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According to Wikipedia "The total of all renewable electricity sources provided for 14.9% of the electricity generated in the United Kingdom in 2013, reaching 53.7 TWh of electricity generated. In the second quarter of 2015, renewable electricity generation exceeded 25% and coal generation for the first time"

There is a nice render at Open Infrastructure Map

UK Renewable Energy Planning Database (REPD)

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS....that used to be DEFRA) Renewable Energy Planning Database (REPD) defines larger scale renewable energy sites in the UK. The database shows planning requests and their status. We are probably most interested in those that are operational or under construction.

"Larger scale" is defined as generating 1MW+.

The database provides a UK National Grid Reference for each location, but this is frequently inaccurate (+/-1km) as it may have been created early on in the planning process before the actual site location was decided. On occasion the given location may be on the nearest conurbation. Operational or under construction sites are often visible in aerial photography, in particular wind turbines which cast a clear shadow.

user:Jnicho02 is running a project to map wind farms, ground mounted solar farms, and renewable energy sites in the REPD and invites you to join in.

Energy sites are mapped as a relation which links wind turbines, transformer unit they connect to, and access tracks. See for a couple of examples.

As of September 2017 the REPD identifies larger renewable energy sites ('farms') in the UK. These are split into:

 select "technology type", "mounting type for solar", "development status (short)", count(*) as counter
 from ukgov_energy_planning
 where "development status (short)" = 'Operational'
 group by "technology type", "mounting type for solar", "development status (short)"
 order by counter desc
technology type operational
Solar Photovoltaics (roof mounted) 740
Wind Onshore 667
Solar Photovoltaics (ground mounted) 320
Landfill Gas 268
Anaerobic Digestion 113
Small Hydro 55
Biomass dedicated 52
EfW Incineration 46
Wind Offshore 31
Large Hydro 18
Sewage Sludge Digestion 8
Advanced Conversion Technologies 7
Tidal Barrage and Tidal Stream 5
Biomass co-firing 3
Solar Photovoltaics (floating) 2
Shoreline Wave 2

Suggested process and tags (onshore wind power)

Whitelee Wind Farm (standard OSM)
Whitelee Wind Farm (Custom Leafletjs)
Whitelee Wind Farm (Open Infrastructure Map)

There is a global definition at Wind_farms, partly based on this page.

Wind turbines are easy-ish to spot in aerial photos as they cast a shadow. The Newcorp progress map shows REPD sites and has a link to the location on OSM.

Different aerial photos: If a wind farm was constructed in the last couple of years then some aerial images might not show it. Try different layers in the ID editor.

The REPD record includes the Planning Application authority and number, so you can view the original plans.

The contractor's web site may help you locate the site.

In the ID Editor, after submitting the edit to OSM it can be good to click on 'View on OSM' to view the changeset, then click on the link to the relation, e.g. Mynydd y Betws relation/7587679 to check that you added all of the turbines.

energy 'farm'

A wind farm is not a polygon, it is a relation. Other activities can and do happen on the grass between the turbines (e.g. sheep grazing), so the 'farm' is actually a collection of turbines, access tracks, and substation.

tag comments
name=* the name of the wind farm (excluding the words 'Wind Farm', 'resubmission', 'repowering', but do include 'extension')
plant:output:electricity=number MW if known (use a '.' dot as decimal separator, the indicated unit is usually 'MW' for megawatts or 'kW' for kilowatts) REPD has this as a field
repd:id=number the UK Gov Renewable Energy Planning Database id

A 'resubmission' is when a planning application is resubmitted. A 'repowering' is when a site has had old turbines replaced with new, more modern, ones. An 'extension' is where extra turbines are added on to an existing scheme.

Please map an 'extension' as a separate wind farm.

Overpass Turbo

       relation["site"="wind_farm"]({ { bbox } });
   out body;
   out skel qt;

wind turbine

The ID editor does most of these by default.

tag note
generator:type=horizontal_axis most likely, unless its a corkscrew shape
generator:output:electricity=2.0 MW optional
name=turbine 1 optional/unlikely. This is *not* the name of the wind farm. Often available on planning docs.

Add a turbine to the wind farm relation role=generator

Note: when adding things to a relation using the ID Editor the wind farm will only appear in the dropdown if another object already in the relation is visible in the edit screen. Sometimes, turbines are quite far apart. It can help to include the access tracks as you go.

access tracks

Wind farms must have access tracks to get to the turbines. Often they are clearly for this purpose only, other times they may be existing paths.

Q: does it hurt for an existing footpath to be included in wind farm relation? The path may need to have a section broken so as to not include lots of other sections that aren't relevant.

Optionally add the tracks to the wind farm relation as role='access'

To now, I have only connected obvious access tracks


Very occasionally mappers have plotted the concrete 'pad' that the turbine sits on, sometimes as landuse=industrial. I recommend against this - Jnicho02 (talk) 12:16, 15 December 2018 (UTC)


Every wind farm has a substation where the turbines are connected to the main power cable. This will be a small building close to the first turbine, but not always identifiable.

Add it to the wind farm relation role='substation'


A wind farm often has an anemometer to get the wind speed. I believe that someone then remotely controls whether the rotors are turned on (TBC).

I have mapped these as a 'tower' but I could be wrong.

