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classification of management on natural area's
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: vussiewussie
Tagging: managed=yes/no/grazing/undergrowth/mowing
Applies to: area
Definition: Used to indicate if a natural area is actually natural or it is still being managed by humans to keep it in its current state

Rendered as: No difference in rendering on normal maps, difference can be made on specific editions
Drafted on: 2010-06-10

Values for managed=*

  • no: there is no management of any kind
  • yes: landscape or signs indicate management but kind is unclear
    • grazing: herbivores are used to limit the growth of grasses, bushes or trees
    • undergrowth: human interaction to clear (a specific kind of) undergrowth e.g. to preserve lane structures in former estates, eliminate introduced species.
    • mowing: human (mechanical) mowing is done one or more times per year to preserve the open character of the landscape/water

How to map

Add his key to areas already tagged with a natural=* tag that are meant as nature but still require human intervention to keep the natural values they have. An example could be a fell where young trees are removed to prevent the fell from turning into a forest because large grazers are missing in that particular part of nature.

Open questions

  • Is this tag limited to "natural" features?
  • What about surface=*?
  • Objects like leisure=pitch may also need tag to mark their "maintenance" (unlike virtual operator=* company it will mean "real maintaince")
  • Does fully specified operator=* imply managed=yes? (probably not, see above)

See also

  • treated=* with 5 instances in database at moment of writing