature, without future. For example Christians have hundreds of denominations for their sacral buildings. OSM is not an encyclopedia, and for the needs of a map these denominations have zero importance.

If I go to Russia, I know, that a majority of its population is Christian/orthodox and a minority Christian/greek and Christian/catholic. This knowledge is easy, than tag "denomination=".

Tag "name="

no comment. Use: "name=St. Michael" (as is standard in language and region)


The area should become colored in a color used for buildings (dark gray or even black). In the middle of the area the same icon for church as currently applied to a node marked with (amenity=place_of_worship) should be shown. See below...


I don't like putting more stuff into the "amenity" tag. I'd vote for starting to use "religion=church", "religion=mosque", etc etc etc. Ivansanchez 18:15, 11 September 2007 (BST)

So "amenity=temple" would cover several dozens of religions? Strongly dislike this. I'd expect Buddhist, Jain, Sikh and Hindu temples etc to appear with different symbols, and only one of those has a special english word (gurdwara). The claim value of tag "amenity" is original for buildings in everyone religion. is based on incomplete information. Morwen 18:25, 11 September 2007 (BST)

I dislike this proposal. I have no problem with the length of "place_of_worship", the proposal doesn't actually leave us with a single unambiguous notation for the religion associated with the amenity, and it drops denomination altogether which is useful information. It adds different kinds of religious buildings, so lets put those into building=church/chapel/abbey/cathedral/temple/etc. Two quick examples on denomination: (1) Quakers are Christians but they have Meeting Houses that should ideally be rendered quite differently to churches; (2) in south London there is a huge diversity of denominations that would be very interesting to map, it would correspond in part with migration and development patterns for example. TomChance 19:52, 11 September 2007 (BST)

The current system works well for effort. In the first instance you tag a building amenity=place_of_worship. If you either are too lazy to add more tags, you were too lazy to gather more details, didn't understand exactly what religion/denomination the building was, or too lazy to read the extra wiki page that says details about religion/denomination, then at least you have put the POI in someway and it can always be added to by someone else. Also OSM direction seems to be going to tag more than we use so at least it can be used later(or by a different versionrender/use of the map) - LastGrape

      • OK, I am lazy and I make new 6 values of tag ;).
      • In just time is not possible interpretation of Religion/denomination tags, and than is not used for render and etc... Different render is only your hope, without clear tag scheme...
      • I move this proposed tag into Talk:Proposed building. Hanoj 23:20, 11 September 2007 (BST)
I think it is important for there to be a single top-level tag for *all* such buildings, and place_of_worship works well, since it also works even if you don't have a clue about what religion a building is. (Perhaps shared, for example the al-aqsa mosque==temple mount). The proposer agrees that such buildings are important as reference points yet proposes a scheme that would mean that any religion unknown to the renderer will not be shown! Renderers can have a common symbol for place_of_worship and check the religion/denomination for extra information. If the religion doesn't have a symbol it can and should still be rendered - Kleptog

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