List of under construction and operational UK Onshore Wind Farms

repd:id OSM name comments country
2555 relation 8399879 South Beach England
2556 relation 8400257 Swaffham 1 England
2559 relation 7891423 Mynydd Gorddu Wales
2563 relation 2924301 Cefn Croes Wales
3556 Bryn Du 39 turbines - is this repd:id=2563 Cefn Croes? Wales
2565 relation 7871919 Carno includes repd:id=2564 and repd:id=3277 Wales
2567 relation 2924696 Trysglwyn Wales
2568 relation 8391205 Hafoty Ucha 2 and 3 Wind Turbine Wales
2574 relation 8411093 Royal Seaforth Dock England
2576 relation 2924315 Cemmaes includes repd:id=2566 Wales
2582 relation 2924679 Llanbabo Wales
2586 relation 9417336 Tow Law England
2587 relation 8408282 Kirkheaton England
4177 relation 2928689 Furness/High Winds (Harlock Repowering) replaced repd:id=2617 Harlock Hill England
2618 relation 8408072 Wharrels Hill England
2624 relation 5513996 Siddick England
2625 relation 8407244 Oldside England
2630 relation 8397380 Blaen Bowi Wales
2636 relation 7544440 Parc-Cynog Wales
2653 relation 8391233 Moel Maelogen A Wales
3172 relation 2924729 Moel Maelogen A Phase 2 merge into repd:id=2653 ? Wales
2659 relation 8402958 Out Newton England
2672 relation 9303664 Brockholes Scotland
2673 relation 6949355 Kilbraur Farlary check me Scotland
2674 relation 2933102 Maesgwyn Wales
4485 relation 2924279 Maesgwyn Extension check detail Wales
2680 relation 8410968 Spicer Hill England
2683 relation 7547916 Ford Motor Company Ltd Extension England
2694 relation 8397721 Blue Gates Farm England
2695 relation 8394511 Celcon Blocks Ltd England
2697 relation 2396664 Hammers Hill Scotland
2704 node 4547330751 F M C Land, Pitreavie Business Park replaced repd:id=2687 Scotland
2711 relation 6972691 Hare Hill (East Ayrshire) includes repd:id=4157 Scotland
2713 relation 2928690 Kirkby Moor England
2724 relation 8844322 Cairnmore Farm Scotland
2741 relation 9362905 St Fergus Moss Scotland
2742 node 3822252066 West Hill, Flotta Scotland
2747 relation 2928683 Chelker Reservoir England
2758 relation 9585411 Hill of c Extension Scotland
2776 relation 7544102 Taff Ely Wales
2780 relation 9403608 Mossmorran Scotland
2782 node 6342866382 Courtstone Scotland
2796 relation 6949397 Lairg Scotland
2804 relation 7544068 G24 Innovations Wales
2839 relation 9316590 Clochnahill Scotland
2867 relation 9132441 St John Hill Scotland
4031 St. Johns Hill 9 @ Chapel of Barras, nr Kinneff, South of Stonehaven Scotland
2873 relation 9953919 Bryn Blaen Wales
2875 relation 8400495 March Sewage Treatment Works England
2902 relation 8835814 Burnfoot Hill includes repd:id=4450 but not repd:id=6324 yet. Should it? Site is east of Rhodders repd:id=4223 Scotland
6324 Burnfoot Hill Extension 3 @ Site West Of Burnfoot Hill, High Street, Tillicoultry, Central cannot see it, check planning Scotland
4223 relation 9316967 Rhodders West of Burnfoot Hill repd:id=2902 Scotland
2922 relation 9285504 Strath of Brydock includes repd:id=2708 Scotland
4892 Gawnsmoss 3 @ Cairnhill Banff can't see, check planning. Near to repd:id=2922 Scotland
2923 relation 9296893 House O'Hill Scotland
3980 relation 9365080 Mains of Hatton Scotland
3666 relation 9365043 Gordonstown Hill Scotland
2928 relation 2928674 Bagmoor England
2932 Croda Chemicals Europe 1 @ Croda International Plc, Cowick Hall, Snaith, Goole, East Yorkshire, DN14 9AA 01/10/2008 Cannot see it England
2935 relation 8407218 Eastman Chemicals England
2938 relation 8400570 Lindhurst England
2940 relation 9319220 Craigengelt Scotland
2942 relation 8402880 Saltend England
2943 relation 2928684 Loftsome Bridge England
2944 relation 8408273 Nissan Motors Plant England
3964 relation 8408277 Nissan Motors Plant Extn merge into repd:id=2944 ? England
2950 relation 7544453 Parc Cynog Extension Wales
2952 relation 8400414 Ranson Moor Phase 1 England
2953 relation 8400415 Ranson Moor Phase 2 merge into repd:id=2952 ? England
2955 relation 6950045 West Durham England
2956 relation 7544395 Dyffryn Brodyn Wales
2965 relation 9403645 North Red Bog Scotland
2968 relation 2924282 Milton Keynes England
2983 relation 6950083 Broom Hill England
2986 relation 8406388 Winscales Moor England
2988 relation 8399213 Africa Alive England
2999 relation 9304020 St John's Well Scotland
3002 relation 8406183 Hellrigg England
3015 relation 7876316 Bryn Titli Wales
3019 relation 2918820 Delabole England
3021 relation 8400328 Whittlesey England
3028 relation 8402731 Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre England
3034 relation 7544065 Solutia UK Ltd Wales
3050 relation 8406114 High Haswell England
3057 relation 7021245 Llandinam Wales
3061 relation 2885559 Goonhilly England
3068 relation 9403659 MSD Cramlington England
3075 relation 9415371 Skelmonae Scotland
3077 Carn Vean 5 @ Carn Vean, Tretheague Mill, Stithians, Truro, Cornwall 30/10/2008 cannot locate England
3078 relation 8405327 Dewlay Cheese England
3079 Coal Clough 24 @ Burnley 390207 428154 01/02/1993 can see 16. Look at planning to discriminate/merge with 8 * repowering 4321 England
4321 relation 8392929 Coal Clough Repowering 8 turbines + merge into repd:id=3079? England
3090 relation 9403690 Myres Hill Scotland
3093 National Wind Turbine Test Site Messy. Judging by the name, they've put up and taken down a number of turbines plus is mixed up with Myres Hill Wind Farm. 2 turbines on Myres Hill, Eaglesham 256500 646500 15/02/2001 see repd:id=3090 Scotland
3092 relation 8408193 High Sharpley England
3096 relation 2919043 Little Cheyne Court England
3101 relation 8400494 Long Hill Road England
3105 relation 8399875 Ness Point England
3108 relation 8087095 Causeymire Scotland
4646 relation 9954065 Bad a Cheo Scotland
3109 relation 6949332 Hadyard Hill Scotland
3114 relation 7872001 Crystal Rig 25 turbines + 60 Phase 2a repd:id=3440. merge in repd:id=3536 and repd:id=4215? Scotland
3536 Crystal Rig Extension II 9 @ Lammermuir Hills on the East Lothian Council/Scottish Borders Council border approximately 11km from Dunbar and 16.5km from Duns. 366000 669000 25/10/2010 Scotland
4215 Crystal Rig Phase III 6 @ Crystal Rigg Wind Farm, Cranshaws Duns, Scottish Borders Scotland
3116 relation 2321400 Black Law 54 turbines currently mapped in OSM + merge in extensions repd:id=4253 29 turbines and repd:id=4580 5 turbines? Scotland
4253 Black Law Extension - 1a 29 turbines. 22 Aug 2019 I just plotted a load of new turbines, are these they? Scotland
4580 Black Law Extension - 1b 5 @ Black Law, Climpy Scotland
3117 relation 8835808 Ardrossan Scotland
3119 relation 7872124 Braes O'Doune Scotland
3120 node 1293289546 Thorfinn - NM1500 Scotland
3126 relation 8835819 Boulfruich Scotland
3128 relation 2924640 Bicker Fen England
3479 relation 8051754 Coldham England
3607 relation 8400493 Coldham see also repd:id=3479 and repd:id=3480 England
3480 relation 8400497 Whitemill 7 turbines England
3129 Stags Holt 9 @ March, Cambridgeshire close to Coldham and Whitemill England
3741 relation 8400496 Stags Holt Extension merge into repd:id=3129 ? England
3132 relation 8399551 Glass Moor England
3765 relation 8399552 Glass Moor Extension Merge into repd:id=3132 ? England
3133 relation 8397773 Gedney Marsh England
3135 relation 8041181 Ben Aketil includes repd:id=3668 Scotland
3147 relation 8393112 Knabs Ridge England
3149 relation 9301644 Kelburn Scotland
3155 relation 9585468 Ramsey includes repd:id=4414 England
3157 relation 2924741 Bambers Farm does this also include 2 turbines on the adjacent sewage works?relation 2992772 England
2715 relation 2992771 Bambers II merge with repd:id=3157 ? England
3158 relation 7547874 Ford Dagenham England
3159 relation 8400270 Swaffham Plashes II England
3161 node 917146643 Shooters Bottom England
3171 relation 8405360 Caton Moor England
3177 relation 7872135 Scout Moor England
3179 The Haven ignore? private house approx 52.09717/-2.28229 England
3186 relation 8404275 The Hollies England
3190 relation 8849887 Tullo Farm Scotland
3818 Tullo North Extension (Shiels) 3 @ Laurencekirk see relation 8849887 and merged into relation 9576299 operational 01/04/2014 Aberdeenshire Council APP/2011/2389 Scotland
4422 Tullo South Extension 4 @ Tullo Farm, Laurencekirk, AB30 1HS see relation 8849887 and relation 9576299 operational 01/07/2014 Aberdeenshire Council APP/2011/3694 Scotland
4365 relation 9576299 Tullo Extension (Easter Tulloch) 10 @ Land to North of Tullo Farm, Laurencekirk Scotland
3194 relation 2924252 Avonmouth Port England
3200 relation 8835817 Dummuie Scotland
3201 relation 9299464 Earlsburn Scotland
3202 relation 6949355 Kilbraur check me Scotland
3205 relation 6949399 Achany Scotland
3207 relation 9415424 Bilbster Scotland
3210 relation 8391342 Green Park England
3214 relation 8837652 Carcant Scotland
3218 relation 8406084 Butterwick Moor England
3229 relation 2924289 Llangwyryfon Wales
3232 relation 8039179 Pates Hill Scotland
3233 relation 2918750 WWF Roskrow Barton England
3236 relation 8849155 Greendykeside Scotland
3247 relation 2924743 Loscar Farm England
3248 relation 8408200 Langley Moor England
3258 relation 7872032 Arecleoch Scotland
3260 relation 7998314 Mark Hill Scotland
3264 relation 2919020 Westmill England
3272 relation 7544434 Lodge Farm 1 Wales
3285 relation 9297765 Achairn Scotland
3290 relation 6950044 High Hedley Hope Extension 4 @ High Hedley Farm, Tow Law, Bishop Auckland, County Durham includes originally 3 in High Hedley Hope England
3292 relation 6949470 Beinn an Tuirc 46 + 26 repd:id=4525 Scotland
3294 Cnoc Donn Arnicle 26 @ Situated next to Beinn an Tuirc, Kintyre Scotland
4184 relation 9584762 Auchadaduie 3 turbines West of Beinn an Tuirc Scotland
3295 relation 8835807 Beinn Ghlas Scotland
3296 Bendealt, Highland 18 @ Novar Estate mixed in with 3297 Meall an Tuirc relation 6949418 Scotland
3297 relation 6949418 Meall an Tuirc 34 @ Novar Estate mixed in with repd:id=3296 Bendealt Scotland
4013 Novar Extension 16 @ Novar Estate, Evanton, Ross-shire Scotland
3298 relation 6949563 An Suidhe Scotland
3299 Roughside Hill 24 @ Roughside Moss, Peebles near to repd:id=3300? Scotland
3300 relation 8835795 Bowbeat 24 @ Roughside Hill and Emily Bank, Peebles Scotland
3301 relation 8835793 Hagshaw Hill 13 @ The site lies 4km west of Douglas Scotland
3593 Hagshaw Hill 13 turbines 4km west of Douglas. Pretty much impossible to separate from repd:id=3301. Same number, is this a repowering? or a typo? Scotland
3220 Hagshaw Hill Extension 20 turbine extension to repd:id=3301 Scotland
3306 relation 9418685 Arnish Moor Scotland
3307 relation 9285827 Burgar Hill Scotland
3308 relation 9285828 Thorfinn - NM2000 Scotland
3310 relation 9585630 Burradale Hill Scotland
3309 relation 8396695 Hill of Lybster 4 original then 4679 another 4. Please check that this is correct and is not actually 4 @ 4679 Forss + 2 @ 4679 Forss Extension Scotland
6636 Forss 2 @ Wind Turbine Ex Navy Base Forss Dounreay Thurso Caithness is this mixed up with 3309 relation 8396695 Hill of Lybster? Scotland
4679 Forss Extension 4 @ Ex Navy Base Forss, Dounreay Thurso Caithness is this mixed up with 3309 relation 8396695 Hill of Lybster? Scotland
3311 relation 8835818 Glens of Foudland Scotland
3313 relation 7544402 Castle Pill Wales
3321 relation 8396644 New Holland Scotland
3354 relation 8399933 Weston Airfield England
3359 relation 8406411 Orton Park Farm 3 not 2 turbines? England
3361 relation 8411095 Promised Land Farm England
3368 Nethercott Farm 3 @ Land At Nethercott Farm Tetcott Holsworthy Devon England
3370 relation 9302744 Bonerbo Scotland
3378 relation 8397375 Princes Gate Spring Water Wales
3380 relation 9597514 Bettyhill Scotland
3382 relation 8400581 Sibelco Brassington England
3390 relation 2928691 Lambrigg England
3391 relation 2928686 Far Old Park England
3392 relation 7541899 Bears Down England
3396 Welton Of Creuchies 4 @ Alyth, Blairgowrie operational 23/01/2018 so not visible in aerial. Perth and Kinross Council 10/00876/FLL Scotland
3398 relation 9403842 Droop Hill Scotland
3403 node 6263493942 Denhill Scotland
3404 relation 9303995 Haddo 2 @ Methlick, Ellon, Aberdeenshire AB41 7DX 381628 837639 25/05/2011 Scotland
3548 Methlick Farmers Wind Energy Project 6 @ Methlick, Aberdeenshire 01/12/2011 Scotland
3405 node 6252057405 Gairnieston Farm Scotland
3408 node 6251923785 Burgar Hill (land Near), Evie Wind Onshore Scotland
3415 relation 8849157 Tod Hill Farm Scotland
3429 Moorhouse Farm 2 @ Land North West Of Shepherds House Moorhouse Coldingham Scottish Borders see repd:id=4023 Scotland
4023 relation 9630982 Drone Hill 22 turbines Scottish Borders Council 05/00425/FUL Scotland
3432 relation 8402755 Royd Moor England
3437 relation 7547852 Little Belhus Restoration Site England
3448 relation 9316516 Clachan Flats Scotland
3449 relation 8404351 Fen Farm England
3450 relation 8399799 Darracott Moor England
3453 relation 9598213 Lochhead Farm Scotland
3457 relation 6949310 Toddleburn Scotland
3458 relation 2918889 Crimp England
3467 relation 6949501 Tangy includes repd:id=4024 Scotland
3487 relation 8835815 Green Knowes Scotland
3489 relation 2593160 Whitelee 214 turbines in relation, 140 + 36 repd:id=3981 + 39 repd:id=2757 = 215 expected Scotland
3491 relation 8408163 Great Orton 6 turbines + see repd:id=2613 Great Orton Extension unlocated for another 6...or is it a repowering?? Allerdale Borough Council England
2613 Great Orton (Extension) cannot locate, is it a repowering? Allerdale Council. see 6 turbines @ repd:id=3491 Great Orton England
3492 relation 8406391 Winscales England
3494 relation 8408203 Holmside Hall England
3495 relation 8406103 High Volts England
3496 relation 8406124 Hare Hill England
3110 relation 8406125 Hare Hill (B) merge into repd:id=3496? England
3504 relation 8408187 Great Eppleton Replaces repd:id=2591 England
3507 relation 8406113 Haswell Moor England
3510 relation 8402718 Worksop B&Q England
3511 relation 2918864 Cold Northcott England
3524 relation 8844317 Upper Ardgrain Scotland
3529 Rothiesholm 3 @ Rothiesholm, Stronsay, Orkney 10/04/2002 Orkney aerial photography is not very recent Scotland
3532 relation 8849892 Hill of Easterton includes repd:id=4056 Scotland
3533 relation 8411092 Port of Liverpool England
3534 relation 7872180 Rothes (Cairn Uish) includes repd:id=3951 Scotland
3538 relation 8835830 Glenkerie Scotland
3539 relation 2928685 Lissett Airfield England
3552 relation 2924292 Rheidol Wales
3554 relation 6949500 Deucheran Hill Scotland
3570 relation 6949311 Dun Law includes repd:id=3579 Scotland
3574 relation 8844411 Black Hill Scotland
3578 relation 2933147 Four Burrows England
3581 relation 8835816 Lochelbank Scotland
3585 relation 6949564 Cruach Mhor Scotland
3592 relation 8391172 Wern Ddu Wales
3594 relation 9886726 Muirake Scotland
3602 relation 2928678 Rusholme England
3605 relation 8411043 Longpark Scotland
3606 relation 8406085 Walkway England
3608 relation 1447153 Red Tile England
3609 relation 8397778 Deeping St Nicholas England
3611 relation 8406207 Lowcra England
3613 relation 8406379 Fairfield Farm England
3614 relation 8405397 Haverigg includes repd:id=2626 England
4015 relation 9301579 Ewe Hill Scotland
3633 Hazelside Farm 2 @ side Farm, Lanark, Strathclyde Scotland
3647 relation 9590773 Moy Scotland
3651 relation 9593916 Rosehill Scotland
3657 relation 8394713 Twin Rivers England
3660 relation 2933103 Ferndale Wales
3662 relation 6949356 Gordonbush Scotland
3664 relation 7543995 Avonmouth Wind Power 2 of 4 found England
3667 node 6470160519 The Rosti Factory Scotland
3670 Lochcarnan Community Windfarm 3 @ Lochcarnan, Isle of South Uist 18/02/2013 Scotland
3671 relation 8400323 The Grange England
3672 relation 8397723 Humphrey Group England
3673 relation 8399162 Rodbaston England
3674 relation 9316838 Boundary Lane England
3676 relation 8849077 Nutberry Scotland
3677 relation 8402719 Penny Hill Lane England
3681 relation 9455808 West Knock Scotland
3682 relation 7554962 Low Spinney England
3684 relation 9378799 Westfield Scotland
3685 relation 7554942 Swinford England
3686 relation 8400332 Burnt House Farm England
3688 relation 9220963 Calder Water Scotland
3690 relation 8835791 Millour Hill 6 turbines Scotland
4235 Millour Hill Community Extension 2 @ North Of Baidland Hill Dalry Ayrshire can't spot them yet Scotland
3691 relation 9588654 Netherton of Windyhills 2 @ Grange Crossroads, Keith, Grampian AB55 6NL 348948 857294 01/11/2014 Scotland
3693 Gallowhill 2 @ West Manse, Westray, KW17 2DR 18/02/2013 Scotland
3694 relation 7557525 Frodsham Marsh England
3695 relation 9589242 Brechfa Forest West Wales
3698 Greenhill Croft 2 @ Bonnykelly, New Pitsligo, Fraserburgh, Grampian AB43 6NP 01/03/2012 UK Gov location is on a conurbation Scotland
3699 relation 8400501 Severn Trent STW England
3700 relation 8396596 Spaldington Airfield 5 turbines, mapping incomplete England
3701 Hillhead of Auquhirie 3 @ Hillhead of Auquhirie, Stonehaven 16/01/2013 Scotland
3702 relation 4515485 Middleton UK Gov loc is on residential area Scotland
3703 relation 8405346 Orchard End England
3705 relation 7906468 Mynydd Bwllfa Wales
3707 Tirgwynt 12 @ Mynydd yr Hendre & Mynydd Pistyll Du Near Carno, Powys 15/02/2017 have seen in aerial Wales
3711 relation 8399102 Garreg Lwyd Wales
3718 Castle of Auchry 3 @ Cuminestown, Turriff, Aberdeenshire AB53 5UR 01/11/2013 Scotland
3722 relation 9340942 Little Byth Scotland
3723 Yonderton Farm 2 @ Hatton, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire AB42 0QS 01/12/2014 Scotland
3726 relation 7544287 Oakdale Business Park Wales
3732 relation 7554761 Boddington Reservoir England
3733 relation 7543976 HMP Standford Hill England
3734 Sharpness Docks 1 @ Dock Lane, Sharpness, Berkley, Gloucestershire 366743 202889 15/01/2017 England
3735 relation 8396608 Sancton Hill England
3738 relation 7547670 Port of Sheerness England
3739 relation 8400578 Stonish Hill England
3745 North Yell Garth Community 5 @ Garth, near Gurcher, Yell, Shetland Islands. ZE2 9DF 03/04/2017 Scotland
3746 relation 8039766 Glenurquhart and Strathglass Scotland
3747 node 6013840999 Damhead Farm Scotland
3748 relation 8391494 Hyndburn England
3749 relation 8402940 Tedder Hill England
3752 relation 7582218 Lynemouth England
3754 relation 9574798 Wingates UK Gov loc is inaccurate England
3757 relation 9418620 Wathegar Scotland
3758 relation 6949499 Allt Dearg Scotland
3761 relation 8392998 Hameldon Hill extension England
3764 relation 8400507 Dalby England
3772 relation 9319182 Cour Scotland
3776 relation 9576293 Upper Wheedlemont Farm Scotland
3784 Shielburn Farm 3 @ Newton Of Fortrie, Fortrie, Turriff AB53 4HL Scotland
3787 relation 9353227 Beinneun includes repd:id=3619 Scotland
3791 relation 8406040 Seamer 2 or is this the first of the two? England
3792 relation 8405359 Fanny House England
3793 relation 8400562 Newthorpe England
3799 relation 9577492 Torrance Farm includes repd:id=4085 Scotland
4747 Southrigg 1 @ Southrigg Farm, Bathgate near to repd:id=3799 Scotland
3802 relation 9340911 Land at Overside and Greenwellheads Farms Scotland
3803 relation 8405348 Lancaster University (wind) England
3804 Myreton Crossroads 2 @ Keith Moray AB55 6NJ Scotland
3806 Auchinderran 3 @ Auchinderran Farm, Aberchirder Aberdeenshire APP/2010/3417 operational 01/12/2014 not visible in aerials Scotland
3807 relation 8402886 The Limes England
3809 relation 9343386 Milton of Fisherie Scotland
3810 relation 9364364 Blantyre Muir Scotland
3828 relation 8402704 North Pickenham Airfield England
3814 relation 7554955 Lilbourne England
3819 relation 9954231 Easter Melrose Wind Energy Project Scotland
3827 relation 8404346 Newton Marsh England
3832 node 6246486720 Wythegill England
3835 relation 8402939 Roos England
3836 Yonderton 2 @ Backhill Of Yonderton, Craigston, Turriff AB53 5PT Scotland
3837 relation 9403864 Spurness Scotland
3840 relation 9304021 St Johns Wells Extension Scotland
3841 GlaxoSmithKline 3 @ Shewalton Road Riverside Business Park Irvine Ayrshire KA11 5AP Scotland
3842 node 6505554989 K L Technologies England
4093 relation 9594043 Skeddoway Farm includes repd:id=3845 Scotland
3846 Coire Na Cloiche 13 @ Land At Sidhean A'Choin Bhain, Strathrusdale, Alness Scotland
3855 relation 9299188 Ardoch and Over Enoch Scotland
3856 relation 9576267 Ystgellog Farm Wales
3857 relation 8847591 Neilston Scotland
3859 relation 8408279 Greencroft Estate England
3862 relation 8397699 Crossness Sewage Works Turbine England
4683 relation 8835794 Muirhall includes repd:id=3873 Scotland
4281 Muirhall South 3 @ Stellashaw Moss, South Lanarkshire South Lanarkshire Council CL/14/0113 see repd:id=4683 operational 17/03/2016 Scotland
3886 relation 9584763 Freasdail Scotland
3887 relation 7553910 Nash Waste Water Treatment Works Wales
3890 relation 7548012 Marston Vale Country Park England
3893 Energy Works Hull operational March 2018 probably Chapman Street England
3896 relation 7587491 Mynydd Y Gwrhyd Wales
3897 relation 8400560 Severn Trent Water Stoke Bardolph England
3902 Barns of Ayre 2 @ Deerness, Orkney planning appears granted Scotland
3904 relation 7554423 Newton Down Wales
3905 relation 9632392 North Steads 9 @ between Widdrington and Red Row to the west of the A1068 England
3911 relation 8849908 Hill of Tillymorgan Scotland
3915 relation 9340896 Ladehead Farm Scotland
3917 relation 7541931 Garlenick Estate England
3918 relation 8411128 Goonabarn Farm England
3924 relation 8399905 Bloodhills Repowering England
3925 relation 9299189 Ardoch and Over Enoch (Ardoch) Scotland
3927 relation 7543996 Avonmouth Port II England
3928 relation 2924749 Tween Bridge England
3931 relation 7544088 Mynydd Portref Wales
3932 relation 7554266 Fforch Nest pt2 Wales
3935 relation 5489620 Wadlow England
3936 relation 8397706 Bradwell England
3937 relation 8410948 Hazlehead England
3938 relation 8406129 Kiln Pit Hill England
3941 relation 7541951 Otterham Down England
3942 relation 8394744 Sixpenny Wood England
3943 relation 8397709 Earls Hall England
3944 relation 8411100 Mawdesley Moss England
3946 relation 8399286 Chelveston Renewable Energy Park England
3795 relation 8399287 Chelveston Renewable Energy Park 2 merge into repd:id=3946 ? England
3947 node 2158122128 Bewick Drift England
3948 relation 8396622 Hall Farm Routh England
3956 relation 7554299 Fforch Nest pt1 Wales
3957 relation 8394638 Hampole England
3958 relation 8410950 Blackstone Edge England
3963 relation 3726648 Marr England
3968 relation 8844308 Hill of Fiddes Scotland
3971 relation 8399230 Cotton Farm England
3972 relation 8407204 Flimby Hall Farm England
3976 relation 7592187 Carland Cross England
3978 relation 7554772 Yelvertoft England
3982 relation 7547698 Tilbury Docks England
3984 relation 8406039 Seamer England
3985 relation 8408196 South Sharpley England
3986 relation 8405672 Armistead England
3987 relation 8396634 Withernwick England
4432 relation 9299424 Withernwick Extension merge into repd:id=3987 ? England
3988 relation 9342585 Loch Sminig Scotland
3992 relation 8402891 Burton Pidsea (Wadworth Hill) England
4006 relation 9574760 Camster Scotland
4008 Bu Farm 3 @ Rothiesholm, Bu Farm, Stronsay, Orkney Scotland
4009 relation 6949340 Drumderg Scotland
4011 relation 6949277 Clyde 152 @ Clyde Wind farm, Lowther Hills, between Crawford and Nether Howecleuch, NW of Lockerbie Scotland
4178 Clyde Extension 54 @ Upper Clyde Valley, surrounding Camps Reservoir Scotland
4014 Hill of Towie (Drummuir) 21 @ Hill of Towie, Knockan and McHattie's Cairn, Drummuir, Keith, Banffshire, Moray operational 01/06/2012 Moray Council 02/02099/EIA Scotland
4019 relation 8410137 Middlemoor England
4021 relation 8087058 Baillie Scotland
4022 relation 2933128 Braich Ddu Wildly different to UK Gov loc! Please check. Wales
4026 relation 8408331 Ray England
4027 relation 8836290 Calliachar Scotland
4028 relation 6949300 Griffin Scotland
4029 relation 8408159 High Pow England
4032 relation 9599113 Blackcraig Scotland
4033 relation 2918923 Fullabrook Down England
4034 relation 7719816 Little Raith Farm Scotland
4039 relation 7554281 Pant y wal includes repd:id=4409 Wales
4044 relation 8406165 Green Rigg 5 turbines missing? England
4051 relation 6949398 Rosehall Hill Forest Scotland
4055 relation 7592052 Bankend Rig Scotland
4057 relation 7542068 Batsworthy Cross England
4059 relation 8185279 Fallago Rig 48 turbines. 12 more to find? Scotland
4060 node 2254580072 Cathkin Braes (Castlemilk) Scotland
4061 relation 7587679 Mynydd y Betws Wales
4062 relation 9299260 Ark Hill Scotland
4063 relation 9953842 Pentland Road Scotland
4067 relation 8399860 Turncole England
4068 relation 8400542 Derby Sewage Treatment Works England
4069 relation 8402776 Grange England
4373 relation 8394724 Goole Fields England
4070 relation 9318318 Goole Fields II merge into repd:id=4373 ? England
4072 relation 8850913 Edintore Scotland
4073 Tralorg Under construction. 8 @ 2km to the east of Girvan Scotland
4075 node 6478644496 Gremista Scotland
4076 relation 9319133 Common Barn England
4078 relation 9316547 Clentrie (Gevens) Scotland
4084 relation 7555015 Kelmarsh England
4088 node 4569393393 Goathill Quarry Scotland
4094 relation 8844290 Middle Balbeggie Wind Turbines Scotland
4097 relation 9287628 Upper Holton England
4104 relation 8407661 Tallentire Hill England
4109 relation 8849846 Meikle Carewe Scotland
4110 relation 8835792 Andershaw 11 expecting 14 Scotland
4113 relation 7554982 East Midlands Airport England
4114 Kildrummy 8 @ Clashnarae Hill, Kildrummy, Alford Scotland
4116 relation 9298905 Airfield Farm (Podington) England
4118 relation 9584535 Dunmaglass Scotland
4119 relation 9396198 Harestanes Scotland
4121 relation 9575221 Hill of Stroupster includes repd:id=3433 Scotland
4122 relation 9584471 Burn of Whilk Scotland
4123 relation 8085418 Lochluichart 17 turbines Scotland
4395 relation 9342603 Lochluichart Extension 6 turbines. Merge into repd:id=4123 ? Scotland
4120 relation 9953388 Corriemoillie East of repd:id=4123 Lochluichart Scotland
4125 relation 9574717 Burnhead Scotland
4128 Sneddon Law Community 15 @ Sneddon Law Off Hemphill Road Moscow East Ayrshire Near Scotland
4133 Easter Tolmauds 2 @ Easter Tolmauds, Torphins, Banchory, Grampian Scotland
4138 relation 7906467 Maerdy Wales
4140 relation 8851111 Woodlands Barton England
4141 relation 9378775 Westnewton England
4159 Avonmouth Port Extension 3 @ St Andrews House, St Andrew's Rd, Avonmouth, Bristol, Avon England
4163 relation 9632257 Barmoor South England
4164 relation 7554915 Winwick England
4167 relation 8408379 Sisters England
4168 relation 8399766 East Youlstone England
4170 relation 9351965 Hill of Skilmafilly Cloffrickford (Denmore) Scotland
4174 relation 8405357 Heysham South England
4175 relation 8399329 Woolley Hill England
4179 Quixwood Moor 13 @ Scottish Borders. operational 09/03/2017 Scottish Borders Council 11/01662/FUL Scotland
4193 relation 10030863 Mynydd Brombil 4 @ Brombil, Port Talbot Edit: Added to OSM Wales
4194 relation 7544074 Mynydd Portref Extension Wales
4196 Longlands Lane 1 @ Longlands Lane, Margam, nr junction 38 of the M4. Tata Steel plant - cannot locate Wales
4206 relation 8400586 Ryder Point Quarry England
4210 relation 7556612 Burton Wold Northern Extension England
4211 relation 8039178 Pearie Law Scotland
4218 relation 9419917 Drumduff Scotland
4225 relation 9584818 Harburnhead Scotland
4227 relation 8411109 Dunsland Cross England
4233 relation 8407555 Potato Pot England
4240 relation 9364365 Blantyre Muir Extension Scotland
4244 relation 9590825 Dorenell (Previously Site A and B Scaut Hill) Scotland
4247 Earlsburn North (Kingsburn) 9 @ Earlsburn, Gargunnock Hills Scotland
4248 relation 8400306 Wryde Croft England
4250 relation 8408382 Wandylaw England
4256 relation 8404341 Bishopthorpe England
4260 relation 8394752 Keadby England
4261 relation 8836281 Berry Burn Scotland
4262 relation 9298886 Afton Scotland
4263 Tormywheel 15 @ Fauldhouse Scotland
4266 relation 7543827 Den Brook England
4269 Dersalloch 23 @ Dersalloch Hill Scotland
4272 relation 9594410 Point Wind / Beinn Ghrideag Farm Scotland
4295 relation 7548014 Double Arches Quarry England
4299 relation 9584472 Lochend Scotland
4303 Kellas 8 @ Kellas House Kellas Elgin Moray IV30 8TS Scotland
4312 relation 2924688 Rhyd-y-Groes Wales
4316 relation 9594117 Hallburn Farm England
4326 relation 7540716 Shepham Lane England
4327 relation 8396611 Sober Hill England
4328 Srondoire Community 3 @ Cruach A Phubuill, Adj Allt Dearg Windfarm, Ardrishaig, Lochgilphead, Argyll, PA31 8PE Scotland
4330 Achlachan Under construction. 5 @ Achlachan Windfarm Watten under construction since Oct 2016 Highland Council 13/01190/FUL Did this morph into 3108 Causeymire? Scotland
4331 relation 9417449 A'Chruach Phase 1 21 @ Land At A'Cruach, Kilmichael Forest, West Of Minard, Argyll Scotland
4332 Aikengall II, Wester Dod Community Wind Farm 19 @ East Lothian. operational 15/11/2017 located SE of Aikengall I, around Wester Dod. Cannot find planning application as Scottish Gov level Scotland
4333 Alaska (Masters Pit) Under construction. 4 @ Puddletown Road, East Stoke. Purbeck District Council 6/2010/0082 under construction (allegedly) 15/09/2016 not operational yet England
4335 relation 8851151 Alveston England
4337 relation 9599155 Auchrobert Scotland
4345 relation 8400416 Boardinghouse England
4346 node 6262409561 Bogenlea Farm Scotland
4348 Brownieleys 3 @ Nw/O Brownieleys, Fordoun, Alford, Grampian, AB33 1JN operational 28/02/2017 Aberdeenshire APP/2012/1121 Scotland
4350 Cairnborrow 5 @ Land at Cairnborrow Huntly Scotland
4354 relation 8411103 Crook Hill 1 England
4360 Deuchries 3 @ Deuchries Farm, Banff, Aberdeenshire Scotland
4362 Dungavel Hill 13 @ Dungavel, Strathaven, Strathclyde Scotland
4363 Earlseat 8 @ Earlseat Farm Standing Stane Road Kirkcaldy Fife KY1 4TH Scotland
4368 Galawhistle 22 @ 7km east of Muirkirk in East Ayrshire and 4km west of Douglas in South Lanarkshire Scotland
4369 relation 8404320 Gayton Le Marsh England
4370 GlaxoSmithKline 1 @ Shewalton Road Riverside Business Park Irvine Ayrshire KA11 5AP Scotland
4374 relation 8400336 Greenvale AP England
4381 Hill of Glaschyle 12 @ Hill Of Glaschyle Logie Forres Moray Scotland
4386 Kilgallioch 96 @ (Arecloch Phase 2) land five kilometres to the south of Barrhill, five kilometres to the northeast of New Luce and 11km to the northwest of Kirkcowan Scotland
4390 relation 9278697 Lambs Hill 4 @ Stillington Industrial Estate, Stockton, village of Stillington, to the north west of Stockton and around three miles east of the A1(M this is a bad one! England
4399 relation 7548066 M1 England
4403 New Rides 4 @ New Rides Farm, Leysdown Road, Sheerness England
4404 node 4325735915 Noble Foods Scotland
4408 relation 2928681 Ovenden Moor Repowering England
4410 relation 8402746 Park Spring England
4411 Brotherton (formerly Paul Matthew Hill wind turbines) 2 @ Paul Matthew Hill, Johnshaven, Montrose, Grampian, DD10 0HW Scotland
4412 relation 9231483 Pen Bryn Oer Wales
4415 relation 8406055 Red Gap Moor 2 turbines missing in aerial photos England
4419 relation 8836227 Todmorden Moor England
4420 Tom Nan Clach 13 @ Approximately 8km North East Of Tomatin, Drynachan, Nairnshire Scotland
4424 relation 7554792 Watford Lodge England
4425 relation 9418645 Wathegar 2 9 @ Wathegar, Bilbster, Wick Scotland
4427 relation 8835950 West Browncastle Scotland
4431 Brochloch Rig (formerly Windy Standard II) 30 @ Near New Cummock Scotland
4434 relation 9632222 Pogbie 6 @ Humbie, East Lammermuirs, East Lothian.EH36 5PN operational March 2019 Scotland
4435 relation 9632151 Barlockhart Moor Scotland
4437 relation 9343313 Minnygap 10 @ Nr Annandale, Dumfries and Galloway Scotland
4440 Middle Muir 15 @ Middle Muir, Hamilton, Strathclyde (north of Crawfordjohn) Scotland
4441 Sanquhar Community Windfarm 9 @ located approximately 7km Southwest of Sanquhar, 5km to the Southwest of Kirkconnel and 4km Southwest of the small steading of Drumbuie Scotland
4445 relation 8848731 Balmurrie Fell repd is badly located Scotland
4462 relation 9346423 Airies Farm 14 @ Airies Farm, Glenluce Scotland
4465 Craig Extension 1 @ Westerkirk Scotland
4483 relation 8397372 Lawrence Landfill Wales
4484 relation 8847281 Plascow Scotland
4493 relation 7554970 Halifax Farm England
4497 relation 7554731 Norton Fields Farm England
4501 Carscreugh Renewable Energy Park 18 @ Gelnluce, nr Luce Bay Dumfries and Galloway Scotland
4502 Whiteside Hill 11 @ Whiteside Hill near Sanquhar Scotland
4508 North Rhins 11 @ North Rhins, Stranraer,Dumfries and Galloway Scotland
4511 Jacksbank (Glenbervie) 3 @ Drumlithie, Stonehaven Scotland
4513 New Albion 7 @ Agricultural land at Towns Close Farm, between Pipewell and Rushton and close to the A6003 Road to Corby England
4514 Sunnyside 2 @ Land at Sunnyside, Sanquhar just north of spoil heap 2 visible from A76 Scotland
4516 relation 9632223 Keith Hill Scotland
4517 relation 8836112 Minsca Farm Scotland
4518 relation 6949327 Artfield Fell Scotland
4519 relation 8412473 Wether Hill Scotland
4520 relation 8412487 Dalswinton Scotland
4524 relation 8410936 Craig Scotland
4526 relation 8839300 Aikengall Scotland
4527 relation 8836133 Brochloch Rig 1 (formerly Windy Standard) Scotland
4529 Torrs Hill 2 @ 10km NW of New Galloway Scotland
4532 relation 9934710 Hawton England
4544 relation 9364202 Beck Burn England
4549 relation 9365107 Melton Common England
4552 relation 9597311 Clocaenog Forest Wales
4575 Hoprigshiels Community 3 @ Land North And South Of 1 Whinhouse, Hoprigshiels, Cockburnspath, Scottish Borders Scotland
4593 Glen App 11 @ NE/o Cairnryan, Stranraer, Dumfries and Galloway Scotland
4595 relation 7906469 Pen Y Cymoedd Wales
4597 Stronelairg 66 @ located approximately 11 kilometres to the south-east of Fort Augustus Scotland
4598 relation 7554777 M1 J18 England
4599 Tullymurdoch 7 @ Alyth, Blairgowrie, Tayside Scotland
4600 Penmanshiel 14 @ Land East Of Penmanshiel Farmhouse Grantshouse Scottish Borders Scotland
4601 Kinegar Quarry 2 @ Land South West Of Neuk Farm Cockburnspath Scottish Borders Scotland
4604 relation 2918800 St Breock England
4609 Hunterston Test Centre 2 @ Hunterston Construction Yard Fairlie Largs Ayrshire Scotland
4619 relation 8117328 Carraig Gheal Scotland
4620 Langhope Rig 10 @ Langhope Rig, Ettrick Forest, Scottish Borders Scotland
4623 Clashindarroch 2 18 @ Clashindarroch Forest, Huntly, Aberdeenshire Scotland
4624 relation 8399763 Galsworthy England
4625 relation 8087274 Strathy North Scotland
4667 relation 8837824 Mid Hill includes repd:id=4627 Scotland
4629 relation 9365153 Monan Hill Scotland
4637 relation 8400291 French Farm England
4638 Glenchamber 11 @ between New Luce, Kirkcowan and Glenluce Scotland
4640 relation 8039767 Bhlaraidh (previously Balmacaan) Scotland
4642 relation 9310817 Moor House England
4643 Kype Muir 26 @ approximately 5 km south of the town of Strathaven Scotland
4644 relation 9342570 Llynfi Afan Wales
4645 relation 9418764 Assel Valley Scotland
4647 relation 9574816 Fraisthorpe England
4648 relation 9597256 Mynydd Y Gwair Wales
4649 relation 8400286 Jacks Lane England
4651 relation 8851081 Denzell Downs England
4655 relation 8391532 Reaps Moss England
4656 relation 9342555 Llynfi, Land at Mynydd Caerau Wales
4657 relation 8397751 Chiplow England
4658 relation 8394478 Hook Moor England
4659 relation 8411104 Crook Hill 2 England
4660 relation 8402944 Far Marsh Farm England
4661 relation 7544419 Wear Point Wales
4662 relation 8397700 Middlewick England
4663 node 1027248317 Blyth Harbour Repowering Original 4 turbines were removed England
4664 relation 9584537 Corriegarth Scotland
4665 relation 8400580 Carsington Pasture England
4666 relation 7548010 Langford England
4668 relation 9346469 Ardrossan Extension Scotland
4669 relation 6949414 Beinn Tharsuinn 17 turbines Scotland
2991 relation 9316717 Beinn Tharsuinn Extension (Beinn nan Oighrean) 2 turbines, merge into repd:id=4669 ? Scotland
4670 relation 2933096 Alltwallis Wales
4671 relation 8850973 Boyndie Airfield includes repd:id=2822 and replaced repd:id=2691 Scotland
4672 relation 7556604 Burton Wold England
4674 relation 8041182 Edinbane Scotland
4675 relation 8835806 Fairburn Scotland
4676 relation 7872100 Farr Scotland
4677 relation 2919215 Ffynnon Oer Wales
4678 Flotta 1 @ Flotta, Westhill, Orkney Scotland
4681 relation 8844341 Michelin Tyre Co Ltd Scotland
4682 Millennium 16 @ Millennium Windfarm on The Achlain and Invergarry amd Aberchalder Estates, Glengarry Invergarry, Inverness-Shire (nr Glen Moriston Fort Augustus) Scotland
3598 Millennium Extension 4 @ Millennium Windfarm on The Achlain and Invergarry amd Aberchalder Estates Glengarry Invergarry, Inverness-Shire 225200 810300 01/12/2008 Scotland
2723 Millennium Extension II 6 @ Millennium Windfarm, on The Achlain and Invergarry amd Aberchalder Estates, Glengarry Invergarry, Inverness-Shire, (nr Glen Moriston, Fort Augustus) 225679E 810840N 01/04/2011 Scotland
4684 relation 2933107 Mynydd Clogau Wales
4685 relation 8392997 New Barn Farm England
4686 relation 2924331 North Pickenham England
4687 relation 7872145 Paul's Hill and Extension Scotland
4689 relation 7891249 Tir Mostyn and Foel Goch Wales
4690 relation 2749417 Trimdon Grange check planning for difference between this and repd:id=3223 Southern Law England
3223 Southern Law 4 @ Southern Law Farm, Trimdon Grange check planning for difference between this and repd:id=4690 England
4691 relation 9455838 Wardlaw Wood Scotland
4790 Kingspan 2 @ Kingspan Ltd, 2-4 Bagillt Road, Greenfield, Holywell can't see, check planning Wales
4908 relation 8397597 Quarrendon Fields England
4917 node 6735417762 Newstead and Annesley England
4976 relation 8397696 Beckton Sewage Treatment Works England
4995 relation 8402849 Melton Waste Park England
5277 relation 7556597 Burton Wold Wind Farm South England
5555 relation 7553889 ANP Newport Wales
5598 relation 9296952 Brenig Wales
6033 node 6344762471 Bodtegir Wales
6079 node 6310356719 West of Rhiwfelin Fach Farm Wales
6106 node 6013804567 Marshill Scotland
6173 relation 8849099 Woodlands Scotland
6318 node 6310341912 Craigannet Farm Scotland
6388 relation 9361731 Ferneylea Farm Scotland
node 4461055904 Knostrop Wastewater Treatment Works Part of the sewage sludge digestion plant (see also note [1]) England
2830 node 6252097920 Wind Turbine 1 Northern Ireland
2866 Ballymena 2 turbines, Michelin Tyre PLC Raceview Road Ballymena BT42 4HZ 128574E 562072N 24/01/2013 Northern Ireland
3097 Bessy Bell 10 @ Bessy Bell Mountain Baronscourt Estate Newtownstewart, County Tyrone Northern Ireland
3168 Bessy Bell Extension see 3097 and 2 others Northern Ireland
3103 Corkey 10 @ Slievenahanaghen Mountain (Accessed via Corkey Road), Cloughmills, County Antrim 126222 580523 01/12/1994 Northern Ireland
3852 Corkey Extension 1 @ 583m north of 42 Reservoir Road, Knockagallen, Corkey. Northern Ireland
3106 Elliot's Hill 10 @ Elliot's Hill, Tildarg, near Ballyclare, County Antrim Northern Ireland
3112 Rigged Hill 10 @ Rigged Hill, 11km east of Limavady, County Londonderry Northern Ireland
3113 relation 9296910 Bin Mountain Northern Ireland
3118 Owenreagh 10 @ Land near Craignagapple 10km South East of Strabane, County Tyrone Northern Ireland
2927 Owenreagh Extension 6 @ Land near Craignagapple 10km South East of Strabane, County Tyrone 57401 558796 01/08/2008 Northern Ireland
3122 Slieve Rushen Phase 1 10 @ Slieve Rushen, Derrylin, 20km south of Enniskillen, County Fermanagh Northern Ireland
4504 Slieve Rushen Extension 18 @ Slieve Rushen, Derrylin, Fermanagh Northern Ireland
3130 Tappaghan 13 @ Lack, Tappaghan Mountains, Northern Ireland Northern Ireland
4688 Tappaghan Extension 6 @ Lack, Tappaghan Mountains, Northern Ireland Northern Ireland
3241 relation 9285446 Gruig Northern Ireland
3242 Wolf Bog 5 @ Wolf Bog, Tildarg, nr Ballyclare, Co. Antrim Northern Ireland
3243 Curryfree 6 @ Curryfree, South of Newbuildings / Drumahoe and north of Dunamanagh, Co. Londonderry Northern Ireland
3245 Slieve Divena Phase 1 12 @ Slieve Divena, Sixmilecross, Beragh, Ballygawley, County Tyrone Northern Ireland
4054 Slieve Divena Phase 2 8 @ Slieve Divena Wind Farm Phase II in the townlands of Altcloghfin, Altamuskin and Shantavny Irish, Co Tyrone Northern Ireland
3251 Land approx 75m South of 141 8 @ Land approx 75m South of 141 Greencastle Road, Omagh Northern Ireland
3253 Hunter's Hill 8 @ Hunter's Hill, (In the townlands of Tattymoyle Lower, Edergole, Killygordon and Tattanafinnell), Co Tyrone Northern Ireland
3263 Screggagh 8 @ Screggagh, Screggagh & Stranisk townlands, Fintona. Co Tyrone Northern Ireland
3191 Garves Mountain Farm 5 @ Garves Mountain Farm, Tullaghans Road (access adjacent to no. 91), Dunloy, Ballymoney Northern Ireland
3568 Lendrum's Bridge 9 @ Lendrum's Bridge, Murley Road, Fivemiletown, County Tyrone 63672 512074 01/02/2000 Northern Ireland
3566 Lendrum's Bridge Extension 2 11 @ Lendrum's Bridge, Murley RoadFivemiletown, County Tyrone 65919 512041 20/12/2002 Northern Ireland
3678 Magherafelt 1 @ 2 Lisnamuck Road, Tobermore, Magherafelt, Co Londonderry. BT45 5QF 101186 551482 12/06/2015 Northern Ireland
3680 The Michelin Tyre Factory - Ballymena 2 @ Raceview Road, Broughshane, Woodside Road, Ballymena, Co Antrim. BT42 4J 130743 561194 25/02/2013 Northern Ireland
3713 Crockbrack 1 @ north of Loughmarve Road and west of Gortscraheen Road, with access via Loughmallon Road, Limehill, Pomeroy, County Tyrone 80213 535661 20/03/2017 Northern Ireland
3716 Connaught Road 2 @ Approx 130m NW of 44 Connaught Road, Randalstown BT41 2NX 123057 549749 11/10/2012 Northern Ireland
3717 Crockagarron Ext 1 @ Lands to the East of Whitebridge Road and South of Gleneeny Road, on lands at Crockagarron in the Townland of Gleneeny, Co Tyrone 76240 528915 01/06/2012 Northern Ireland
3850 Altaveedan 6 @ in the townlands of Shelton South, Aldorough, Altaveedan North, Altaveedan South and Turnavedog near Loughguile, Co Antrim Northern Ireland
3877 Clondermot Turbines 2 @ Trench Road, Derry Northern Ireland
3933 Gortfinbar 6 @ Sixmilecross/Carrickmore, Omagh Northern Ireland
3934 Carn Hill 6 @ Lands north of Slievetrue Road, Carn Hill/Rea Hill, Newtownabbey, Co Antrim Northern Ireland
3575 relation 9298972 Altahullion 20 turbines Northern Ireland
3244 relation 9299070 Altahullion Phase II 9 turbines Northern Ireland
3953 relation 9298973 Glenconway 8 turbines Northern Ireland
3955 relation 9298997 Glenconway 2 (formerly Altahullion Phase III) 12 turbines Northern Ireland
3961 Glenbuck 4 @ Glenbuck, Dunloy Northern Ireland
3962 Glenbuck II 5 @ Glenbuck Northern Ireland
3969 Dunmore 7 @ Town land of Dunmore approximately eight kilometres north east of Limavady, County Londonderry Northern Ireland
4041 Crighshane 14 @ Crighshane, South of Ballymongan Road, Killeter, Castlederg Northern Ireland
4042 Townlands of Carrickatane 9 @ Townlands of Carrickatane, Castlemellan, Cullion, Gortmellan & Taboe Glebe (Co. Tyrone) and Tirkeeveny & Killymallaght (Co. Derry), accessing onto Gortmellon Road, Cullion, BT47 3TA Northern Ireland
4047 Church Hill 8 @ Church Hill, Meenamullan Road, Killeter, Castlederg, and Magherakeel, Killeter, Castlederg, Co Tyrone. Northern Ireland
4048 Crockagarran 6 @ Lands to the East of Whitebridge Road and South of Gleneeny Road, on lands at Crockagarron in the Townland of Gleneeny, Co Tyrone. Northern Ireland
4053 Thornog 4 @ Thornog, Meenadoan townland, Drumquin, Co Tyrone Northern Ireland
4081 Thornog Extension 4 @ Thornog, Meenadoan townland, Drumquin, Co Tyrone Northern Ireland
4058 Slieve Kirk 12 @ Lands bounded by Bigwood Road, Kildoag Road & Castlewarren Road, within the townlands of Lisdillon, Kildoag in Co Derry, Knockbrack, Gosheden, Lackagh, Ardground, Legagh in Co Tyrone Northern Ireland
4065 Slieveglass 3 @ Bullock Park, Drumquin, Co. Tyrone Northern Ireland
4066 Molly Mountain 5 @ Land at Molly Mountain near Derrylin Northern Ireland
4107 Pollnalaght (Cornavarrow) 12 @ Pollnalaght, Drumquin, Co Tyrone Northern Ireland
4108 Seegronan 6 @ Killeter, Strabane, Co Tyrone Northern Ireland
4111 Eshmore 3 @ Crockanavark, Eshmore and Altaglushan Townlands , Galbally, Dungannon. Co Tyrone Northern Ireland
4112 Castlecraig 10 @ Castlecraig (Slieve Glass) in Castlecraig, Sloughan, Killoan and Curraghmacall townlands. The proposed site is approximately 5 km south of Killen and 5 km west of Drumquin beside Lough Hill. Northern Ireland
4124 Tievenameenta 15 @ Tievenameenta, Co Tyrone (townlands of Crigshane, Ballymongan, Shanaghy, Tievenameenta, Crighdenis) Northern Ireland
4139 Altamuskin 3 @ Altamooskan (Altamuskin) TD, Sixmilecross, Omagh, Co. Tyrone. Northern Ireland
4557 Altamuskin Extension 3 @ Sixmilecross, Clogher, Co. Tyrone Northern Ireland
4142 Windyhill Road (Dunbeg) 14 @ Picnic Area, Dunbeg Townland, Limavady, Co Londonderry. BT45 Northern Ireland
4143 Cloonty 4 @ 122 Castlecat Road Derry Keighan, Cloonty Townland, Ballymoney, Co Antrim. BT53 8AP Northern Ireland
4151 Curraghmulkin (Dooish) 10 @ Coolavannagh TD, Curraghmulkin TD, Dooish TD, Drumquin Northern Ireland
4152 Teiges 5 @ Eshnanumera and Eshnasillog More townlands (adjacent to Lisnaskea Forest), Brookeborough TD, Co. Fermanagh Northern Ireland
4155 Monnaboy 4 @ on land located east of 62 Monnaboy Road, Greysteel Northern Ireland
4156 Crockandun 6 @ approximately 450m west south-west of junction of Cullion Road and Drumard Road, Draperstown, Magherafelt. Northern Ireland
4245 Inishative 6 @ Inishative Road, Sixmilecross, Omagh (Slievebeg. Land between Ballygawley and Pomeroy, approximately 1.5km north of Altmore Forest, Townland of Inishative) Northern Ireland
4246 relation 9303746 Corby Knowe Northern Ireland
4249 Brockaghboy 15 @ Land approximately 750m South East of Dowlin's Bridge, Drumbane Road, Garvagh, Coleraine, BT 51 5DR Northern Ireland
2888 Brockaghboy Extension 4 @ west of Dowlins Bridge in the townlands of Knockoneill and Dunavenny on the Drumbane Road 7.5km south of Garvagh Northern Ireland 87959 566906 01/09/2017 Northern Ireland
4255 Crockbaravally 3 @ Whitebridge Road, Sixmilecross, Co. Tyrone, BT79 9EH Northern Ireland
4264 Eglish Mountain 6 @ Eglish Mountain in the townlands of Ballyartan and Glenlough (Co. Derry) and Ballyneaner (Co. Tyrone), accessing onto Ballyartan Road, Killaloo, Londonderry BT47 3TA Northern Ireland
4320 Crockdun 5 @ 214 Loughmacrory Road, Crockdun, Sixmilecross, Omagh, Co. Tyrone. Northern Ireland
4325 Shantavny Scotch 7 @ Omagh Road, Ballygawley Co. Tyrone Northern Ireland
4361 Draperstown (Brackagh) 3 @ Creagh Concrete Products Ltd, Brackagh Quarry, 29 Disert Road, Draperstown, Magherafelt Northern Ireland
4558 Rathsherry 9 @ lands in the townland of Rathsherry, east of Tullymore Road and south and north of Longmore Road, Broughshane, Ballymena Northern Ireland
4563 Elginny Hill 11 @ Carncoagh Hill, Elginny Hill, Clontrace Hill, Broughshane, Co Antrim Northern Ireland
4650 Pigeon Top 9 @ Dooish, Drumquin, Omagh, Co Tyrone Northern Ireland
4652 Long Mountain 12 @ Dunloy, Co. Antrim Northern Ireland
4653 relation 9285684 Cregganconroe Northern Ireland
4654 Ora More 6 @ Ora More Hill, in the Townlands of Killycreen East, Ora Beg and Mullylusty, near Boho and Belcoo, Co Fermanagh Northern Ireland
4673 Callagheen 13 @ Garrison, near borders Northern Ireland
4680 relation 9296897 Lough Hill Northern Ireland
6774 node 6251712550 NOT EXPECTING THIS YET Islandranny Road 1 @ Approx 140m, 23 Islandranny Road, Bushmills, Co Antrim Northern Ireland

