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Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Korney San
Tagging: bureau_de_change=yes
Applies to: node, area
Definition: Indicate the bank have the currency exchange service inside
Rendered as: hidden
Drafted on: 2020-06-03
RFC start: 2020-06-03


The tag bureau_de_change=yes should be used in addition to amenity=bank to indicate the bank have the currency exchange service inside.


Currency exchange offices or kiosks are mapped by tag amenity=bureau_de_change and can easily be found by POI request. At the same time, many banks provide a currency exchange service inside, in form of small office or additional feature of cash desk, but they are not included into results. Also, the availability of a currency exchange service is not guaranteed in the case of a search for the banks' POI themselves.

Mapping service as separate POI inside the bank is controversial to One feature, one OSM element practice.


Create the bank node/area with amenity=bank tag or select existing node/area to modify.

Add bureau_de_change=yes to indicate the bank provide a currency exchange service.

Add currency:XXX=yes to indicate the certain currency is exchangeable.

Applies to

This tag should be applied to amenity=bank nodenodes or areaareas.


Does not required. But result of amenity=bureau_de_change POI request should include amenity=bank POIs with bureau_de_change=yes.

Features/Pages affected


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