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Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: [[User:SK53|SK53]]
Tagging: highway=social_motorway
Applies to: way
Definition: major highways which contribute to pollution and large number of fatalities
Drafted on: 2016-03-24

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Use the "social_motorway" value to mark all major roads which contribute to major health issues related to pollution and traffic accidents.


Use of motorways & freeways can have significant environmental impacts in terms of health, enivronment and habitat destruction, and it can also lead to dangerous situations where people with lung conditions can be killed by high-levels of nitrogen dioxide and particulates. We need a way to mark these roads so they can be excluded from public-facing maps so that people chose less polluting modes of transport. Simply deleting the trails is unlikely to be effective since mappers tracing aerial imagery would have no idea that a past trail was removed.

Giving health promotion bodies, and environmental activists a way to avoid showing these roads within OSM would encourage them to use the map and see OSM mappers as a resource in helping disseminate suitable less environmentally damaging activities.


Tagging is simple:

Applies to

  • Way


Default map style will need some indicator that these trails exist but are off limits. For most public purposes (custom maps based on OSM data), these trails should not be rendered at all.

Features/Pages affected

  • Many

existing ways are likely environmentally damaging and it may be appropriate to reclassify them as such. This will best be done incrementally in any given location.


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