Suggested process and tags (solar power)

Solar farms come in two forms: roof-mounted and ground mounted. There are a 740+ roof-mounted panels that produce 1MW+ and I don't propose to map them. I consider the 320 ground-mounted panels to be solar 'farms'. For small domestic and commericial roof-mounted installations see Renewable energy in the United Kingdom/Rooftop Solar PV.

Different aerial photos: Most solar farms was constructed in the last couple of years then some aerial images might not show it. Try different layers in the ID editor.

The REPD has Planning Application details to check the layout.

As a last resort try finding the contractor's web site which may help you locate the site.

Solar farms are mostly in the Midlands and the South

 select region, count(*) as counter
 from ukgov_energy_planning
 where "technology type" = 'Solar Photovoltaics'
   and "development status (short)" = 'Operational'
   and "mounting type for solar" = 'Ground'
 group by region
 order by counter desc
region count
South West 72
East Midlands 51
South East 43
Wales 40
Eastern 30
North West 25
West Midlands 20
Yorkshire and Humber 16
North East 9
Scotland 9
Northern Ireland 5


Not sure. Am collecting existing OSM objects and comparing. So far, many of them do exist in OSM. The tagging of solar farms in the UK is inconsistent at the moment so am not attempting to update them (yet). The following are just notes:

  • This amazingly detailed solar farm in Germany has each bank of panels individually mapped as generators It even includes the converters way 283521189 although not tagged as such. The panels are bounded by perimeter fences to make 4 fields, each tagged as a power=plant: way 162241752, way 142507783, way 142507784, and way 192241094. It does not have anything (like a relation) to link the 4 fields into a single 'farm' entity.
  • Trevempre Solar Farm has a reference of G04339PVEN tagged. This appears to be a Renewable Energy Foundation id. TBC whether this is a definitive key or not. If not, perhaps the key should be ref:id ...but the acronym 'R.E.F.' will be confused with 'ref' as in 'reference'.
  • The ID editor default for 'Power Station Grounds' adds power=plant + landuse=industrial
  • For ease of plotting, banks of panels are generally mapped as a single field (as a Way).
  • For security, most (all?) solar farms have a perimeter fence. This is our preferred boundary for the power=plant, demarcating the whole plant with a Way.
  • Where there are a number of fields (e.g. 3) it is unclear whether there is normally a perimeter fence around them all. This might suggest a relation connecting the fields, but this is unpopular/undecided.

area power=plant if not using a relation

+ plant:source=solar
+ name=* the name of the solar farm (excluding the words 'Solar Farm', 'Solar Park', '(solar)', but do include 'extension')
+ plant:output:electricity=number MW
+ generator:method=photovoltaic
+ generator:type=solar_photovoltaic_panel
+ location=surface
+ repd:id=number the UK Gov Renewable Energy Planning Database id
  • Or where there are a few areas and no perimeter fence, we could group them with a Relation and be consistent with wind farms.

relation type=site

+ site=solar_farm
+ name=* the name of the solar farm (excluding the words 'Solar Farm', 'Solar Park', '(solar)', but do include 'extension')
+ power=plant
+ plant:source=solar
+ plant:output:electricity=number MW if known (use a '.' dot as decimal separator, the indicated unit is usually 'MW' for megawatts or 'kW' for kilowatts) REPD has this as a field
+ repd:id=number the UK Gov Renewable Energy Planning Database id

Members: area power=generator

+ generator:source=solar
+ generator:method=photovoltaic
+ generator:type=solar_photovoltaic_panel
+ location=surface

