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amenity=wet_mill for coffee and corn processing plants
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Batje
Tagging: amenity=wet_mill
Applies to: nodes, areas, relations
Definition: When coffee is harvested it is first collected at a wet mill, or dried.
Rendered as: An icon would be nice, the name of the mill also makes sense
Drafted on: 2015-12-21
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Public-images-osm logo.svg amenity = wet_mill
Coffee Processing Seperation vats.jpg
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Location where coffee beans are collected an fully washed in fermentation tanks. Edit or translate this description.
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After harvesting coffee, it is often collected and processed at a Wet Mill where it is processed. See Coffee production#Wet_process These Wet Mills play an important part in the coffee value chain and there are many of them. For example, there are about 220 in the Ethiopian Sidama region alone[1]. Also in Corn processing Wet-milling is used


There are many Wet Mills globally and they perform a very unique service that is of big impact to their communities. They deserve a more specific tag than building=industrial


In Rwanda in 2012 there were about 214 Wet Mills (or Washing Stations)[2]



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Nodes or Areas


Name text is a good start. This proposal will not have an icon.

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None so far that I know of


Please comment on the discussion page.


  1. Water Wise Coffee Wet Mill page
  2. Google Cached PDF "COFFEE WASHING STATIONS IN RWANDA - Policy Memo"