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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: EinKonstanzer
Tagging: amenity=building_yard
Applies to: node area
Definition: place for devices, tools, utilities, dumps and deposit
Drafted on: 2015-03-09

Long description

Some tasks of the municipal administration are

  • street cleaning
  • maintaining street lamps, traffic light signals, ...
  • operate snowploughts in the winter
  • a plant nursery to run the parks in town
  • run a depot for all needed material

Therefor there is a place, a municipal yard with buildings, utility sheds, dumps, depots, vehicle parks, etc.

For this place apply amenity=building_yard

key operator=*

Sometimes this is outsourced to a public company ore external companies. This does not make a difference! Use this key to specifie this.

tag municipal=yes

If this is operated by the municipal or by a company for the municipal.

tag landuse=commercial or landuse=industrial

Use as landuse for the complete area the one which is more proper.

contact and adress information

This is very usefull. Don't forget!

This tag is also meant for building enterprises and their building yard!

For discussions please use the discussion page

In other languages to find...

  • Deutsch: Bauhof (tagging Info für einen Bauhof)


There is a more general approach needed. As mapping public authorisations ist a bigger matter.