List of under construction and operational UK Ground Mounted Solar Farms

repd:id OSM name comments country
1018 way 673825036 Fen Farm 53.42328/0.06904 England
1019 relation 9361639 Manor Farm 50.33713/-4.83632 England
1020 way 673679846 Nanterrow Farm 50.21792/-5.36814 England
1021 way 550725977 Howton Farm 50.44238/-4.28197 England
1022 way 551286861 East Langford Farm 50.87015/-4.4271 England
1023 way 550725991 Trevemper 50.39489/-5.06934 England
1024 way 673809792 Chester Energy (East Woolley Farm) 50.92351/-4.48632 England
1029 way 474390249 Carlton Farm 52.80476/1.39874 England
1034 relation 5488556 Cantelupe 52.17214/0.06729 England
1035 way 299924515 Benbole Farm 50.54013/-4.78255 England
1039 relation 7885568 Langage 50.38912/-4.00886 England
1040 way 339183787 Grange 53.02821/-0.81454 England
1041 relation 8003186 Ebbsfleet Farm 51.3157/1.34583 England
1042 relation 4603573 Westcott Venture Park Phase 2 & 3 51.84541/-0.95572 England
1046 relation 9378074 Summerway Drove 51.1227/-2.96566 England
1047 way 682849360 Puriton 4.6 MW @ Bridgwater, Somerset England
1048 way 676239154 Toyota 52.87708/-1.57461 England
1049 way 377213825 Long Sutton Butterfly And Wildlife Park 52.79005/0.13482 England
1050 way 377213827 Long Sutton Butterfly And Wildlife Park Extension 52.79036/0.13587 England
1053 relation 9396362 Springhill (Northwick) 52.01879/-1.80246 England
1054 way 176912520 Westmill Farm - PV 51.61876/-1.644 England
1055 relation 9401501 Rhosygilwen 52.03524/-4.62125 Wales
1056 way 624131361 Llancayo 51.72275/-2.91649 Wales
1058 way 605762189 Shacks Barn 52.10209/-1.00485 England
1059 way 668871466 Carines Farm 50.38329/-5.11115 England
1060 way 538582350 Trigon 50.71075/-2.17392 England
1062 Chittering Extension 6.3 MW Radical Farm, Chittering Drove, Chittering, Cambridgeshire England
1064 Tredinnick Fields 5.8 MW Tredinnick Fields, Luxulyan, Bodmin, Cornwall England
1065 Summercourt (Glebe Farm) 1.1 MW Glebe Farm, Narrow Lane, Penhale, Summercourt England
1067 way 215319639 Higher Trevartha Farm 50.45169/-4.42811 England
1070 relation 7880260 Beechgrove Farm 4.0 MW Hawkchurch, Axminster England
1076 relation 7873194 Park Wood 51.1052/-2.67283 England
1080 Trefullock 5.0 MW Trefullock, Trefullock Moor, Summercourt England
1081 way 510205306 Lower Coombe Farm 50.88522/-2.83108 England
1082 Durrants Farm 4.5 MW Durrants Farm, Colemans Lane, Porchfield, Newport England
1084 way 220383520 Dunsfold Park 51.11929/-0.54483 England
1086 way 344756950 Tavells Lane 50.89412/-1.45849 England
1088 relation 9402035 Little Trevease 50.14211/-5.19351 England
1089 Cobbs Cross 5.0 MW S/O Durleigh Hill, Bridgwater, Somerset England
1090 Nottington Lane 5.0 MW North Farm, Nottington Lane, Buckland Ripers, Weymouth England
1091 Rudge Farm 7.0 MW Rudge Manor Farm, Rudge, Marlborough England
1094 Crinacott (Pyworthy) 6.7 MW Crinacott Farm, Pyworthy, Holsworthy, Devon England
1095 Chawton Farm 3.2 MW Chawton Farm, Chawton Lane, Cowes, Isle of Wight England
1096 Ventnor Road 4.8 MW S/O Apse New Barn Farm, Ventnor Road, Shanklin, Isle of Wight England
1097 Rookery Farm 5.3 MW W/O Rookery Farm, Kimbolton Road, Stow Longa, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire England
1098 Little White Alice 1.3 MW Little White Alice Calvadnack Carnmenellis Redruth Cornwall England
1103 Park Wall 5.0 MW east of M5 motorway, and south of A372, Westonzoyland Road, Bridgwater Without, Bridgwater England
1108 Hall Farm park 15.0 MW Land South Of Hall Farm Bungay Road Tasburgh Norfolk England
1128 Oulton Airfield Phase 1 5.0 MW Former Oulton Airfield, The Street, Oulton, Norwich England
1157 Chalcroft 6.3 MW Chalcroft Farm, Burnetts Lane, West End, Southampton England
1158 Bradford 5.3 MW Bradford Manor Farm Pyworthy Devon England
1160 Lower Coombe Farm (Bean Field) 1.0 MW Roundham. Crewkerne, Somerset England
1163 Woodforde Farm 9.0 MW Weston Green Road, Weston Longville England
1165 Kingston Farm 5.0 MW Holt Road, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire England
1166 Spriggs Farm 12.0 MW Spriggs Farm Little Sampford England
1169 Rotherdale Farm 5.0 MW Long Lane, Tilesford, Pershore, Worcestershire England
1171 Turves 5.0 MW Land West Of 15 Burnthouse Sidings, Turves, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire England
1176 Hatchlands Farm 5.2 MW Haberton, Totnes England
1184 Potash Farm 7.0 MW Nash Road Beachampton Buckinghamshire England
1198 way 626415801 Upper Clayhill Farm 50.91592/0.05535 England
1203 Towerbrook Farm (Banwell) 7.2 MW Land to north of Towerhead Road, Banwell England
1208 Twin Elm 1.0 MW Twin Elm Farm off Stock Lane Congresbury England
1223 Hardingham 14.8 MW Hardingham England
1229 Langlands 2.1 MW England
1230 Langunnett 6.2 MW Langunnett Farm, St Veep, Lostwithiel England
1232 relation 7236476 Manston 51.35194/1.36744 England
1233 Marsh House 5.5 MW Ne/O Gully Copse, Cheeks Farm Lane, Bentley, Alton, Hampshire England
1240 Rickfield Farm 1.0 MW Rickfield Farm North Of River Swere South Newington Road Bloxham England
1243 Tump 5.0 MW Tump Farm, Sedbury Lane, Sedbury, Chepstow, Gwent England
1244 West Farm 7.7 MW Cosheston, Pembroke Dock Wales
1247 Owls Lodge Farm 5.0 MW Longparish, Andover England
1252 Beckley 1.7 MW Beckley, Hinton, Christchurch, Dorset England
1269 Oakham Farm 8.0 MW Oakham Farm Parklands Almondsbury Bristol South Gloucestershire England
1272 Limberlost Farm 1.5 MW Landfill Site Crookham Common Thatcham Berkshire England
1274 Sandys Moor Road 2.9 MW south of Sandys Moor Road, Wiveliscombe, Somerset England
1275 Skylark Meadow park 5.0 MW Caxton Road, Bourn, Cambridgeshire England
1282 Bishops Sutton 12.0 MW Whitehill Lane, Alresford, Hampshire England
1283 Blackawton 3.0 MW SX828 522, Blackawton England
1285 way 639101187 East of Burton Lane 52.80331/-1.11155 England
1292 Land west of Hawkspur Green (Hill Hall) 4.9 MW Land west of Hill Hall, Hawkspur Green, Little Sampford Road, Little Bardfield England
1296 South of 15 Lough Road 4.8 MW South of 15 Lough Road, Upper Ballinderry Northern Ireland
1298 Langley Hall Farm 2.4 MW Field part of Langley Hall Farm between Chalgrove and Newington England
1299 Pond Farm 3.6 MW Pond Farm, Bodham England
1303 Nether Mill Farm 3.1 MW Halberton England
1306 Pierces Farm 1.7 MW Land North Of Goring Lane, Grazeley, Reading, Berkshire England
1308 Rew Farm 6.1 MW Rew Farm Sweetshouse Bodmin Cornwall England
1314 Westbury (Closed) Landfill Site 3.5 MW LAND SOUTH OF 40 Park Lane Heywood Wiltshire England
1315 Wiggin Hill Phase 2 4.1 MW Land North Of Wiggin Hill Old Ramsey Road St Ives England
1322 Hyde Farm 10.8 MW Little Bardfield, Braintree Essex England
1324 way 404946569 St Francis Farm 50.87493/0.45343 England
1325 Bishop’s Waltham 12.0 MW Winchester Road, Bishops Waltham England
1328 Nova Scotia Farm 13.9 MW Nova Scotia Farm, West Caister, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk England
1329 Hall Farm, East Beckham 10.2 MW Hall Farm, Hall Farm, East Beckham, Holt, Norfolk, BR11 8GA England
1330 Cefn Betingau Farm 9.0 MW Cefn Betingau Farm, Morriston, Swansea Wales
1331 Hill Farm (VoWH) 14.8 MW Land west of Hill Farm Steventon England
1332 way 386370289 Wix Lodge 51.91282/1.12405 England
1333 Saxley Farm 5.0 MW Saxley Farm Saxley Farm Lane Red Rice Andover Hampshire SP11 7PG England
1335 Snarlton Farm (Melksham) 49.6 MW Snarlton Farm Snarlton Lane Melksham Wilts England
1338 Lackford Estate 20.9 MW Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP28 England
1339 Colpmans Farm 5.0 MW Islip, Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN14 3LT England
1341 Willsland 3.2 MW Highampton, Beaworthy, Devon England
1342 Frying Down Copse 5.0 MW north of Bushywarren Lane, Ellisfield, Basingstoke England
1343 Wilmingham Lane 7.0 MW Btw Tapnell Furze And Wilmingham Plantation, Wilmingham Lane, Freshwater, Isle of Wight, PO40 9UQ England
1344 Chilton Cantelo 5.0 MW The Cypress House Road, Chilton Cantelo, Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 8BQ England
1346 Beaford Brook 5.2 MW Upcott Barton Beaford Devon England
1348 Hayford Farm 8.9 MW Westbury, Shrewsbury, Shropshire England
1349 Halse Farm 8.2 MW Bishop's Lydeard, TA4 3LZ England
1352 Strete Farm 4.8 MW Strete Farm, Whimple, Exeter, Devon England
1353 Tregassow Farm - Modules 6.0 MW Tregassow Farm, St Erme, Truro, Cornwall England
1355 Higher Hatherleigh Extension 1.5 MW Higher Hatherleigh Farm, Grove Lane, North Cheriton, Templecombe, Somerset England
1356 way 216535638 Pont Andrew 1.5 MW FORMER CYNHEIDRE SHAFTS 3 & 4, CYNHEIDRE, LLANELLI Wales
1358 Cairnhill Farm 2.4 MW Cairnhill, Turriff, Grampian Scotland
1359 way 492866467 Manston extension (Westwood) 51.35192/1.37447 England
1362 way 499151760 Newlands Farm - resubmission 50.83132/-1.19612 England
1367 Fen Road 1.4 MW Land off Fen Road, Boston, Lincolnshire England
1374 Long Meadow Farm 4.1 MW Long Meadow Farm, Horton Road, Ivinghoe, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, LU7 England
1380 Liverton Farm 4.8 MW Land North Of Liverton Farm Salterton Road Exmouth England
1382 way 668061824 Home Farm (Knowlton - solar) 51.23487/1.26487 England
1384 Lake Farm 5.0 MW Draycot Cerne, Sutton Benger, Wiltshire England
1385 Parkhouse Corner (Orta) 6.6 MW Snoddington Farm, Salisbury Road, Shipton Bellinger, Tidworth England
1387 way 683006900 Mingay Farm includes repd:id=1502 52.34494/0.16616 England
1502 way 683006900 Mingay Farm - extension merge into repd:id=1387 England
1388 Jordanston 5.0 MW St Florence, Tenby, Dyfed Wales
1394 Rodbourne Rail Farm - 7.6 MW Rodbourne Rail Farm, Grange Lane, Corston, Malmesbury, Wiltshire England
1416 Knockworthy Farm 3.5 MW Huntshaw Torrington Devon England
1418 Raglington Farm, Botley Road, Shedfield, Southampton, Hampshire 5.8 MW Raglington Farm, Botley Road, Shedfield, Southampton England
1421 Stables Farm 1.5 MW Warlands Lane Shalfleet Newport Isle Of Wight PO30 4NH England
1423 Luson Farm 1.9 MW Ermington, Ivybridge England
1428 Kellygreen Farm 4.0 MW Kellygreen Farm, St Kew, Bodmin England
1429 Grove Farm (solar) 3.5 MW Grove Farm, Lydeard, St. Lawrence England
1433 Marston 4.9 MW off Toll Bar Road, Marston England
1435 Tredown 1.2 MW Land to S/E of Kelly Cross SX398815 (part of Tredown Farm) Meadwell, Kelly, Devon England
1439 Slaughtergate Farm 1.8 MW Wavering Lane West, Gillingham, Dorset, SP8 4NR England
1441 Kia Ora Farm 1.8 MW Knowle Lane, Cullompton, Devon England
1442 Ellicombe Farm 1.4 MW Morchard Road, Crediton, Devon England
1443 Southcombe Farm 1.2 MW Shebbear, Devon England
1445 West Bradley Farm 1.5 MW Templeton, Tiverton, Devon England 1446 Whiddon Farm 1.0 MW Ashwater Beaworthy, Devon England
1449 Lovedean Farm 4.5 MW Day Lane, Horndean, Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO8 0SH England
1450 way 631905191 Higher Knapp Farm 1.5 MW Higher Knapp Farm, Knapp, Taunton, Somerset, TA3 6AY England
1453 Park Farm 4.0 MW Iwerne Minster, Blandford Forum England
1454 Dunkeswell Airfield 2.0 MW Land Adjacent Flightway Business Park Dunkeswell Airfield England
1463 Langenhoe 21.3 MW Langenhoe Hall, Langenhoe, Colchester England
1464 Kentishes 5.0 MW Kentishes Farm, Kentish Farm Road, Stisted, Braintree England
1467 Marley Thatch 6.3 MW Marley Thatch Farm, South Brent England
1468 way 551275515 Newlands Farm (East Devon) 5.0 MW Crewkerne Road Axminster England
1474 Barley Wood Farm Lane (Gaston Lane - resubmission) 5.4 MW Land South of, Gaston Lane, Farringdon, Alton England
1476 Battens Farm 11.0 MW Battens Farm, Allington, Chippenham, Wiltshire England
1478 Combermere Abbey 14.0 MW North East of Combermere Abbey, Combermbere Park Drive, Dodcott Cum Wilkesley, Whitchurch England
1480 Foxburrow Farm 8.0 MW Foxburrow Farm Waldringfield Road Brightwell Suffolk England
1484 Great Houndbeare Farm 10.0 MW Southwest & West Of Great Houndbeare Farm Aylesbeare Exeter England
1485 Condover (Green Farm) 10.2 MW Land east of Cound Brook, Gree, Green Farm, Condover, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY5 7DA England
1489 Hurst Farm 5.0 MW Hurst Farm, Cross Hands, Lydney, Gloucestershire England
1494 Leverton Ings 12.0 MW Leverton Ings, Leverton, Boston, Lincolnshire England
1497 way 376597488 Little Morton 53.3039/-0.99324 England
1498 Lodge Farm - Orston 12.4 MW Lodge Farm Longhedge Lane Orston Nottinghamshire England
1500 Lowther Farms 1.8 MW Land Off West Haddon Road, Guilsborough, Northamptonshire England
1501 way 690149750 Mackies Dairy PV 57.37794/-2.38913 Scotland
1503 Redcourt Farm 3.3 MW Redcourt Farm, Llysonnen Road, Carmarthen, Dyfed Wales
1506 Sowerby Lodge Farm 5.0 MW Sowerby Lodge Farm, Bank Lane, Barrow-in-Furness England
1515 Wilsom Farm 11.0 MW Cakers Lane, East Worldham, Alton, Hampshire England
1516 way 574812222 Woodlands Farm 51.32518/1.12402 England
1518 Bowerhouse Farm 8.3 MW Bowerhouse East of Riverside Banwell England
1519 Brickyard Barn (resubmission) 4.1 MW Brickyard Barn, Mallory Road, Bishops Tachbrook, Leamington Spa England
1521 Court Farm 2.2 MW Court Farm, Treoes, Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan Wales
1522 Crapnell Farm 5.4 MW Crapnell, Wells England
1523 Crookedstone Road 4.8 MW Land West of no 24 Crookedstone Road Aldergrove Northern Ireland
1525 Danes Farm - extension 10.5 MW Stow Park Road, Stow, Lincoln England
1527 Ellough Airfield (Resubmission) 13.2 MW Ellough Airfield, Benacre Road, Ellough, Beccles, Suffolk England
1528 Ermine Street Farm 32.5 MW Ermine Street Farm Ermine Street Ancaster Heath Grantham Lincolnshire England
1529 Eynsham 13.2 MW Land North of Salutation Farm Barnard Gate England
1531 way 500283444 Ford Farm (Ashurst) 50.94284/-0.32228 England
1536 way 390156313 Priors Byne Farm 50.94634/-0.34218 England
1537 Scottow Moor - RAF Coltishall (Phase 1) 32.0 MW Former RAF Coltishall, Coltishall Airfield, Filby Road, Norwich, Norfolk England
1538 Owls Lodge Farm Extension 5.0 MW Nuns Walk Longparish Hampshire England
1541 Middle Treworder Farm 5.0 MW Land East of Wadebridge, Cornwall England
1542 Black Bush Farm 2.7 MW Reach Drove, at Black Bush Farm, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire England
1544 Higher Tregarne 5.0 MW Higher Tregarne Mawnan Smith Falmouth Cornwall England
1545 Causilgey 5.0 MW Causilgey Barton Tregavethan Truro Cornwall England
1546 Ninnis Farm 5.0 MW Ninnis Farm Sticker St Austell Cornwall England
1547 Trelow Farm 1.6 MW Land South Of Crealy Adventure Park St Issey Wadebridge Cornwall England
1548 Hewas 5.0 MW Hewas Farm Ladock Truro Cornwall England
1549 Great Knowle Farm 3.0 MW Great Knowle Farm, Derriton Road, Pyworthy, Holsworthy, Devon England
1550 Airfield Farm PV 5.0 MW Chalk Lane, Norwich, Norfolk England
1551 Lower Bodiniel Farm 5.0 MW Bodiniel Road Bodmin Cornwall England
1552 Shelswell Park 5.0 MW Fringford, Oxfordshire England
1553 Chittering 5.0 MW Radical Farm, Chittering Drove, Chittering, Cambridgeshire England
1554 Kernow 5.0 MW Trebarber, St. Mawgan Nr Newquay England
1555 Limes Farm 4.6 MW Limes Farm, Bourne England
1557 Bratton Fleming 5.0 MW Land adjacent to four cross way, Bratton Fleming England
1558 Lee Farm 5.0 MW Main Road, Wellow, Yarmouth, Isle Of Wight England
1560 Woodlands Barton 4.9 MW Victorie, Roche, St Austell, Cornwall England
1561 Winsdon Farm 5.0 MW Winsdon Farm, North Petherwin, Launceston, Cornwall England
1563 Trenouth Farm 3.6 MW St Ervan, Wadebridge, Cornwall England
1564 Callington 6.4 MW Haye Lane, Callington, Cornwall England
1566 St Columb Major 7.0 MW Trekenning Farm, Trekenningm, Newquay, Cornwall England
1567 Crossways Pit 5.0 MW Redbridge Road, Crossways, Dorchester, Dorset England
1569 Ayshford Court Farm 5.0 MW Westleigh, Tiverton, Devon England
1570 Andover 5.0 MW Andover Business Park, Monxton Road, Andover, Hampshire England
1571 Oving 5.0 MW Woodhorn Farm, Church Lane, nr.Oving, West Sussex England
1572 Grange Farm (Cornwall) 5.0 MW Boyton, Launceston, Cornwall England
1573 Shipton Bellinger - Park House Corner 5.4 MW Salisbury Road, Shipton Bellinger, Hampshire England
1574 Wyld Meadow 4.8 MW Wyld Meadow Farm, Pound Lane, Monkton Wyld, Bridport England
1575 Shooters Bottom 7.0 MW Townsend Lane, Chewton, Mendip England
1576 Goldenhaye Field 2.0 MW Cricket St Thomas, Chard, Somerset England
1577 Clearwell Farm - solar 2.0 MW Pentre-poeth Road, Cardiff Wales
1578 Danes Farm 3.3 MW Stow Park Road, Stow, Lincoln England
1580 Langstone Court Road 2.5 MW Langstone Court Road, Langstone, Newport, Gwent Wales
1581 Five Oaks 5.0 MW Haven Road Five Oaks West Sussex England
1582 Culworth House 3.0 MW East of Banbury Lane, Culworth Grounds Farm, Thorpe Manderville England
1583 Warleigh Barton 5.0 MW Station Road, Tamerton Foliot England
1584 Trenoweth 2.5 MW Luxulyan Bodmin Cornwall England
1585 relation 4487446 Wymeswold Airfield 52.80331/-1.11155 England
1586 Higher Hatherleigh 3.5 MW Grove Lane, North Cheriton, Templecombe, Somerset, BA9 8AE England
1587 Barton 1.2 MW Burlescombe, Tiverton, Devon England
1588 Clann 1.4 MW Clann Farm, Clan Lane, Lanivet, Bodmin, Cornwall England
1589 Dolmans Hill (Redbridge Farm)s 5.0 MW Lytchett Matravers, BH16 6HP. England
1590 North Norfolk Business Centre 11.0 MW Manor Farm, Crossdale Street, Northrepps, Cromer, NR27 9LD England
1591 Horsacott Farm 6.4 MW LYDACOTT BARNSTAPLE DEVON England
1592 Broxted (Stradishall Airfield) 31.6 MW Lancaster Way, Hundon England
1593 Pentylands Farm 19.0 MW Pentylands Lane, Highworth, Swindon, Wiltshire England
1594 Trefinnick Farm 5.0 MW Trefinnick Road Bray Shop Callington England
1595 Four Burrows 7.2 MW Little Lambriggan Penhallow Truro Cornwall England
1598 Rudbaxton 10.8 MW Withyhedge Landfill Site, RUDBAXTON, Haverfordwest, SA62 4DB Wales
1601 relation 9561079 Hope 50.21096/-5.36611 England
1603 Culmhead (Resubmission) 7.5 MW Former Culmhead Airfield, Culmhead, Churchstanton, Taunton, Somerset England
1604 Wheal Alfred Road 3.5 MW Land Off Wheal Alfred Road Hayle Cornwall England
1605 Blatchworthy Farm 1.5 MW TIVERTON, DEVON England
1607 way 559089367 Biossence 51.32024/0.48158 England
1609 Hendra Holiday Park 1.2 MW Trevilley Farm, Lane, Newquay, Cornwall England
1610 Eastcombe 3.6 MW Eastacombe Farm, Clawton, Holsworthy, Devon England
1611 Lodge Farm 5.0 MW Lodge Farm, Doulting, Shepton Mallet, Somerset Under Construction England
1614 Creathorne Farm 1.8 MW Creathorne Farm, Poundstock, Bude England
1617 Higher Pirzwell 1.2 MW Higher Pirzwell, Kentisbeare, Cullompton, Devon England
1618 Broadgate 1.1 MW Broadgate, Morchard, Bishop, Crediton Devon England
1619 Craysmarsh 1.8 MW N/O Craysmarsh Farm, Bowerhill, Melksham, Wiltshire England
1620 Whitchurch Farm 6.5 MW Whitchurch Farm, Chilcompton, Bath, Avon England
1622 The Hollies - Skegness 8.6 MW The Hollies, High Lane, Croft, Skegness, Lincolnshire, PE24 4SH England
1626 Ford Farm 5.0 MW Ford Farm, St Ive, Liskeard, Cornwall England
1630 Canworthy Water 41.0 MW Land west of South Wheatley, Wheatley Road, Nr Canworthy Water, Launceston England
1631 Foxcombe Farm 5.0 MW Foxcombe Farm, Hollacombe, Holsworthy, Devon England
1634 Liddeston Ridge (Milford Haven) 5.0 MW The S/E/O Court Road, Liddeston, Milford Haven, Dyfed Wales
1639 Bodwen 5.5 MW Land South Of A391 Near Bodwen Bugle Cornwall England
1641 Treswarrow 6.5 MW Treswarrow, Trelights, Port Isaac, Cornwall England
1642 Carnemough Farm 7.0 MW Carnemough Farm Grampound Road Truro Cornwall England
1646 Aller Court Farm 5.0 MW Land Os 4716 And Os 4300, Church Path, Aller, Langport, Somerset England
1648 Derriton Fields 11.8 MW Derriton Fields Farm Holsworthy Devon England
1649 Cleave Farm 4.7 MW Land Adjacent Alverdiscott Substation Near Gammaton Moor Alverdiscott Devon England
1655 Four Burrows Farm Extension 2 6.3 MW Four Burrows Farm Four Burrows Blackwater Cornwall England
1656 Chelworth Industrial Estate 1.0 MW Chelworth Industrial Estate, Braydon Lane, Nr Cricklade, Wiltshire England
1658 Drapers Farm 6.0 MW E/O Milch Hill Lane, Great Leighs, Chelmsford, Essex, CM3 1QF England
1659 Week Farm 3.3 MW Week Farm Torrington Devon England
1661 Langton Farm 4.4 MW Land west of Langton Farm, Dwrbach, Fishguard, Pembrokeshire Wales
1663 Says Court Farm 19.8 MW Says Court Farm Badminton Road Coalpit Heath Bristol South Gloucestershire BS36 2NY England
1667 Ketton 9.0 MW North Field, Off Pit Lane, Ketton, Stamford, Lincolnshire`` England
1671 Rowles Farm 13.0 MW Rowles Farm Bletchingdon Oxfordshire England
1672 Ryston Estate 4.8 MW Land Adjacent A10, Ryston, Norfolk England
1673 Reaches Farm 6.1 MW Reaches Farm Thetford Road Northwold Norfolk England
1681 Watchfield Lawn 10.2 MW Land at, Watchfield Lawn, Watchfield, Highbridge, TA9 4LD England
1699 Witches 5.0 MW Prothither Farm, Hoarwithy, Herefordshire England
1713 Burntstalk 11.5 MW Low Road, Narford, Kings Lynn, Norfolk England
1714 Claypit Moor (Lexham) 7.9 MW Tittleshall, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE32 England
1715 Holton Airfield 11.0 MW Bernard Matthews Ltd, Upper Holton, HALESWORTH, IP19 8NJ England
1716 Goose Willow Farm 11.5 MW Hanney Road, Abingdon, Oxfordshire England
1717 Chediston Hall 12.3 MW Land Adjacent To Bonners Farm, Mill Road, Wissett, Suffolk England
1718 way 550725995 Burthy Farm 50.36094/-4.94608 England
1719 Caeremlyn 18.0 MW Land nr Llanlliwe Farm, Hellan Amgoed, Whitland Wales
1720 Hazard Farm 6.4 MW Harberton, Totnes England
1721 Home Farm (Merton) 18.3 MW Merton Oxfordshire OX25 2ND England
1723 Rudge Hill Farm 1.5 MW Rivers Corner, Dorset England
1724 Sevor Farm 9.3 MW Nightingale Lane South Marston Swindon England
1725 Marsh Farm 14.0 MW Long Newnton Airfield, Brokenborough, Malmesbury, Wiltshire England
1726 Four Burrows (Extension 1) 1.5 MW Land East Of Little Lambriggan Farm (South West Of Higher Callestick Farm) Callestick Cornwall England
1727 way 702988021 Old Rides 51.39288/0.86952 England
1728 Parabel North Beer 6.8 MW W/O North Beer Farm, North Beer Lane, Boyton, Launceston, Cornwall England
1731 Northwick Estate Extension 2.2 MW Land Adjacent To Northwick 5MW Solar Panel Array, Northwick Estate, Upton Wold, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glouestershire, GL56 9TR England
1732 North Of Field Barn 1.0 MW Hook Norton Road, Sibford Ferris, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX15 5QR England
1735 way 455150879 Wroughton Airfield 51.51042/-1.81243 England
1736 Forest Heath 5.0 MW Fordham Road, Newmarket, Suffolk England
1737 way 681379770 Abbey Farm 52.41934/-0.23658 England
1743 Soho Farm 1.5 MW Soho Leigh upon Mendip, Radstock England
1744 Land South West Of Apollo Business Park 1.7 MW Drift Lane Wroxton Oxfordshire England
1746 Manor Farm (Monmouthshire) 10.5 MW Llanvapley, Monmouthshire Wales
1747 Mill Farm 1.0 MW Quab Lane, Wedmore England
1748 East Farm 6.8 MW Codford Dairy, East Farm, Church Lane, Codford England
1750 New Rendy Farm 4.8 MW Oake, Taunton, Somerset, TA4 1BB England
1751 Reydon Farm 3.9 MW Quay Lane, Reydon, Southwold, Suffolk, IP18 6SF England
1752 Copley Farm 30.0 MW Doddington Lane, Claypole, Newark, Nottingham England
1753 Ellough Airfield (Ellough 2 Extension) 10.0 MW Former Ellough Airfield, Suffolk England
