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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
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I am currently putting additonal tags to ways with highway tags. If there is a cattlegrid in the road (for example), I think it should be highway=unclassified, unclassified=cattlegrid. Other things might be...highway=footway, footway=style, Or....highway=track, track=gate

This is only what I have been doing so far, without too much thourght, so hopefully something will come of a discussion.

I think for osmarender it would work best if this tag placed additional black lines around or over a segment.

I can think of gates, footgates, swinggates, cattlegrids, styles, Vstyles?

The other slight variation is when stlyes or gates have addtional features like dogflaps, or gilateen style lifting doors for dogs. maybe an additonal type could be used. Or ones that have ropes for horse riders. These are geting very specific, but since people are mapping footways, its not much more to record. e.g. style_dog, or footgate_horse Ben. 03:08, 29 Sept 2006 (BST)