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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: IvanGl
Tagging: natural=karst_grasslands
Applies to: area
Definition: Natural area covered by mixture of karst bare rock and grass


This is type of landscapes that can be found in the karst geology and topography. Landscapes are covered by the mixture of rock and grass but none of them prevails.

For examples see:


While I was mapping this and this area I had a lot of problems. I wasn't able to decide every time is something grassland or bare rock because this area, and lot of area in this part of world (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Croatia) is covered by mixture of rock and grass. So I propose this feature that would combine it.

This was my way of mapping that area:[1]. But it takes a lot of time for a such detailed mapping, and still it is not sufficient.


C. 20% of the uncultivated area here is covered by karst grasslands. For examples see above.



Because similar feature (grassland or bare rock) are also tagged as natural

Applies to

Only to areas


As a grassland (darker color) with some of details of the bare rock rendering.

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grassland bare rock

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