1754 way 1754 Nanteague Farm 50.30619/-5.09505 England
1755 Grange Farm (Burton Pedwardine) 15.0 MW Asgarby Road, Burton Pedwardine, Lincoln England
1756 Wheat Leasows 4.0 MW Land at, Wheat Leasows, Telford England
1757 Honington 13.6 MW Euston Estate, Honnington, Suffolk England
1758 Hill Farm 10.2 MW Hill Farm, Carpenters Road, Brading, Ryde, Isle of Wight, PO33 1YN England
1761 Homeland 13.2 MW Homeland Farm, Ringwood Road, Three Legged Cross, Wimborne, Dorset England
1763 Fairwind Farm 10.0 MW Fairwind Farm Lower Dunton Road Laindon Essex England
1764 Redlands Farm 6.2 MW N/O Butleigh Drove,, Butleigh Drove, Pedwell, Bridgwater, Somerset England
1765 Fenton Home Farm 31.3 MW Fenton Home Farm, Crundale, Haverfordwest Wales
1766 Abbots Ripton 24.7 MW Land West Of Railway Line And South Of Brooklands Farm, Rectory Lane, Abbots, Ripton England
1767 way 675355861 South Lees Farm 51.40166/0.80636 England
1768 Southwick Estate 48.0 MW Belney Lane, Southwick, Hampshire England
1769 Waterloo 14.6 MW Land West of Fernbury Farm, Tempsford Road, Everton England
1772 Ketton Phase 2 3.0 MW North Field, Off Pit Lane, Ketton, Stamford, Lincolnshire England
1774 Oak Cottage 4.9 MW Land South of Oak Cottage, Wiston, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA62 4PR Wales
1775 way 670050929 Sycamore Farm 50.99242/0.87625 England
1776 North Wayton Farm 5.0 MW Landulph Saltash Cornwall England
1777 South Creake 26.0 MW Leicester Square Farm Leicester Road South Creake Norfolk England
1781 Pen Y Cae 6.9 MW Pen Y Cae, Saron, Ammanford, Dyfed Wales
1783 Rose And Crown Farm 30.0 MW Rose And Crown Farm Walpole Bank Walpole St Andrew Wisbech Norfolk PE14 7JB England
1784 Wickfield Farm 5.0 MW Wickfield Farm Royal Wootton Bassett Swindon England
1785 Rookery Farm 3.8 MW Land between Bilsham and Flansham North of A259 Flansham England
1787 Seaview Farm 1.7 MW Seaview Farm, Pyle Road, Porthcawl Wales
1788 Chelveston Airfield Extension 3.5 MW Chelveston Airfield Kimbolton Road Chelveston Northamptonshire England
1789 Knockcairn Road 6.5 MW 20 Knockcairn Road, Crumlin Northern Ireland
1804 Huddlesford Farm 1.0 MW Huddlesford House, Huddlesford Lane, Huddlesford, Lichfield England
1806 Park Lane 1.0 MW Land South Of The Cottage, Park Lane, Huddlesford, Lichfield, Staffordshire England
1811 Gypsom 5.0 MW Land North West of Sileby Road, Barrow, Leicestershire England
1813 Polmaugan Farm 5.0 MW Polmaugan Farm Trebyan Lostwithiel Cornwall England
1815 Gilley's Mill Dam 5.0 MW New Road, Roche, Cornwall England
1816 way 628225156 East Lenham 51.22739/0.71193 England
1817 Steventon 10.0 MW Land to West of Steventon Field, Steventon, Abingdon, Oxon England
1818 Westwood Farm 5.1 MW Ollerton Road, Tuxford, Newark, Nottinghamshire England
1820 Meadow Farm 6.0 MW NW of Main Road Brookville Norfolk England
1823 Sutton Mawr Farm 7.5 MW Sutton Mawr Farm, Barry, South Glamorgan Wales
1824 Carloggas Farm 8.3 MW Carloggas Farm St. Stephen St. Austell England
1826 Lincoln Farm 11.4 MW Lincoln Farm, Wainfleet Road, Irby In The Marsh, Skegness England
1827 Llwyn Du 8.0 MW Llwyn Ddu, Blaenporth, Cardigan Wales
1828 West Hill Farm 7.3 MW ILFRACOMBE DEVON England
1832 Elms Farm 29.0 MW Elms Farm Grove England
1834 Rock Farm / Goldborough Farm (Rookwood) 5.0 MW Goldborough Farm Goldborough Broad Town Swindon England
1835 Great Wilbraham 38.1 MW Mill Road, Great Wilbraham, Cambridge England
1836 Somerton Door Farm 8.7 MW Somerton Door Farm, Somerton Door Drove, Somerton, Somerset England
1838 Barugh Farm 5.0 MW Barugh Farm, Hutton Conyers, Ripon England
1840 Lains Farm 5.0 MW Lains Farm, Lains Paddock, Quarley, Andover, Hampshire England
1842 Great Seabrook Farm 5.0 MW Great Seabrook Farm, Seabrook Farm Lane, Cheddington England
1843 way 411095115 Cotgrave 52.918/-1.05 England
1846 Parkview 6.5 MW SX765, 687, east of Parkfield Farm, Ashburton England
1848 Overton 4.0 MW Land Adjoining Lordsfield Plantation, The Lynch, Overton, Hampshire England
1850 Lower Basset Down Farm 10.5 MW Lower Basset Down Farm Hay Lane Bassett Down Swindon England
1862 way 721984228 Morfa Farm 51.42163/-3.49772 Wales
1864 Barton Close Farm 5.5 MW Georgeham, Braunton, Devon England
1865 Wiggin Hill - Phase 1 6.8 MW Land North Of Wiggin Hill Old Ramsey Road St Ives England
1872 Wilton Farm (pv) 9.5 MW Wilton farm, Trerulefoot, Saltash, Cornwall England
1874 Canada Farm 8.3 MW Winterborne Stickland, Blandford Forum, Dorset, DT11 9AD England
1875 Hoback Farm 13.1 MW 81 Cambridge Road, Wimpole, Royston, Cambridgeshire England
1876 The Rainbows 4.0 MW The North Of The Byre, Badsey Lane, Willersey, Gloucestershire England
1878 Salcey 5.0 MW Bulls Head Farm, Eakley Lanes, Stoke Goldington, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire England
1884 Hillsmoor 1.2 MW Hillsmoor, Holsworthy Road, Hatherleigh, Okehampton, Devon England
1885 Desford 5.0 MW Land Adjacent Charnwood Poultry Farm Desford Road Desford Leicester Leicestershire England
1886 Iwood Lane 8.0 MW Fields off Stock Lane and Iwood Lane, near Congresbury England
1889 Playters 8.6 MW Playters New Farm, Church Road, Ellough, Beccles England
1890 Bypass Nurseries 3.3 MW Bypass Nursery, The Bungalow, Evesham WR11 8UB England
1895 way 721984225 Garn 7.4 MW The Garn Farm, St. Hilary, Cowbridge, South Glamorgan Wales
1896 Trethosa Farm 4.8 MW Trethosa Farm Trethosa St Stephen St Austell Cornwall England
1897 way 541086396 Garvinack Farm 50.28972/-5.12072 England
1898 Caswell Farm 6.7 MW Caswell Farm, Common Lane, Ryme Intrinseca, Sherborne, Dorset England
1899 Epwell Grounds Farm 7.0 MW Epwell Grounds Farm, Shutford Road, Epwell, Banbury England
1900 Pant-Y-Moch Farm 5.0 MW Pantymoch Farm Penycae Port Talbot Wales
1902 Woolbridge 5.0 MW Tout Hill, Woolbridge England
1903 Tengore Lane - resubmission 3.6 MW Land North Of, Tengore Lane, Long Sutton, Langport, Somerset England
1904 Manor Farm (Dorset) 5.0 MW Manor Farm E377815 N128359, Gillingham, Dorset England
1905 way 687453296 Hadlow Place 51.18693/0.34092 England
1906 Bassingbourn 14.4 MW Land adjacent Highfield Farm, Bassingbourn, Cambridge England
1907 Lower Pennington Farm 2.7 MW (Field Off Iley Lane) Lower Pennington Farm, Lower Pennington Lane, Pennington, Lymington, Hampshire England
1908 Goose Willow Farm - extension 7.0 MW Hanney Road, Abingdon, Oxfordshire England
1909 Avenue Farm 7.3 MW Land North Of Avenue Farm Back Road Yelverton Norfolk England
1910 Sywell Road 5.0 MW Land off, Sywell Road, Mears Ashby, Northampton, Northamptonshire England
1912 Gosfield Airfield 12.6 MW Gosfield Airfield, Southey Green Sible, Hedingham, Essex England
1913 way 617708524 Exning 52.25016/0.34857 England
1914 Grange Farm (Avon) 21.0 MW Grange Farm, Old Gloucester Road, Winterbourne, Bristol, South Gloucestershire England
1915 East Farm - extension 6.0 MW East Farm, Codford, Warminster England
1919 Croydon / Church Farm (Royston) 16.5 MW Church Farm, Church Lane, Croydon, Royston, Hertfordshire England
1920 Hadley Farm (Orta Membury) 17.0 MW West Of Membury Services Westbound Membury Hungerford Berkshire England
1923 Manor Farm (Wiltshire) - resubmission 6.3 MW Land East of Manor Farm, Wadswick Box, Corsham, Wiltshire England
1924 way 704064112 Tonge Corner Farm 51.35506/0.78078 England
1925 way 670047804 Oaklands Farm - resubmission 51.16818/0.80783 England
1927 North East of Ainderby Steeple 5.9 MW Land North East Of Ainderby Steeple North Yorkshire England
1930 Errol Estate 13.0 MW Land 500 Metres South East Of Cottown House Cottown Scotland
1931 Grange Farm 6.0 MW Ashlea Farm Solent Grange Nursing Home And Grange Farm, Staplers Road, Wootton Bridge, Ryde England
1938 Wraysbury Landfill 4.8 MW Former Wraysbury Landfill, Adj Staines Road, Wraysbury, Staines, Middlesex, TW19 5BS England
1940 Wisbridge Farm 9.3 MW High Street, Reed, Royston England
1942 Caddington (Phase 1) 3.0 MW Millfield Farm, Caddington, Bedfordshire England
1943 Capeland Farm 8.3 MW Capelands Farm, Bratton Fleming, Barnstaple, Devon England
1944 Castle Combe Circuit 12.0 MW Castle Combe, Circuit Castle, Combe, Chippenham England
1945 Castle Eaton Farm 17.8 MW Mill Lane, Castle Eaton, Swindon England
1946 Chancery Farm (Ardleigh) 11.9 MW Chancery Farm, Park Road, Ardleigh, Colchester England
1947 Clapham 7.5 MW Land North Of And Including The Baulk Clapham England
1949 Chelveston Airfield 16.0 MW Land South Of Chelveston Base Crescent And East Of Upper Higham Lane Northants England
1950 way 314886516 Chisbon (Frowick Lane) 51.82193/1.08728 England
1951 Clawdd Ddu PV 13.5 MW Potardulas Road, Tycroes, Swansea Wales
1952 Congresbury 7.1 MW Carditch Drove, Honeyhall Lane, Congresbury, Bristol, North Somerset, BS49 5JX England
1953 Abergelli Glas 7.7 MW Abergelli Farm Felindre Swansea Wales
1954 Anthony Estate - resubmission 4.7 MW Land North Of Freathy Farm Freathy Cornwall England
1955 Aston House 20.0 MW Aston House Farm, Aston Lane, Sudbury, Derbyshire England
1957 relation 9455550 Bakers Farm (solar) 50.76443/-0.79308 England
1958 Balls Wood 8.7 MW Balls Wood, Plymouth, Devon England
1959 way 386371700 Barn Farm - resubmission 51.93922/1.13636 England
1961 Bay Farm 8.1 MW Barton Mills, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6BS. England
1963 way 499474059 Berwick 50.85601/0.17481 England
1964 Bidwell - resubmission 5.0 MW Solar energy facility at South Downs, Dartington, Totnes England
1966 Bilsham Farm 14.5 MW Land Southwest of Drove Lane Farm Yapton England
1968 Blackwell Grange 5.0 MW Land To North Of Ilmington Road Blackwell England
1970 way 704114018 Bobbing 51.35807/0.68887 England
1971 Bodmin 2 5.3 MW Middle Bodiniel Farm, Bodiniel Road, Bodmin, Cornwall England
1973 way 538582351 Bottom Plain 50.71272/-2.16538 England
1974 Braydon Manor Farm 8.7 MW Braydon Manor Farm, Braydon England
1975 Brynwhilach 5.0 MW Brynwhilach Felindre Road Llangyfelach Swansea Wales
1976 Bulls Head Farm North 4.7 MW Bulls Head Farm, Eakley Lanes, Stoke Goldington, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire England
1978 Burrowton Farm 5.0 MW Broadclyst, Exeter, England
1981 Ebbsfleet 5.0 MW South of the River Stour, Ramsgate Road, Sandwich, CT13 9NL England
1983 Cowdown Lane 40.0 MW Land West Of Cowdown Lane, Goodworth Clatford, Andover England
1984 Crannaford 12.5 MW Land North East Of Crannaford House Broadclyst England
1985 Cwmcaesingrug Farm 10.0 MW Cwmcaesingrug Farm Mynyddislwyn Mountain Road Mynyddislwyn Blackwood NP12 2BG Wales
1987 Decoy Farm House Modules 6.0 MW Decoy Farm House,, Decoy Lane, Oving, Chichester, West Sussex England
1990 Hadley 6.6 MW Hadley Farm Wrexham Road Whitchurch Shropshire England
1991 Hall Farm (Newbold Verdon) 5.0 MW Hall Farm, Main Street, Newbold Verdon, LEICESTER, LE9 9NL England
1992 Hammond Court Farm 15.0 MW Hammond Court Farm Trench Lane Winterbourne Bristol South Gloucestershire BS36 1RY England
1994 Hatch Penn Farm PV 1.0 MW Hatchpen Farm, Reed, Royston England
1995 Hayford Farm - extension 8.2 MW Hayford Farm Westbury Shrewsbury England
1998 High Penn 9.6 MW High Penn Farm, Calne, Wiltshire England
1999 Highfields Farm (Braintree) 2.8 MW Highfields Lane, Messing Colchester CO5 9BJ England
2000 Highfields Farm (Colchester) 12.2 MW Highfields Lane, Messing, Colchester England
2001 Hill End Farm 2.8 MW Hill End Farm, Aldermaston Road, Salters Heath, Tadley, Hampshire, RG26 England
2004 Holwell Hill 6.0 MW Toid, Burts Hill To Nunney Catch Roundabout, Trudoxhill, Frome, Somerset England
2005 Hook Valley 17.0 MW Lawrence Hill, Wincanton, Somerset, BA9 8AD England
2006 way 703382928 Partridge Farm 51.10221/0.97645 England
2007 Aspatria 19.0 MW Pasture Farm, Westnewon Road, Aspatria, Wigton, Cumbria England
2008 way 542266213 Penare Farm 50.30369/-5.07549 England
2009 Pencoose Farm 8.5 MW W F Gluyas & Son, Pencoose Farm, Stithians, Truro, Cornwall England
2010 Pensipple Farm 5.0 MW St. Keyne Liskeard England
2011 Pingewood Road South 15.8 MW Land North Of Pingewood Road, South Burghfield, Reading, Berkshire England
2012 Pingry Farm - Phase 1 3.4 MW Pingry Farm, Pingry Lane, Milkwall, Coleford England
2013 Pitworthy Farm 15.6 MW Pitworthy Farm Pancrasweek Holsworthy Devon England
2014 Primrose Hill Farm 3.7 MW Primrose Hill Farm, Bardney Road, Wragby, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, LN8 5JE England
2015 Pyde Drove 7.0 MW Land at, Pyde Drove (2), The Causeway, Woolavington, Bridgwater England
2016 Race farm 6.1 MW Race Farm, Huntick Road, Lytchett Mmatravers, Poole, Dorset England
2017 Radcliffe 4.2 MW Land South East Of Holme House Stragglethorpe Road Holme Pierrepont Nottinghamshire England
2019 Redhall Industrial Estate 5.0 MW Land South And East Of Redhall Industrial Estate Patrington Road Ottringham East Riding Of Yorkshire HU12 0AD England
2020 Ring O Bells Farm 5.0 MW Ring O Bells Farm Pucklechurch Road Hinton Chippenham South Gloucestershire SN14 8HJ England
2021 Roanhead Farm 6.5 MW Land north of Roanhead Farm Hawthwaite Lane Barrow-in-Furness LA14 4QL England
2022 Rotherdale Farm - extension 9.0 MW Long Lane, Tilesford, Pershore, Worcestershire England
2023 Roundponds Farm 13.5 MW Land South East Of Leechpool Farm Norrington Lane Broughton Gifford Wiltshire England
2026 Field House / Hursley Road 6.4 MW Field House Farm, Hursley, Winchester England
2027 Kencot Hill (revised application) 37.0 MW Land to north and east of Kencot Hill Farm House, Kencot, Lechlade, Gloucestershire, GL7 3QY England
2028 DAM Kernick Mica Dam 12.0 MW Kernick Mica Dam, Trethosa Downs, Trethosa, St Stephen, St Austell, Cornwall England
2030 Landmead Farm (East Hanney) 46.0 MW Landmead Farm, East Hanney, Abingdon England
2032 Lower Newton Farm 11.5 MW Lower Newton Farm, Draycott Road, Tean, Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire England
2033 Lower Slade Farm 4.1 MW Kingsbridge England
2034 Lower Ufford Lane 1.1 MW Land Adjacent A12 Lower Ufford Lane Pettistree Suffolk England
2035 Lynt Farm 27.0 MW Lynt Farm, Lynt Farm Lane, Inglesham, Swindon England
2036 Marchington 4.3 MW Moisty Lane Marchington Staffordshire England
2039 Monksham 10.7 MW Monksham Farm, Marston Bigot, Frome England
2040 Moorhouse Lane - resubmission 1.8 MW Land Adjoining Moorhouse Caravans Moorhouse Lane Hallen Bristol England
2041 Morton Wood Farm 4.8 MW Morton Wood Farm, Morton Wood Lane, Abbots Morton, Evesham, WR7 4LU England
2043 Natewood Farm 8.9 MW Natewood Farm, Polegate Road, Hailsham, East Sussex England
2044 Netley Landfill 12.0 MW Netley Landfill Site Portsmouth Road Netley Southampton England
2045 New Stone House 12.5 MW Land South Of New Stone House, Main Street, Wendlebury England
2046 North Creake Airfield (Resubmission) 20.0 MW Egmere, Walsingham England
2047 North of Newton Farm 3.0 MW Lytchett Minster, Poole, Dorset England
2049 Roves Farm (Solar) - resubmission 12.7 MW Roves Lane, Sevenhampton, Swindon England
2050 Salhouse 5.0 MW Land North of Stonehouse Road,Salhouse England
2052 way 538582352 Oaklands Plantation 50.70554/-2.14359 England
2054 Packington 13.9 MW Land South Of Babelake Street Packington Ashby De La Zouch Leicestershire LE65 1TG England
2055 Saundercroft 7.0 MW Adj Saundercroft, Whimple, Exeter, Devon England
2056 Sedbury Park 5.0 MW E/O Sedbury Park, Sedbury, Chepstow, Gwent, NP16 England
2057 way 551695987 Six Hills 52.78065/-1.02623 England
2058 South Newton Farm 11.3 MW Newton Farm, Lytchett Minster, Poole, Dorset England
2060 Southfield Farm 11.5 MW Southfield Farm, Smithy Lane, Yeovilton, Yeovil, Somerset England
2061 Spittleborough Farm 12.0 MW Swindon Road Lydiard Tregoze Royal Wootton Bassett Wiltshire England
2062 Stanton 5.0 MW Trenchard Road Stanton Fitzwarren Swindon England
2063 Stantway 5.0 MW Rodley Court Farm, Westbury On Severn Gloucestershire GL14 1QG England
2064 Stonebarrow Farm 8.0 MW Land Opposite Woodcote National Substation Hawkchurch Devon England
2065 Stowbridge Farm 24.0 MW Green End, Stretham, Cambridgeshire England
2066 Stratton Hall 11.6 MW Walk Farm, Croft Lane, Stratton Hall, Ipswich, Suffolk England
2067 Sutton Montis Road / Sutton Bridge 5.4 MW Land OS 4200, Sutton Montis Road, Queen Camel, Yeovil England
2068 Thame 4.3 MW east of Windmill Road, Towersey England
2071 The Flit 10.5 MW Land Parcel 9827, South East Of Yarnton And North Of Woodstock Road, Yarnton, Oxfordshire England
2072 The Old Airfield 5.0 MW The Old Airfield, Airfield Lane, Weston Longville, Norwich England
2073 way 703386580 Thorne Farm 51.33861/1.34764 England
2074 Tiers Cross 24.0 MW Rose Cottage Farm; Woodson Farm; Tierson Farm, Tiers Cross, Milford Haven, Dyfed Wales
2075 Tilmanstone Colliery 10.0 MW Former Tilmanstone Colliery Tip, Pike Road, Eythorne, Dover England
2076 Toggam Farm 12.5 MW Newfen Gravel Drove, Lakenheath, Brandon, Suffolk, IP27 9LN England
2077 Tower Hill Farm 8.1 MW Cuttsheath Road And New Road, Tytherington, Wotton Under Edge, South Gloucestershire England
2079 Trench Farm 7.2 MW Trench Farm, Red Hall Lane, Penley, Wrexham LL13 0NA Wales
2080 Troughton Farm 30.0 MW Stoke Road, Stoke Orchard, Cheltenham England
2081 Turweston 16.7 MW Turweston Aerodrome, Whitfield Road, Biddlesden, Buckinghamshire England
2082 Upper Farm 12.0 MW Upper Farm Bradley Alresford Hampshire SO24 9SA England
2083 Upper Huntingford Farm 7.7 MW Upper Huntingford Farm Charfield, Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire, GL12 8EY England
2084 Walnut Yard Phase 1 1.8 MW West Of Gelscoe House Farm Outbuildings Gelscoe Lane Diseworth England
2085 Water Eaton Farm / Port Farm 34.8 MW Water Eaton Farm, Latton England
2086 Wedgehill Farm 13.0 MW Wedgehill Farm, Woodlands, Wimborne, Dorset England
2088 West Raynham 49.9 MW Former Airfield, West Raynham, Fakenham, Norfolk England
2089 Westerfield Farm 12.5 MW Westerfield Farm, Carterton England
2090 Westover Farm 7.0 MW South Of Longbarrow Westover Farm Barrow Hill Goodworth Clatford Andover Hampshire SP11 7SE England
2091 Whitley Farm 1 3.5 MW On Land at, Whitley Wood Farm, Whitley Lane, Ashcott, Bridgwater England
2092 Whitley Farm 2 3.5 MW On Land at, Whitley Wood Farm, Whitley Lane, Ashcott, Bridgwater England
2093 Whitton Mawr 6.0 MW Land east of Five Mile Lane Wales
2095 Winham Farm 5.0 MW NGR 301672 103703 (Land West of Winham Farm) Westcott Devon England
2096 Woden Park 5.0 MW Cwrt Yr Ala Road, Michaelston-Le-Pit, Dinas Powys, South Glamorgan, CF5 Wales
2098 West Kingsmill Farm 1.6 MW West Kingsmill Farm Kingsmill Park Road From Leigh Lane To Kingsmill Lake And Farm Hatt Saltash Cornwall England
2101 Bommertown 5.0 MW Bommertown Farm, Bottreaux Mill, South Molton England
2102 West Ditchen Farm 5.0 MW Land South Of Hornacott Chapel Boyton Launceston Cornwall England
2103 Lower Marsh Farm 5.0 MW Kingston St Mary, Somerset England
2104 way 722350909 Bodorgan 12.6 MW Tai Moelion farm near Aberffraw, Anglesey Wales
2105 Chapel Lane Parley Phase 2 36.0 MW Chapel Lane, Parley, Christchurch, Dorset England
2107 Arkwright 8.0 MW Land To West Of Duckmanton and North Of Tom Lane Chesterfield Derbyshire England
2108 Charity Farm (Burlton) 11.9 MW Land east of B4397, Charity Farm, Burlton, Shropshire England
2109 Verwood 20.4 MW Manor Farm St Michaels Road Verwood Dorset England
2110 Parciau Farm 13.9 MW Parciau Farm, Griffiths Crossing, Caernarfon, Gwynedd Wales
2111 Smith Hall Farm 5.0 MW Smith Hall Farm Smith Hall Lane Hulland Ward Derbyshire DE6 3ES England
2112 Bystock 4.1 MW West Of St Johns Road Bystock Farm Exmouth England
2114 Bedborough Farm 7.0 MW Bedborough Farm, Uddens Drive Wimborne Dorset England
2117 Cranham Golf Course 2.6 MW Cranham Golf Course St. Marys Lane Upminster England
2118 Hurcott Copse 10.0 MW Hurcott Copse, Boxstone Hill, Hurcott, Ilminster, Somerset England
2120 Grange Farm 4.9 MW N/O Grange Farm, Nynehead, Wellington, Somerset England
2121 Trehawke Barton (Doddycross) 10.6 MW Trehawke Barton Blunts Liskeard Cornwall England
2125 Newton Ferrers 19.5 MW Land In Newton Ferrers Callington Cornwall England
2126 relation 9455580 Nancrossa Farm 50.1601/-5.1833 England
2127 Pitts Farm (revised application) 2.6 MW Chilcote Lane, Chilcote England
2128 Walmoor Farm 4.0 MW Land To South West Of Greenfields Grove Road Retford Nottinghamshire England
2129 Trequite Farm 9.9 MW Trequite Farm, Menheniot, Liskeard England
2132 Bentley Estate 5.0 MW BENTLEY ESTATE, UCKFIELD, EAST SUSSEX, TN22 5QP England
2133 New Row Farm 3.9 MW New Row Farm, Yelling Mill Lane, Downside, Shepton Mallet England
2135 relation 9385050 Malmaynes Hall Farm 51.45513/0.6142 England
2136 Crucis Park 12.5 MW Crucis Park, Barnsley Road, Ampney Crucis, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 5DX England
2137 Template:Way721984227 Treguff Farm 4.4 MW Treguff Farm, St. Mary Church, Cowbridge Wales
2138 relation 9489337 Kenardington Place Farm 51.06116/0.81254 England
2139 Henbury Quarry 3.9 MW Land Adj To Henbury Quarry Henbury Plantation Old Market Road Corfe Mullen Wimborne Dorset BH21 3QZ England
2140 Grange Farm (Kirkby on Bain) 9.0 MW and at Grange Farm, Kirkby Lane, Kirkby-on-Bain, Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire, LN10 6YY England
2143 Boxted Airfield 18.8 MW Langham, Colchester England
2144 way 662771488 Rectory Farm/Emberton 52.13673/-0.69271 England
2145 St Francis Court Farm 4.0 MW Francis Court Farm (west Of The M5 Adjacent To Cutton Alders Wood, South Of Cutton Farm ) Poltimore England
2150 Berry Court Farm 4.2 MW Berry Court Farm, New Road, Little London, Tadley England
2151 Walkers Wood 27.0 MW Land West Of Green Lane Off Straight Mile Ranby Nottinghamshire England
2152 Odell Glebe 16.8 MW The Old Airfield Site Podington Airfield Airfield Road (Odell Glebe Solar Farm) Podington England
2153 Hunstrete (Wilmington Farm) 2.3 MW Parcel 0153, Chelwood Road, Marksbury, Bath England
2154 Lower Severalls Farm 10.8 MW Land Adjacent Lower Severalls Farm, Lower Severalls Farm Road ,Crewkerne, Somerset England
2157 Burton Farm 4.4 MW Burton Farm Bishopton Stratford-upon-Avon England
2158 Sundorne Grove 20.0 MW Development Sundorne Battlefield Shrewsbury Shropshire England
2159 Lower End Farm 4.9 MW Lower End Farm Long Street Marston Devizes England
2160 way 668754895 Skegness 4.9 MW Coronation Fmar, Burgh Road West, Skegness, Lincs England
2162 way 416411632 Land north of Temple Normanton 4.9 MW East Of The A617 And North Of The Sewage Disposal Works Postmans Lane Temple Normanton England
2164 way 717941405 Helland Meads 1.2 MW Pondpool Lane, Helland, North Curry, Taunton England
2165 way 425431811 Crow Trees Farm 4.7 MW Crow Trees Farm, Pinxton Lane, Fulwood, Sutton In Ashfield England
2169 way 614259981 Horam 50.93134/0.23769 England
2171 Turves/Burtnhouse Extension 4.7 MW Land North West Of 15 Burnthouse Sidings Turves Cambridgeshire England
2173 Coombe Farm 8.0 MW Coombe Farm, Exe View Road, Lympstone, Exmouth, Devon England
2174 Higher Hill Farm Extension 1.5 MW Higher Hill Farm, Butleigh Hill, Butleigh, Glastonbury, Somerset England
2175 Mount Farm 22.0 MW Land off Longdon Hill, Wickhamford England
2176 Hafod-Y-Dafal Farm 14.0 MW Hafod-Y-Dafal Farm, Aberbeeg, Blaina, Gwent Wales
2178 Barr Farm 1.8 MW Barr Farm, Stafford Road, Standeford, South Staffordshire England
