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Original Translation
creating a POI criando um POI
point selected\n(shift-click point to\nstart new line) selecionar um ponto
moving a point mover um ponto
click to add point\ndouble-click/Return\nto end line clicar para acrescentar um ponto
over endpoint\nclick to join\nshift-click to merge ...
over point\nclick to join" ...
Please wait while the GPX track is processed. Por favor aguarde enquanto o traço GPX é processado.
Revert Reverter
Cancel Cancelar
Revert to an earlier saved version: Reverter para uma versão anterior:
Choose the version to revert to Escolha a versão para a qual deseja reverter
moving a POI movendo um POI
Split way at selected point Cortar via no ponto selectionado
Direction of way - click to reverse Direcção da via - clicar para inverter
Clockwise circular way - click to reverse Via circular com sentido horário - clicar para inverter
Anti-clockwise circular way - click to reverse Via circular com sentido anti-horário - clicar para inverter
Nothing to undo Nada para desfazer
merging two ways Juntar duas vias
Show GPS tracks Mostrar traços GPS
Set options (choose the map background) Definir opções (escolher o mapa de fundo)
Add a new tag Acrescentar nova propriedade
Add to a relation Acrescentar uma nova relação
Repeat tags from the previously selected way (R) Aplicar as propriedades da via anteriormente selecionada (R)
Next page of tags Próxima página de propriedades
An error occurred - click for details Ocurreu um erro - clique para detalhes
too long to unlock:\nplease split into\nshorter ways demasiado comprido para activar
loading ways carrengando as vias
Welcome to OpenStreetMap! Bem-vindo ao OpenStreetMap!
Choose a button below to get editing. If you click 'Start', you'll be editing the main map directly - changes usually show up every Thursday. If you click 'Play', your changes won't be saved, so you can practise editing.\n\nRemember the golden rules of OpenStreetMap:\n\n ...
Don't copy from other maps Não copie outros mapas
Accuracy is important - only map places you've been ...
And have fun! Divirta-se!
Don't show this message again Não mostrar esta mensagem novamente
Start mapping with OpenStreetMap. Começar a maper com o OpenStreetMap.
Practice mapping - your changes won't be saved. ...
Practice mode ...
Help Ajuda
Find out how to use Potlatch, this map editor. Descubra como usar este editor de mapas, o Potlatch.
Track Traço
Convert your GPS track to (locked) ways for editing. ...
pressed premido
deleting a point apangando um ponto
deleting apagando
cancelling changes to cancelando as alterações a
\n\nPlease e-mail richard\ with a bug report, saying what you were doing at the time. ...
"Sorry - the connection to the OpenStreetMap server failed. Any recent changes have not been saved.\n\nWould you like to try again? ...
Background: Fundo:
Fade background Esbateçer o fundo
Use thin lines at all scales Usar linhas finas em todas as escalas
Use pen and hand pointers ...
Choose what type of presets are offered in the menu. ...
setting tags on a way definindo as propriedades duma via
setting tags on a point definindo as propriedades dum ponto
setting tags on a POI definindo as propriedades dum POI
adding a node to the end of a way acrescentando um nó ao fim duma via
Add Acrescentar
Add %PROPERTYTYPE% to a relation Acrescentar %PROPERTYTYPE% a uma relação
Select an existing relation to add to, or create a new relation. ...
Create a new relation Criar uma nova relação
Add to the chosen route ...
reversing a way invertendo uma via
Undo %ACTION% (Z) Desfazer %ACTION% (Z)
Way %WAY% cannot be found (perhaps you've panned away?) so I can't undo. ...
Ways %WAY1% and %WAY2% don't share a common point any more, so I can't undo the split. ...
The POI cannot be found (perhaps you've panned away?) so I can't undo. ...
Some of the points on this way are tagged. Really delete? Alguns dos pontos desta via têm propriedades definidas. Quer apagar?
adding a node into a way ...
splitting a way ...