2179 BAE Samlesbury Aerodrome 2.0 MW BAE Samlesbury Aerodrome Whalley Road Samlesbury Blackburn Lancashire BB2 7LB England
2180 Shoals Hook Farm 12.1 MW Land east of Shoals Hook Farm, Shoals Hook Lane, Haverfordwest, SA61 2XN Wales
2181 Manor Farm 7.5 MW Land north of Leighton Road, Eggington, Leighton Buzzard England
2182 Littlewood Farm 14.0 MW Land Nw of Littlewood Farm Tathall End Hanslope England
2184 Cherry Tree Farm 5.0 MW Cherry Tree Farm Chesterfield Road Duckmanton Chesterfield S44 5JG England
2185 Lodge Farm 2.4 MW Land South East Of Lodge Farm Bridge Road Broughton England
2186 Bumpers Farm Phase 1 5.0 MW Land North Of Bumpers Farm, Ilmer Lane, Ilmer, Buckinghamshire England
2187 Birch Airfield 5.6 MW ch Airfield, Blind Lane, Colchester England
2188 Gaultney 20.5 MW Gaultney Farm, Pipewell Road, Desborough England
2190 Puriton Landfill 11.4 MW Land at, Walpole and Puriton Landfill Sites off Puriton Road and, Batch Road, Puriton, Bridgwater England
2192 Hunciecroft Farm 8.0 MW Land North West Of Hunciecroft Farm Holbeck Lane Holbeck Nottinghamshire England
2196 Rolleston Park Farm 18.7 MW Rolleston Park Farm, Lodge Hill, Tutbury England
2200 Prestop Park Farm 16.0 MW Prestop Park Farm, Burton Road, Ashby De La Zouch England
2201 Yardwall Manor 3.0 MW Yardwall Manor Farm Mark Highbridge TA9 4QE England
2202 Royston Phase 1a 5.0 MW Land between Railway and Sewage Disposal Works, Royston Road, Melbourn, Cambridgeshire England
2203 relation 7877125 MOD Lyneham 51.50664/-1.96804 England
2204 Deepdale Farm 8.0 MW Deepdale Farm, Leasingham Moor, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, NG34 8SH England
2205 Manor Farm (Horton) 5.0 MW Manor Farm Ravenstone Lane Horton England
2206 Penrhiwarwydd Farm 8.5 MW Penrhiwarwydd Farm Mynyddislwyn Mountain Road Mynyddislwyn Newport NP11 7BB Wales
2208 Nowhere Farm 8.1 MW Nowhere Farm, Fishmere End Road, Sutterton, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE20 2HX England
2210 way 682102563 Langar Lane 10.0 MW OS Fields 6230 And 7657 Langar Lane, Colston, Bassett England
2211 Pitchford 10.2 MW Stockbatch, Pitchford, Shrewsbury, Shropshire England
2212 Condover Airfield 12.3 MW Disused Airfield Condover Shrewsbury Shropshire England
2213 Askern Colliery 5.0 MW Former Colliery, Campsall Road, Askern, Doncaster England
2215 Maesgwyn 7.5 MW Land East of Maesgwyn Wind Farm Glynneath Neath Wales
2216 Church Farm 6.2 MW Land To South Of Church Farm Church Road Slapton Buckinghamshire LU7 9BX England
2217 Folly Farm 13.1 MW Folly Farm, Potash Lane, Long Marston, Tring, Hertfordshire England
2218 Stowbridge Farm Extension Phase 2 10.0 MW Stowbridge Farm, Green End, Stretham, Cambridgeshire England
2219 Black Peak Farm 31.8 MW Black Peak Farm, Fowlmere Road, Melbourn, Royston, Hertfordshire England
2221 Jubilee Farm, Barnby Moor 5.0 MW Jubilee Farm, Retford Road, Barnby Moor, Nottinghamshire England
2225 Newnham Estate 14.0 MW SX559 587, Hemerdon, Plympton England
2226 Wambrook Farm 4.1 MW Part Of Wambrook Farm, Weston Road, Wambrook, Chard, Somerset England
2227 Gawcott Fields Farm 9.2 MW Gawcott Fields Farm Gawcott Road Buckingham Buckinghamshire MK18 1TN England
2228 Mount Mill Farm 12.0 MW Mount Mill Farm, Stratford Road, Wicken England
2231 Handley Park 5.0 MW Handley Park Farm, Handley Park, Towcester England
2232 Tollgate Farm 4.3 MW Tollgate Farm, Banbury Road, Bishops Tachbrook, Leamington Spa England
2233 North Farm (Spetisbury) 11.6 MW E388136 N102088, West Of North Farm, West End, Spetisbury, Dorset England
2234 Chapel Lane Parley Phase 3 4.0 MW Chapel Lane, Parley, Christchurch, Dorset England
2236 Ballinderry Road Phase 1 (Lisburn) 13.5 MW Lands located 110m WNW of 29 Ballinderry Road, Lisburn Northern Ireland
2237 relation 2401129 GDL Wymeswold/land off the A6006 52.80951/-1.08745 England
2238 Hillhouse Farm 28.5 MW Hillhouse Farm Bristol Road, Cambridge, Gloucester, Gloucestershire England
2239 Gib Lane (Aston Clinton) 24.2 MW Land To East Of Gib Lane, Bierton, Buckinghamshire England
2240 Outwood Farm Phase 1 5.0 MW Outwood Farm Road Billericay, Essex England
2241 Raventhorpe Farm 38.0 MW Raventhorpe Farm, Raventhorpe Farm Road, Broughton and Holme, DN16 3RH England
2242 Manor Farm (Castle Cary) 1.8 MW Land Adjoining Manor Farm, The ark, Castl Cary, Somerset England
2243 Maes Bach Farm 4.9 MW Maes Bach, Willowford Road, Tonte, Pontypridd, Mid Glamorgan Wales
2244 Sheepbridge Court Farm 5.0 MW Sheepbridge Court Farm Basingstoke Road Swallowfield Reading England
2247 way 682011099 Elton 52.94814/-0.84768 England
2248 Cross Roads Plantation 5.0 MW Cross Roads Plantation Ringwood Road Alderholt Fordingbridge Hants England
2249 Munceys Farm 31.6 MW Munceys Farm, London Way, Melbourn, Royston, Cambridgeshire England
2252 Luscott Barton 13.0 MW Luscott Barton, Ashford, Barnstaple, Devon England
2253 Kinmel 1 CIC 5.0 MW Land immediately north of A547, Rhuddlan Road, Towyn, Conwy Wales
2255 way 401104109 Owls Hatch Road 51.35156/1.0986 England
2258 Wilbees Farm 5.0 MW Wilbees Farm, The Street, Polegate, East Sussex, BN26 England
2260 Welbeck/Hazel Gap 16.0 MW South Of Forge Lodge, Carburton Road, Norton England
2261 Homestead Farm (Alderton) 17.6 MW Homestead Farm located east of the A5 and south of Alderton, (Paulerspury & Grafton Regis & Alderton Parish) England
2264 Knottingley A 5.0 MW Middle Lane, England Lane, Knottingley, West Yorkshire England
2265 Clayhill Farm 10.0 MW North Clayhill Farm, Greenfield Road, Westoning, Bedford, Bedfordshire England
2266 way 687456907 Paddock Wood 51.17265/0.41203 England
2268 Wick Farm (Burnham on Crouch) 5.0 MW E/O Burnham Wick Farm, Wick Road, Burnham on Crouch, Essex, CM0 8FA England
2271 Netherfield Lane 19.7 MW Field Reference Number 7390 Netherfield Lane Perlethorpe Cum Budby Nottinghamshire England
2272 Upper Meadowley Farm 10.7 MW Upper Meadowley Farm, Upton Cresset, Bridgnorth, Shropshire England
2274 Wick Farm 14.6 MW S/O Wick Farm, Brean Road, Lympsham, Weston Super Mare, North Somerset England
2277 High Leas 6.5 MW Land north of High Leas Farm, Willoughby Lane, South Reston, Louth, Lincolnshire England
2278 Atherstone 14.7 MW Land East Of Grendon House Farm Warton Lane, Grendon England
2279 The Elms 10.4 MW The Elms Plough Lane Bishops Itchington Southam England
2280 Hunters Race 9.3 MW Lavant Quarry, Hunters Race, Lavant, Chichester, West Sussex England
2281 Parham Airfield (Great Glenham) 17.5 MW North of Runway Farm, Great Glemham, Suffolk England
2282 Chapel Lane Parley Phase 1 20.0 MW Parley (Adjacent to Ecos Sustainable Solutions Waste & Recycling Facility) England
2283 way 476763383 Welbeck Colliery /53.22392/-1.13768 England
2284 Priory Farm 3.1 MW Mutfordwood Lane, Carlton Colville, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR33 8HD England
2285 Norrington Common 10.0 MW Broughton Gifford, Wiltshire England
2286 Hendre Fawr Farm 11.6 MW Hendrefawr Farm, Mount Road, Rhigos, Neath, West Glamorgan Wales
2296 Manor Farm (Shripney) 5.0 MW Manor Farm Shripney Lane Shripney England
2298 Chelwood 5.0 MW Parcel 1326, Church Farm, Main Road, Chelwood, Bristol England
2299 Manor Farm (Pertenhall) 15.0 MW Land South Of Manor Farm Green End Pertenhall Bedfordshire England
2300 Hardingham Extension 5.2 MW East of Hardingham England
2307 Brooks Farm 8.0 MW Brooks Farm Murcott Road Lower Arncott England
2308 Christchurch Energy 18.0 MW East Close Farm Waterditch, Christchurch England
2309 Yarburgh Grove Farm 8.1 MW Land rear of Yarburgh Grove Farm, Westfield Road, Yarburgh England
2312 Taplins Farm 5.9 MW Land East Of Taplins Farm Lane Winchfield Hook Hampshire England
2314 Homestead Farm 10.7 MW Homestead Farm, Caulbourne Lane AND Lower Dodpits Farm, Warlands Lane, Ningwood, Newport England
2320 way 410930645 Eakring 53.15468/-1.01399 England
2321 Egmanton 14.2 MW Land Between Weston Road, And The A1, Egmanton, Nottinghamshire England
2323 Branston 18.9 MW Land Adj Mere Road Branston Lincoln England
2324 Moira Road 6.5 MW Adjacent land north and west of no 63 Moira Road Crumlin Co. Antrim Northern Ireland
2325 Golden Hill 6.2 MW Land East of Mylett's Hill, Golden Hill, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire Wales
2326 Chapel Hill 8.0 MW Land east of Chapel Hill, Orielton, Pembroke, Dyfed Wales
2329 Vine Farm 45.0 MW Vine House, Vine Farm, High Street, Shingay Cum Wendy, Royston England
2331 Coombeshead 8.0 MW Coombeshead Farm Diptford England
2332 Decoy Farm 5.0 MW Decoy Farm, Spalding Road, Crowland, Peterborough England
2333 Easington Farm (Chalgrove) 21.3 MW Part of Easington Farm near Monument Business Park Chalgrove England
2334 Gelliwern Isaf Farm 6.0 MW Land to South of Gelliwern Isaf Felindre Swansea Wales
2335 Sawmills 6.5 MW Sawmills, Ashcombe Estate, Ashcombe, Devon England
2336 Walland Farm 5.0 MW Land Associated With Walland Farm Bucks Cross Woolsery Devon England
2338 Weycock Road 7.0 MW Land off Weycock Cross, Waycock Road, Barry, South Glamorgan Wales
2342 Higher Bye Farm 6.8 MW Higher Bye Farm, Higher Bye Farm England
2343 Cockhill 20.0 MW Cockhill Farm Cockhill Trowbridge Wiltshire England
2344 Bentham Farm 8.0 MW Bentham Farm, Bentham Lane,Bentham, Purton, Swindon, Wiltshire England
2345 Boscombe Airfield 12.3 MW land adjacent to Boscombe Downs Airbase just off Tidworth Road, Idmiston England
2347 way 288829101 Shotwick 45.7 MW Weighbridge Road, Sealand, Deeside, Clwyd, CH5 2NN Wales
2348 Winnards Perch 3.8 MW Southmoor Farm, Winnards Perch, St Columb, Cornwall England
2351 Lodge Farm (Poulshot) 14.5 MW Lodge Farm Poulshot Road Poulshot Devizes Wiltshire England
2352 Glebe Farm Energy Park 15.0 MW North East Glebe Farm Forty Foot Lane Souldrop Bedfordshire England
2353 Bryn yr Odyn 15.0 MW Bryn yr Odyn Wales
2354 Rhyd-y-Pandy 6.0 MW Cefn Betingau Farm, Rhydypandy Road, Morriston, Swansea Wales
2355 Saron Road 6.7 MW E/O Saron Road, N/O Dyffryn Road, Saron, Ammanford, Dyfed Wales
2356 way 714799366 Tiln Farm 53.34676/-0.92938 England
2357 Langford 13.0 MW Edworth Road, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire England
2358 Stokes Marsh Farm 16.6 MW Stokes Marsh Farm Coulston Westbury Wilts England
2359 West Hall 7.0 MW West Hall Farm, Aberthaw, St. Athan Wales
2360 Stowbridge Farm Extension Phase 1 10.0 MW Stowbridge Farm, Green End, Stretham, Cambridgeshire England
2361 Bourne Park 5.0 MW Hanford Plc, Bourne Park, Piddlehinton, Dorchester England
2362 Hall Farm 5.1 MW Hall Farm, Radstone, Brackley England
2363 Brynteg Farm 16.2 MW Land forming part of Brynteg farm adjacent to the B4309, five roads, Llanelli Wales
2364 Stonepit Farm 5.0 MW Stonepit Farm Hanslope Road Hartwell England
2365 Yerbeston Gate Farm 6.1 MW Land north, west and south of Yerbeston Gate, Yerbeston, Kilgetty, SA68 0NS Wales
2366 Grange Farm (Lincolnshire) 12.7 MW Grange Farm, Fishergate, Sutton St James, Spalding, Lincs England
2367 way 401106667 Molehill Farm 51.35664/1.08544 England
2368 way 2368 Pashley Farm 50.87316/0.42748 England
2369 Fiskerton Airfield Phase 1 12.0 MW Reepham Road, Fiskerton, Lincoln England
2370 Hendai Farm 13.4 MW Hendai Farm Heol Adam Gelligaer Hengoed CF82 8FU Wales
2372 Bury Lane Fruit Farm 24.0 MW Bury Lane Fruit Farm, Melbourn Bypass, Meldreth, Royston, Cambridgeshire England
2373 Marsh Farm Hilperton 9.1 MW Land North Of Marsh Farm Marsh Road Hilperton Marsh Wiltshire England
2375 Ashlawn Farm 6.8 MW Ashlawn Farm, Pill Road, Rooksbridge, Axbridge, Somerset, BS26 2TS England
2376 Cuckoo Grove Farm 6.1 MW North of Cuckoo Grove Farm, Cuckoo Lane, Haverfordwest, SA61 2UY Wales
2377 way 334210044 Gedling 52.9902/-1.08296 England
2378 way 686122665 Bilsthorpe Quarry 53.14202/-1.02522 England
2379 way 406375440 Littlebourne 51.2738/1.14392 England
2380 Wellingborough 8.5 MW Great Doddington, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire England
2381 Baglan Bay Phase 1 5.0 MW Baglan Energy Park, Port Talbot Wales
2382 Gover Farm 8.0 MW Gover Farm Gover Hill Mount Hawke St Agnes Cornwall England
2383 Kerriers 9.6 MW Kerriers Withiel Bodmin Cornwall England
2384 Hullavington 7.0 MW Hullavington, Wiltshire England
2386 Higher Hill Farm 5.0 MW Butleigh, Glastonbury, Somerset England
2387 Manor Farm (Keinton Mandeville) 1.0 MW Keinton Mandeville, Somerset England
4701 High Point Farm 4.5 MW High Point Farm, Neen Sollars England
4703 Newlands Farm 5.0 MW Newlands Farm, Chickerell, West Dorset England
4705 Eckland Lodge Farm 2.9 MW Eckland Lodge Farm, Desborough Road, Braybrooke England
4706 Caddington (Phase 2) 5.0 MW Millfield Farm, Millfield Lane, Caddington, Luton England
4712 Montys Farm 5.0 MW Montys Farm, Norton Fitzwarren, Taunton England
4713 Merston 10.0 MW Pagham Road, Merston, Chichester England
4718 Fambridge Road/Canewdon Road 5.0 MW Land North East of Fambridge Road, Ulverston Road, Rochford England
4721 relation 7541789 Roskrow Farm 50.18082/-5.13263 England
4724 Ballyboley (Carrowdore) 6.0 MW Lands 88m West of 2a Ballyblack Road East, Carrowdore, Newtownards Northern Ireland
4727 Hale Farm 8.0 MW Hale Farm, Parley Green Lane, Christchurch England
4729 Pylle Southern (Lower Easton Farm) 5.0 MW Land Off Easton Lane, Pylle, Somerset England
4734 Darran Farm 2.6 MW Darran Farm, Argoed, Blackwood Wales
4736 Wisbech 3.5 MW Land North of Begdale Road, Elm, Wisbech England
4737 Stow 10.2 MW Stow Park Road, Stow, Lincoln England
4738 Rhug Estate 1.2 MW Rhug Estate, Corwen Wales
4739 Snettisham 2.7 MW Land North of Bircham Road, Snettisham, King's Lynn England
4740 West Hill Farm 2.4 MW West Hill Farm, West Down, Ilfracombe England
4745 Cold Harbour Farm 5.0 MW Cold Harbour Farm, Blind Piece Lane, Dalton England
4748 Whatton Road 1.5 MW Site East of Whatton Road, Kegworth, Derby England
4752 Marshwood Farm 1.8 MW Station Road, Chard Junction, Chard, Somerset England
4753 House O’Hill 1.6 MW House O'Hill, Memsie, Fraserburgh Scotland
4757 Hawkers Farm 9.5 MW Hawkers Farm, Yeo Moor Drove, Theale, Wedmore England
4761 Woodtown Farm 3.8 MW Woodtown Farm, Christchurch Road, West Parley England
4766 Tangmere Airfield 5.0 MW Tangmere Airfield Nurseries, The Old Airfield, Tangmere Road, Tangmere, Chichester England
4767 Coton Park Colliery 2.5 MW Coton Park Colliery, Coton Park, Linton, Swadlincote England
4769 Chapel Farm 5.0 MW Chapel Farm, Lower Widhill Farm Lane, Blunsdon England
4780 Cairnmore 3.8 MW Cairnmore, Rhynie, Huntly Scotland
4783 Bake Farm 5.0 MW Bake Farm House, Salisbury Road, Coombe Bissett, Salisbury England
4785 Thompson House Equestrian Farm 5.0 MW Thompson House Equestrain Centre, Pepper Lane, Standish England
4792 Red Hill Farm 4.8 MW Redhill Farm, Burlescombe, Tiverton England
4794 Stoneshill Farm 5.0 MW Stoneshill Farm, Willand Road, Cullompton England
4804 Carlam Hill Education CIC 5.0 MW Carlam Hill Farm, East of Cumbrian Way, Kingston Upon Hull England
4825 Caldecote Manor Farm 5.0 MW Land South West Of Caldecote Manor Farm St Neots Road Abbotsley - resubmission England
4830 Crundale/Fenton Home Farm Extension 5.9 MW Fenton Home Farm, Crundale, Haverfordwest Wales
4833 Fieldscale 10.6 MW Hale Manor Farm, Hale Common, Newport, Isle of Wight England
4836 Iwade 1.7 MW New Kane Farm, Holywell Lane, Sittingbourne England
4838 Kingsland Barton 5.0 MW Near South Molton, Devon England
4840 Littleton 12.1 MW Blandford Forum Bypass, Blandford, St Mary, Dorset England
4841 Lount 2.8 MW Site Opposite Ashby Rugby Club, Nottingham Road, Ashby, De La Zouch, Leicestershire England
4844 New Mains Of Guynd Farm 10.0 MW Field 325M North Of New Mains Of Guynd Farm Guynd Arbroath Scotland
4846 way 675764906 Orchard Farm 51.36977/0.6989 England
4857 Thorne Farm 5.0 MW Former Thorne Colliery, Grange Road, Moorends, Doncaster England
4858 Tiddiecross 10.5 MW Land adjacent to Tiddiecross, Charlton, Telford England
4859 Tooleys Farm 5.3 MW Site At Tooleys Farm, Brookend Road, Stebbing, Dunmow, Essex England
4861 Twemlows 10.0 MW Land On Runway At Twemlows Hall, Higher Heath, Whitchurch, Shropshire England
4862 Tyddyn Cae (Nefyn) 4.9 MW Tyddyn Cae, Boduan, Pwllheli Wales
4874 Abbots Ann 7.0 MW Dipden Bottom Lane, Goodworth, Clatford, Hampshire England
4878 Margate 3.0 MW Higher Margate, Bodmin, Cornwall England
4880 Laceby 27.1 MW Manor Top Farm Manor Top Farm Access Road To Laceby England
4884 Finvoy Road 5.9 MW Lands to the West of 289 Finvoy Road, Rasharkin, Ballymena Northern Ireland
4885 Land East of White Horse Lane 5.0 MW Land East of White Horse Lane, Norwich England
4887 Westfield Farm 5.0 MW Westfield Farm, Catterall England
4889 West Woodlands 5.0 MW Court Farm, West Woodlands, Frome England
4891 Mendennick Farm 2.8 MW Mendennick Hill, Mendennick England
4896 Cockett Valley 4.0 MW Cockett Valley, Waunarlywydd Road, Swansea Wales
4897 Rampisham North 5.0 MW Rampisham, Dorchester England
4899 Severn Road 1.8 MW Severn Road, Avonmouth England
4903 Moorhouse Farm 5.0 MW Moor House Farm, Winscales, Workington England
4916 Sutor Farm 5.0 MW Sutor Farm, Wincanton England
4929 Land North East Of Penrose Far 1.5 MW Land North East Of Penrose Far, Penhale, Summercourt, Newquay England
4931 relation 9455566 Ferry Farm 50.75768/-0.78453 England
4933 Brookbarn Farm 3.0 MW Brookbarn Farm, Courtwick Lane, Wick, Littlehampton, West Sussex England
4935 Field at School Aycliffe Lane 5.0 MW School Aycliffe Lane, School Aycliffe, Newton Aycliffe, County Durham England
4936 Capel Grange 6.6 MW OS Plot 8200, Badsell Road, Five Oak Green, Tonbridge England
4938 Pentre farm 5.5 MW Pentre Farm, Llannon, Llanelli Wales
4939 Rymes Farm Phase 1 6.9 MW Rymes Farm, Malswick, Newent, Gloucestershire England
4943 Rymes Farm Phase 2/Grange 6.8 MW Rymes Farm, Malswick, Newent, Gloucestershire England
4948 Trowle Common 5.0 MW Trowle Common, Trowbridge, Wiltshire England
4951 Canopus Farm 5.0 MW Land Associates With Canopus F, Frith Bank, Boston, Lincolnshire England
4952 way 675766940 Guston Court Farm 51.14872/1.32835 England
4954 Former Maghaberry Airfield 25.7 MW Former Maghaberry Airfield, Antrim, Craigavon, Co Armagh Northern Ireland
4969 Pressock Farm 5.0 MW Field 225m North East of Pressock Farm, Pressock, Guthrie Scotland
4983 Rufford Lane 2.6 MW Field Reference Number 3753, Rufford Lane, Wellow, Newark England
4986 north and south of Cakers Lane (Wilsom) 11.0 MW Cakers Lane, East Worldham, Alton, Hampshire England
4990 Collacott Farm 4.5 MW Collacott Farm, Newton Tracey, Barnstaple, Devon England
4994 Tonedale Farm 5.0 MW Tonedale Farm, Linden Hill, Wellington, Somerset England
4996 Lindridge Farm 5.0 MW Lindridge Farm, Lindridge Lane, Desford, Leicester England
4997 Abbots Ripton Extension 3.9 MW Land West Of Railway Line & South Of Brooklands Farm, Abbots Ripton, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire England
5002 Triangle Park 10.0 MW Triangle Farm, Soham, Cambridgeshire England
5006 Lower House Farm 8.1 MW Lower House Farm, Kemeys Commander, Usk Wales
5014 Bromfield Sand and Gravel 0.5 MW Bromfield Sand And Gravel Co L, Bromfield Pit, Bromfield, Ludlow, Shropshire Under Construction England
5015 Heywood Grange 8.4 MW Heywood Grange, Tickhill Lane, Dilhorne, Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire England
5017 Ravens Close 5.0 MW Solar PV Farm Grazing Land, Ravens Close, Lower Bentham, Lancaster, Lancashire England
5018 Forest Farm 3.0 MW Forest Farm, Winchester Road, Waltham Chase, Southampton England
5019 Land West of Roberts Wall Farm 2.5 MW Land West of, Roberts Wall Far, Trefloyne Lane, Penally, Tenby, Dyfed Wales
5020 Drayton Manor Farm 25.0 MW Drayton Manor Farm, Alcester Road, Stratford-On-Avon, Warwickshire England
5022 Somersal Mill Farm 2.6 MW Somersal Mill Farm, Somersal Herbert, Ashbourne England
5026 Land Opposite Tyn Y Pistyll 5.0 MW Land Opposite Tyn Y Pistyll, West of Delph Road, Penycae, Wrexham, Clwyd Wales
5033 Land South of Highfield House 5.0 MW Land South East Of Highfield House, Husthwaite, York, North Yorkshire England
5053 Rhewl Farm 6.0 MW Rhewl Farm, Shirenewton Wales
5063 Dayfields Farm 4.7 MW Dayfields Farm, Atlow, Ashbourne, Derbyshire England
5080 Eveley Farm 49.0 MW Eveley Farm Stevens Drove Houghton Stockbridge England
5084 Court Farm 8.5 MW Land Forming Part Of Court Farm, Magor Road Wales
5085 relation 9459449 Millar Farm 54.74152/-6.2388 Northern Ireland
5089 Green Farm 5.0 MW Green Farm, Oakley Road, Wix England
5090 Home Farm 6.7 MW Home Farm, Brockhampton Lane, Brockhampton England
5092 Thornborough Grounds 5.0 MW Thornborough Grounds, Bletchley Road, Thornborough England
5093 way 641593818 Port of Barry Site 1 51.39623/-3.25427 Wales
5096 way 665839017 Southern Counties Shooting Ground Phase 1 50.82119/-2.55568 England
5099 Fanny House Farm 5.0 MW Fanny House Farm, Heysham England
5102 Chard 3.0 MW Land Os 5600, Chaffcombe Road, Chard, Somerset England
5104 Home Farm 3.0 MW Home Farm, land West of Drope Road, St. George's-super-Ely, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales Wales
5117 relation 8440253 Marshborough Farm 51.27739/1.30721 England
5118 Fiskerton Airfield Phase 2 22.0 MW Reepham Road, Fiskerton, Lincoln England
5119 Langley Priory, Walnut Yard Phase 2 6.2 MW West Of Gelscoe House Farm Outbuildings Gelscoe Lane Diseworth England
5125 Bluegates 10.5 MW Blue Gates Farm Colchester Main Road Alresford England
5128 East Of Back Lane 5.0 MW East Of Back Lane,, Bole Hill, Calow, Chesterfield, Derbyshire England
5131 way 689365478 Land East Of Wadbrook Farm 5.0 MW Land East Of Wadbrook Farm, Wadbrook, Axminster, Devon England
5132 Fell View Farm Phase 1 4.2 MW Fell View Farm, Preston Road, Grimsargh, Preston, Lancashire England
5136 South of Henley Hall 5.0 MW Henley Hall, Ludlow Road, Clee Hill England
5137 Place Barton Farm 4.9 MW Solar Array at, Place Barton Farm, Moreleigh, Totnes, Devon England
5139 Lower Stanley Farm 4.0 MW Lower Stanley Farm, Gretton Fields, Gretton, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire England
5140 way 656860356 Land Parcel North of Goddards 50.97702/-0.16837 England
5142 Lawrence End Park & Dane Street 5.0 MW Lawrence End Park &, Dane Street, To The E Of Birch Spring, Luton, Bedfordshire England
5143 Gravel Works, Wasing Estate 5.0 MW Land West Of Gravel Works, Station Road, Woolhampton, Reading, Berkshire England
5145 Drakelow 5.0 MW Land At, Walton Road, Drakelow, Burton-On-Trent, Staffordshire England
5146 Five Oaks Farm 5.0 MW Five Oaks Farm, Stane Street, Five Oaks, Billingshurst, West Sussex England
5147 Knolton Farmhouse Cheese 1.0 MW Knolton Farmhouse Cheese Ltd, Oswestry Road, Overton, Wrexham, Clwyd Wales
5148 Blakenhall Park 1.8 MW Blakenhall Park, Bar Lane, Barton Under Needwood, Burton-On-Trent, Staffordshire England
5149 Grantham 5.0 MW Land south-east of Pasture Far, Allington Lane, Foston, Grantham England
5150 Agricultural Trecastle 4.0 MW Agricultural Trecastel, Four Fields Centered on, Llanharry, Pontyclun, Mid Glamorgan Wales
5152 Sharland 2.8 MW (Sharland Farm), Morchard Bishop, Crediton, Devon England
5156 Short Hazel 5.0 MW Short Hazel Farm SK322, Manchester Lane, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, Derbyshire England
5157 Mill Hill Farm 5.0 MW Mill Hill Farm, Cornborough Road, Sheriff Hutton, York, North Yorkshire England
5158 Little Irchester, Higham Road 4.6 MW Land Opposite, 7-11 Higham Road, Irchester, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire England
5162 Land North of Chiltern Green 5.0 MW Land North of Chiltern Green F, Lawrence End Park North Herts, Chiltern Green, Luton, Bedfordshire England
5163 Land off Moss Land (resubmission) 5.0 MW Land Off, Moss Lane, Bilsborrow, Preston, Lancashire England
5164 Hill Farm 5.0 MW Hill Farm, Hill Farm Lane, Duns Tew, Bicester, Oxfordshire England
5165 Padleywood Farm 5.0 MW Padleywood Farm, Evershill Lane, Morton, Alfreton, Derbyshire England
5167 way 714799366 Tiln Farm Retford Extension 53.3482/-0.92813 England
5168 Tower Hayes Farm 5.0 MW Tower Hayes Farm, Ellistown Lane, Stanton Under Bardon, Markfield, Leicestershire England
5169 Land West of Sheriffhales 8.2 MW Land west of Sheriffhales, 16 Sandy Lane, Sheriffhales, Shifnal, Shropshire England
5182 Land Adjacent Claypits Farm (a) 5.0 MW Land Adjacent Claypits Farm, Maldon Road, Birch, Colchester, Essex England
5183 Land Adjacent Claypits Farm (b) (Birch Estate) 2.3 MW Land Adjacent Claypits Farm, Maldon Road, Birch, Colchester, Essex England
5190 Fferm Bryn Bachau 4.4 MW Fferm Bryn Bachau, Chwilog, Pwllheli Wales
5199 Scottow Moor - RAF Coltishall Phase 2 17.9 MW Former RAF Coltishall, Coltishall Airfield, Filby Road, Norwich, Norfolk England
5202 West Carclaze 6.5 MW West Carclaze, Carluddon, St Austell England
5204 Flixborough Industrial Estate 5.0 MW Land adjacent to Flixborough Industrial Estate, Stather Road, Flixborough England
5207 Land adjacent to Church Road 3.5 MW Land adjacent to Church Road and the M49, Severn Beach, Bristol England
5212 Lady Hole Farm 3.0 MW Lady Hole Farm, Lady Hole Lane, Yeldersley England
5214 Bransholme CIC 5.0 MW Carlam Hill Farm, East of Cumbrian Way, Kingston Upon Hull England
5218 Christ’s Hospital School 1.1 MW south of Christ's Hospital School, Two Mile Ash, Horsham England
5224 Creswell 5.0 MW North And, Frithwo, Elmton, South Of Sewage Treatment Plan, Worksop, Nottinghamshire England
5225 Pollington 5.0 MW Land North East Of Quarryside, Heck & Pollington Lane, Great Heck, Goole, Humberside England
5226 Land NW Of Pickhill Bridge Farm 3.6 MW Land NW Of Pickhill Bridge Far, Holt Road, Cross Lanes, Wrexham, Clwyd Wales
5229 Moneystone Quarry 5.0 MW Moneystone Quarry, Cheadle Road, Oakamoor, Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire England
5230 Pingry Farm - Phase 2 3.4 MW Pingry Farm, Pingry Lane, Milkwall, Coleford England
5231 Kenninghall / Hazeldick 8.0 MW west of Kenninghall England
5232 Wogaston 5.3 MW Wogaston Farm Wales
5233 Crugmore Farm 6.4 MW Crugmore Farm, Penparc, Cardigan Wales
5234 Rydon Farm 12.0 MW Rydon Farm, Ogwell, Teignbridge England
5241 The Willows, Uttoxeter 6.4 MW Land South East Of The Willows, Dove Walk, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire England
5242 Highwood Lane 5.0 MW Highwood Lane, North Baddesley, Romsey, Hampshire England
5243 Yorkley 5.0 MW Land South Of Yorkley Court, Yorkley Wood Road, Yorkley, Lydney, Gloucestershire England
5244 Fields Farm Phase 1 5.0 MW Fields Farm, Southam England
5253 Beech Farm 4.6 MW Beech Farm, Stanton, Fitzwarren, Swindon England
5255 West Holcombe 5.5 MW NGR 299298 125070 (East Of Bowdens Lane) Shillingford Devon Under Construction England
5256 Aberporth 1.5 MW B4333 Aberporth, Cardigan Wales
5257 Hoplass Farm 10.0 MW Hoplass Farm, Roscrowther Wales
5258 Chelveston Renewable Energy Park - Extension 19.5 MW Chelveston Renewable Energy Park, Chelveston Airfield, Chelveston England
5259 Grove Phase 1 5.0 MW Grove Solar Park, Land west of A3057 (Romsey Road), Romsey England
5261 Fell View Farm Phase 2 2.9 MW Fell View Farm, Preston Road, Grimsargh, Preston England
5263 Chiddinglye Farm 5.0 MW Chiddinglye Farm, Selsfield Road, West Hoathly, East Grinstead England
5264 Land off Coal Pit Lane 5.0 MW Land off, Coal Pit Lane, Gisburn, Clitheroe England
5265 Huntingfield 4.4 MW Huntingfield Farm, Mill Street, Bradenham, Thetford England
5266 Astley 5.0 MW Astley Farm, Six Ashes, Alveley, Bridgnorth England
5267 Majors Hill/Turners Hill 1.1 MW Land Parcel At 532484 136274 M, Turners Hill Road, Crawley Down, Crawley England
5271 Land south of Bryn Cyrnau Isaf 5.9 MW Land South Of, Bryn Cyrnau Isaf, Cwmffrwd, Carmarthen Wales
5273 Ashby (a) 5.0 MW East Side B4116, M, Ashby De La Zouch And, North Of Measham Rd,Packington, Ashby-De-La-Zouch England
5282 Land South of Knock Lane 4.0 MW South of, Knock Lane, Blisworth, Northampton, Northamptonshire England
5285 Land south of Brick Kiln Road 5.0 MW Land South Of, Brick Kiln Road, Mulbarton, Norwich, Norfolk England
5287 Averhill Farm 5.0 MW Averill Farm, Evershill Lane, Morton, Alfreton England
5288 Morton House (Marchington) 6.2 MW Morton House, Moreton Lane, Draycott-in-the-Clay, Ashbourne, Derbyshire England
5289 Biglis Farm 5.0 MW Biglis Farm, Argae Lane, Barry, South Glamorgan Wales
5290 Milborne Port 4.2 MW Land OS 2269, Old Bowden Way, Milborne Port, Sherborne England
5292 Cwm Bargoed 5.0 MW Cwm Bargoed, West of, Fochriw Road, Cwmbargoed, Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan Wales
5293 Land south of Ollerton Road 4.2 MW Land South Off, Ollerton Road, Edwinstowe, Mansfield England
5295 Swanland Road 5.0 MW Land At, Swanland Road, South Mimms, Potters Bar England
5296 Rookery Business Park 5.0 MW Land adjacent to Rookery Busin, Silver Street, Besthorpe England
5297 Land north of Sandhutton Lane 5.0 MW Land North Of, Sandhutton Lane, Carlton Miniott, Thirsk England
5301 Land west Of Hunger Hill Farm 5.0 MW Land West Of Hunger Hill Farm,, Middleton St George, Brass Castle, Darlington England
5302 Land east of Honeysome Road 4.6 MW Land East Of, Honeysome Road, Honeysome Farm Bungalow, Chatteris England
5303 Salford Road 2.2 MW Former CMP/GMB Batteries Ltd, Salford Road, Bolton England
5305 Land NW of Ratcliffe House Farm 3.5 MW Ld NW Of Ratcliffe House Farm, Ratcliffe House Lane, Ratcliffe Culey, Atherstone England
5309 Woodhouse Farm 5.0 MW Woodhouse Farm, Middlesbrough Road, Guisborough England
5310 Parklands 4.6 MW Parklands, Almondsbury, Oakham Farm Land At, Bristol England
5315 Waterditch 18.0 MW East Close Farm, Waterditch, Christchurch England
5316 Land Off Ingarsby Lane 2.1 MW Land Off, Ingarsby Lane, Ingarsby, Houghton On The Hill, Leicester England
5320 Nissan Test Track 4.8 MW Nissan Test Track, Washington Road, Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear England
5321 Cooper House Farm 5.0 MW Cooper House Farm, Kirkham Road, Freckleton, Preston, Lancashire England
5322 Pollington Airfield 5.0 MW Pollington Airfield, Gowdall Lane, Pollington, Goole, Humberside England
5324 Poles Hole Farm 6.8 MW Poles Hole Farm, Southwick, Trowbridge, Wiltshire England
5328 Staining Wood Farm 4.9 MW Staining Wood Farm, Preston New Road, Westby, Preston England
5330 Land between Orton Park Farm 6.4 MW Land between Orton Park Farm, Newby West, Carlisle England
5331 Ballinderry Road Phase 2 (Lisburn) 7.0 MW Lands immediately north east o, Moneybroom Road, the junction of Ballinderry Rd, Lisburn Northern Ireland
5332 Site to north east of Lochcraigs Farm 5.0 MW Site To North East Of, Lochcraigs Farm, Stevenston, Strathclyde Scotland
5333 West Mains of Kinblethmont 5.0 MW West Mains of Kinblethmont, Kinblethmont, Arbroath, Tayside Scotland
5336 Land West Side of Axe and Cleaver Lane 5.0 MW Land West Side of, Axe and Cleaver Lane, Southwick, Trowbridge England
5340 North Of Moor Farm 3.8 MW North Of Moor Farm, Ruyton Road, Baschurch, Shrewsbury England
5342 Henley 6.5 MW Land North Of Henley Common Henley Lane Acton Scott England
5343 Hawkers Farm 2.5 MW Hawkers Farm Yeo Moor Drove Theale Wedmore England
5357 Crown Farm 6.0 MW Crown Farm, Bagworth Road, Nailstone, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, West Midlands England
5359 Eaglescliffe 5.0 MW Durham Lane, Eaglescliffe, Stockton-On-Tees, Cleveland England
5360 Tyddyn Gwyn (Gelli Gron Farm) 3.8 MW Tyddyn Gwyn, Llangybi, Pwllheli, Gwynedd, Wales Wales
5368 Thornton Lane 2.7 MW Land East Of, Thornton Lane, Stanton Under Bardon, Markfield, Leicestershire England
5376 Penycae 5.0 MW Land To East And West Of, Benn, The Grange Plas, Penycae, Wrexham, Clwyd Wales
5377 Ingles Hill Farm 3.0 MW Ingles Hill Farm, Burton Road, Ashby-De-La-Zouch, Leicestershire England
5379 Southbrook 5.0 MW Southbrook Farm, Sudbrook Road, Sudbrook, Portskewett, Caldicot, Gwent Wales
5380 Green Croft 5.0 MW Land Between Greencroft Indust, Tower Road/Lanchester Road, Greencroft, Stanley, County Durham England
5381 Upper Pant-Ysgawen Farm/Crumlin 4.9 MW Pant-Ysgawen Farm, Pant Ysgawen Farm Lane, Newbridge, Newport, Gwent Wales
5383 Oxcroft Stocking Ground 1.2 MW Former Oxcroft Stockin, East Of Woodthorpe Road, Mastin Moor, Chesterfield, Derbyshire England
5384 way 673713702 West Strathore Limited 56.16483/-3.151 Scotland
5385 Meadow Farm 5.0 MW Meadow Farm, Main Street, Thorpe Langton, Market Harborough, Leicestershire England
5387 Hungerford Farm 5.0 MW Hungerford Farm, Pale Lane, Winchfield, Hook, Hampshire England
5389 Morfa Camp 2.8 MW Morfa Camp, Sandilands, Tywyn, Gwynedd Wales
5391 Land South of Pogmore Spinney 5.0 MW Land South of Pogmore Spinney, Merevale Lane, Atherstone, Warwickshire England
5394 way 694050268 Abbey Fields Farm 51.31871/0.90294 England
5395 Ernesettle 4.1 MW Site to the west of, Ernesettle Crescent, Plymouth, Devon England
5396 way 681175591 SPF Thirty Acres Farm 53.20621/-1.19679 England
5398 Killan Farm Extens 1.0 MW Killan Fach Farm, Killan Road, Dunvant, Swansea, West Glamorgan Wales
5400 Land East of Appleton Farm 5.0 MW Ld N Of East Appleton Hall Far, East Appleton, Richmond, North Yorkshire England
5401 way 681177903 Debdale Lane 53.16015/-1.21614 England
5402 Ash Row Farm 5.0 MW Ash Row Farm, Bishopdyke Road, Sherburn in Elmet, Leeds, West Yorkshire England
5403 Stripe Farm 5.0 MW Land West Of East Appleton Hal, East Appleton, Richmond, North Yorkshire England
5404 Bolsover Moor Quarry 5.0 MW North And East Of, The Works, Whaley Road, Bolsover, Chesterfield, Derbyshire England
5406 North Of Dairy House Farm 3.4 MW Ld To The N Of Dairy House Far, Main Road, Worleston, Nantwich, Cheshire England
5407 Pennington Recycling Centre 1.2 MW Pennington Recycling Centre, Milford Road, Pennington, Lymington, Hampshire England
5412 Land west of Welton Road 4.4 MW Land west of, Welton Road, Dalston, Carlisle, Cumbria England
5415 Twin Yards 5.0 MW South East Of, The Hideaway, Pasture Lane, Hilcote, Alfreton, Derbyshire England
5424 Land of Green Lane 5.8 MW Land At, Green Lane, Marchington, Uttoxeter England
5425 Actrees Farm 5.0 MW Actrees Farm, Heathfield, Alkington, Berkeley England
5428 Bowden Lane 5.0 MW Bowden Lane, Henstridge, Templecombe England
5429 Stalbridge Park 5.0 MW Stalbridge Park, Landshire Lane, Henstridge, Templecombe, Somerset England
5430 Frog's Loke 5.0 MW Frog's Loke, North Walsham Road, Norwich, Norfolk England
5435 Lands West of Belfast Road 10.0 MW Lands Approximately 140m West, 66 Belfast Road, Nutts Corner, Crumlin, Co Antrim Northern Ireland
5437 Manmoel Road 4.1 MW Pen-y-Fan Farm, Pen-y-Fan Farm Lane, Manmoel, Blackwood, Gwent Wales
5440 Huntspill Level 5.5 MW Bangor (bounded by Belfast Road England
5442 Box Road 2.2 MW Land N/O Cam and Coaley Railway, Box Road, Cam, Dursley, Gloucestershire England
5443 Hillside 25.2 MW Lds Approximately 180m S Of, 7a Lough Road, Ballinderry Upper, Lisburn, Co Antrim Northern Ireland
5447 Land south of Wood Lane (Safeguard Bradwell) 5.0 MW Land south of, Wood Lane, Bradwall, Sandbach, Cheshire England
5450 way 681690951 South Antrim - Phase 1 54.69435/-6.23415 Northern Ireland
5451 Newton Downs Farm 5.0 MW Newton Downs Farm, Newton Ferrers, Plymouth, Devon England
5453 Bunn's Hill 5.0 MW Bunn's Hill, North Walsham Road, Norwich, Norfolk England
5465 Rushmoor Lane Farm (Cheshire Coppice) 5.0 MW Land North Of, Rushmoor Lane, Bratton, Telford England
5472 Fullenton 4.2 MW Fullerton Farm, Fullerton Road, Cottonworth, Andover, Hampshire England
5477 Cwm Derwyn Farm 5.0 MW Cwm Derwyn Farm, Waycock Road, Barry, South Glamorgan Wales
5478 way 682002164 west of Ashfordby Business Park 52.7785/-0.93798 England
5483 Land off Folly Lane 5.0 MW Land Off, Folly Lane, Stickney, Boston, Lincolnshire England
5485 Bake Farm 5.0 MW Bake Farm, Bake Lane, Trerulefoot, Saltash, Cornwall England
5486 South Of Todderstaffe 4.5 MW Ld To The S Of Todderstaffe Ha, Singleton, Weeton With Preese, Poulton-Le-Fylde, Lancashire England
5487 way 610725533 Strettington 50.85707/-0.72981 England
5497 Cressing Phase 1 5.0 MW Land South Of Sheepcote Wood B, Witham Road, Cressing, Braintree, Essex England
5498 Land north of Ashton Road 4.0 MW Land north of, Ashton Road, Ashton Common, Steeple Ashton, Trowbridge, Wiltshire England
5499 Parc Cynog 5.0 MW Parc Cynog, Pendine, Carms Wales
5506 Albrighton 15.8 MW North of Harriotts Hayes Lane, Codsall Wood, Wolverhampton England
5508 Clapton Farm 5.0 MW Land West Of Tinkers Lane, Southeast Of B3081, Cucklington, Wincanton England
5512 Galton Manor 5.0 MW Land to North East of Galton Road, Galton, Dorchester England
5513 Wormit 4.0 MW Land North East of Kilmany Road, Wormit, Newport-On-Tay Scotland
5520 The Breck 5.0 MW The Breck, Breck Lane, Barrow Hill, Chesterfield England
5523 North Tenement 5.0 MW North Tenement, Dredgeman Hill, Haverfordwest, Dyfed Wales
5524 Cwrt Henllys Farm 5.0 MW Church Farm, Cwm Lane, Henllys, Cwmbran, Gwent Wales
5525 Wreay 5.0 MW Wreay, Calthwaite, Penrith, Carlisle England
5527 Common Farm 4.8 MW Common Farm, Wharf Road, Wroughton, Swindon England
5529 Fields Farm (Agden) 5.0 MW Fields Farm, Agden Near Whitchurch England
5530 Hill Farm 1.2 MW Hill Farm, Spring Lane, Packington, Ashby-De-La-Zouch England
5531 Land to north west of Lodge Farm (Park Farm) 4.0 MW Land To North West Of Lodge Fa, Lodge Hill, Caerleon Wales
5532 Seaton Road 4.0 MW Land north of, Seaton Road, Uppingham, Oakham England
5536 Wick Lane Ltd 2.8 MW Wick Lane, Brent Knoll, Highbridge England
5538 Otherton Farm 4.0 MW Otherton Farm, Otherton Lane, Cotheridge, Worcester England
5540 Nanthenfoel Farms 5.0 MW Nanthenfoel Farm, Creuddyn Bridge, Lampeter Wales
5543 New Road 5.0 MW Land Adj A47 And North Of, New Road, Bawburgh, Norwich Under Construction England
5545 Green Farm 1.0 MW Green Farm, Allensmore, Hereford England
5547 West Venn 5.0 MW West Venn Farm, Ashwater, Beaworthy England
5548 Corntown Farm 3.4 MW Corntown Farm, Corntown, Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan Wales
5551 Wally Corner Landfill Site 7.0 MW Land off, Burcot Lane, Dorchester-on-Thames, Berinsfield, Wallingford England
5554 Land North of the Wood at Averill Farm 5.0 MW Averill Farm, Evershill Lane, Morton, Alfreton England
5559 Sudforth Lane (Kellingley) 5.0 MW Sudforth Lane, Beal, Goole, Humberside England
5560 Berthlwyd Farm 5.0 MW Berthlwyd Farm, Maendy Road, Penycoedcae, Pontypridd Wales
5568 way 693623955 Land East of Lawn Lane 52.64047/-2.14183 England
5572 Land off Ford Lane 4.7 MW Land Between M20 And M26 West, Ford Lane, Wrotham Heath, Sevenoaks England
5577 Woodhouse Fields Farm 5.0 MW Land To East Of, Nab Lane, Rocester, Uttoxeter England
5578 Land off Hooklands Lane 5.0 MW Land off Hooklands Lane, Spear Hill, Ashington, Pulborough England
5581 High Dyke (Mill Farm) 5.0 MW Land west of Boothby Great Woo, High Dyke, Woodnook, Grantham England
5582 Land West of Parsonage Wood 4.2 MW Land West Of Parsonage Wood, Pyworthy, Holsworthy England
5588 Oldstone Farm 5.0 MW Oldstone Farm, Blackawton, Totnes England
5590 Shortheath 5.0 MW Shortheath Farm, Shortheath, Overseal, Swadlincote England
5591 Oxcroft Stocking Ground 3.0 MW Oxcroft Stocking Ground Land A, Woodthorpe Road and Mill Lane, Stanfree, Chesterfield England
5592 Holtwood Farm 5.0 MW Holtwood Farm, Yelt Lane, Doveridge, Ashbourne England
5593 Carn Nicholas Farm 5.0 MW Carn Nicholas Farm, Bonymaen, Swansea Under Construction Wales
5599 Gib Lane Extension 5.0 MW Land to East of Gib Lane, Bierton England
5600 Land east of Littledown Business Park 6.2 MW Land east of Littledown Business Park, Shaftesbury England
5603 Long Lane / Nottingham Brick Works 17.0 MW Land Off, Long Lane, Watnall, Nottingham Under Construction England
5605 Port of Barry Site 2 5.0 MW Atlantic Way, Port of Barry, Barry Wales
5631 Carsebank Farm 5.0 MW Land 950M North East Of Carsebank Farm, Carsebank, Forfar, Tayside Under Construction Scotland
5632 Holly Farm 5.0 MW Holly Farm, Moreton Road, Owermoigne, Dorchester, England
5643 Basin Bridge Farm 5.0 MW Basin Bridge Farm, Basin Bridge Lane, Stoke Golding, Nuneaton England
5650 East Farm 5.0 MW Land To East of Moreton Road, Owermoigne, Dorchester England
5654 way 411094996 Stragglethorpe Road farm 52.92637/-1.0508 England
5656 Bluehouse Farm 5.0 MW Bluehouse Farm, Stockton Road, Newton Bewley, Billingham England
5660 Potters Bar 5.0 MW Land Rear of Cranborne Road, Household Waste Recycling Cent, Potters Bar England
5664 Stob House Farm 4.9 MW solar_surface surface @ Land North of Wolviston, Newton Bewley, Billingham England
5670 Granville Road 5.0 MW Land West and South West of Granville Road, Muxton Grange Cottages, Donnington, Telford England
5685 way 699504966 Hyde Farm 52.17631/-0.70332 England
5686 Lower Venn Farm 5.0 MW Land associated with, Lower Venn Farm, Sutton St. Nicholas, Hereford England
5687 way 681180165 Littlewood Lane 53.18121/-1.20381 England
5694 Peterlee 5.0 MW Land North Of Mill Hill, North West Industrial Estate, Peterlee England
5712 Land On The East Side Of Fosse Way 10.0 MW Land On The East Side Of Fosse Way, Radford Semele, Leamington Spa England
5720 Briar 1.9 MW Briar Chemicals Ltd, Sweet Briar Road, Norwich England
5723 Bent Spur 5.0 MW Bent Spur Farm, Bent Spur Road, Kearsley, Bolton England
5735 Blaby 3.5 MW Land West Of Wigston Sewage Wo, Leicester Road, Countesthorpe, Leicester England
5742 way 686128679 Bilsthorpe (Land off Forest Lane) 53.1271/-1.04205 England
5786 Park Farm 5.0 MW Land north west of Park Farm, Pagham, Lagness, Chichester England
5793 Greaves 5.0 MW Greaves Farm, Popplemire Lane, Old Hutton, Kendal England
5795 Balhearty 5.0 MW Balhearty, Coalsnaughton, Tillicoultry Scotland
5797 Middle Balbeggie 5.0 MW Ld To N Of Redhouse Grid Subst, Thornton Road, Kirkcaldy Scotland
5824 Widehurst Farm 5.0 MW Widehurst Farm, Thorn Road, Marden, Tonbridge England
5829 Biggin Lane 5.0 MW Ld SE Of Bury Green Farm and, Biggin Lane, South Of, Ramsey, Huntingdon England
5832 Barnham 1.0 MW Barnham Court, Barnham, Bognor Regis England
5834 Ebnal Lodge (resubmission) 5.0 MW Land At, Rhosygadfa, Gobowen, Oswestry England
5835 Southill (resubmission) 4.5 MW Land West Of, Fawler Road, Charlbury, Chipping Norton England
5838 Carver Hay, moss lane 2.5 MW Carver Hey Farm, Moss Lane, Little Hoole, Preston England
5848 St Helen's Lane 5.0 MW Land Adjacent To, St Helens Lane, Flimby, Maryport England
5852 Dale Farm 4.9 MW Approx. 350m south of the Dale, 139 Moneymore Road, Cookstown Northern Ireland
5864 Avonmouth 4.2 MW Avonmouth England
5866 Newport (Began Road) 4.9 MW Fairwater Farm, Michaelston-y-Fedw Wales
5880 south of Hill Farm (resubmission) 6.8 MW south of Hill Farm, Gayton Road, Kislingbury England
5887 Mill Farm (resubmission) 5.0 MW Mill Farm, Mentley Lane, Great Munden, Ware, Hertfordshire, East of England England
5891 Southern Counties Shooting Ground Phase 2 (resubmission) 5.0 MW Southern Counties Leisure, Long Ash Lane, Wardon Hill England
5914 way 676771889 Parkhill 56.60376/-2.58595 Under Construction Scotland
5926 Brook Hall Farm (resubmission) 4.7 MW North Bradley, Trowbridge, Wiltshire England
5928 Land off Moss Side Lane (resubmission) 5.0 MW Land north of Moss Side Lane and south of the Railway, Ribby with Wrea, Preston England
5942 Barvills 5.0 MW Barvills Farm, Princess Margaret Road, East Tilbury, Thurrock England
5945 Cairnmore Extension 1.2 MW Cairnmore, Rhynie Scotland
5946 London Southend Airport 2.5 MW London Southend Airport, Southend Airport, Southend-On-Sea England
5952 Laurelhill 8.5 MW Lands approx. 110m south east, 56 Moygannon Road, 31 Laurelhill Road, Donaghcloney, Craigavon Northern Ireland
5955 Bann Road (Tullaghans Road) 25.0 MW Lands surrounding 25 and 25(a), Tullaghans Road, Mullans 360m Southeast of 190, 430m South of 27 Tullaghans Ro, Ballymena Northern Ireland
5977 Gibson Farm 6.4 MW Gibson Farm, Sealstown Road, Newtownabbey Northern Ireland
6007 Ballygarvey Road 13.0 MW Lands at the N/o begin appro 3, 65 Ballygarvey Road, S/E 29 Ballygarvey Rd, S/o 42, 120m northeast of the M2 motor, Ballymena Northern Ireland
6015 Kinmel 2 CIC 5.0 MW Land immediately north of A547, Rhuddlan Road, Towyn, Conwy Wales
6019 Moss Thorn Farm 5.8 MW Land near Moss Thorn Farm, Pallet Hill, Penrith England
6035 Caergarw Farm 3.8 MW Caegarw Farm, Margam, Pyle, Bridgend Wales
6062 Bourne Farm 2.4 MW Field B8 at Bourne Farm, adjacent to the Bourne Park Industrial Estates England
6069 Barnfield 2.5 MW Former Landfill Site Galton Way Kendrick Industrial Estate Swindon England
6108 Popehill Farm 5.0 MW Land East of A4076(T), Popehill, Johnston, Haverfordwest, Dyfed Wales
6129 Knottingley B 2.4 MW Middle Lane, England Lane, Knottingley, West Yorkshire England
6133 Land East of Horton Road 4.9 MW Land East of Horton Road Brafield on the Green England
6163 Grove Phase 2 11.0 MW Grove Solar Park, Land west of A3057 (Romsey Road), Romsey England
6172 Williams Farm 5.0 MW Williams Farm, Maelor Gas Works, Marchwiel, Wrexham Wales
6174 Kirton 3.2 MW Land off Meeres Lane and adjacent to Pick's Barn, Kirton, Boston England
6180 Bury Green Farm 5.0 MW New Fen Road Lane, Ramsey England
6181 Misson 5.0 MW Bawtry Road, Misson England
6189 Lancaster Wastewater Treatment Works 1.2 MW Stodday Lane, Stodday, Lancaster, Lancashire England
6205 Binsted Farm 5.0 MW Land East of Yapton Lane, Walberton England
6230 Oakfield Farm 5.0 MW Oakfield Farm, Preston England
6231 Oakfield Farm Extension 1.7 MW Land East of Clifton Lane, Clifton England
6244 Former Westhampnett Landfill 7.5 MW Former Westhampnett Landfill S, Coach Road, Westhampnett, Chichester England
6321 High Meadow Farm 4.0 MW high Meadow Farm, Letch Lane, Carlton, Stockton England
6328 Deep Moor Landfill Site 2.0 MW Deep Moor Landfill Site, High Bullen, Devon Waste Management Ltd, Torrington England
6329 Testwood Water Supply Works 1.9 MW Testwood Pumping Station, Nutsey Close, Totton, Southampton, Hampshire England
6369 way 603149383 Rosedew Farm 51.3976/-3.47075 Wales
6402 way 683503416 Haigh Hall 53.71189/-1.57145 England
6458 relation 9204101 Sytchwythy Fields 52.10079/-1.91459 England
6493 Oak Grove Farm 5.7 MW Oak Grove Farm, A48, Crick to Parkwall Roundabout, Crick Wales
6506 way 485027251 Bann Road (Rasharkin) 54.95923/-6.5147 Northern Ireland
6520 Stormy Down 3.8 MW Stormy Down Transfer Station, Stormy Down, Bridgend Wales
6603 Cranfield Airfield 1.0 MW Cranfield Airfield, College Road, Cranfield Under Construction England

Suggested process and tags (misc. power generation)

Some of these will be visible, some not. I've separated them from power storage such as 'batteries'.

List of under construction and operational Misc. UK Renewable Energy

repd:id OSM name comments country
4693 United Downs Project (Geothermal) Hot Dry Rocks (HDR) @ Redruth, Cornwall England
4692 Eden Project Geothermal Energy Facility Hot Dry Rocks (HDR) @ Bodelva Road, Bodelva Par, Cornwall England

Suggested process and tags (power storage)

Not sure how visible these will be.

List of under construction and operational UK Pumped Storage Hydroelectricity Sites

repd:id OSM name comments country
6839 Dinorwig Pumped Storage Hydroelectricity @ Snowdonia Wales
6840 Ffestiniog Pumped Storage Hydroelectricity @ Ffestiniog, Gwynedd, Snowdonia Wales
6841 Cruachan Pumped Storage Hydroelectricity @ Argyll and Bute Scotland
6842 Foyers Pumped Storage Hydroelectricity @ Highland Scotland
6868 Glyn Rhonwy (larger version) Pumped Storage Hydroelectricity @ Llanberis, Caernarfon, Gwynedd Wales
6870 Coire Glas - Phase I Pumped Storage Hydroelectricity @ Loch a' Choire Ghlais, Balmaccan near, Invermoriston, Spean Bridge Scotland
6871 Glenmuckloch Pumped Storage Hydroelectricity @ Glenmucklock, Kirckconnel Scotland
6876 Glyn Rhonwy (smaller version) Pumped Storage Hydroelectricity @ Llanberis, Caernarfon, Gwynedd Wales
7046 Red John Pumped Storage Pumped Storage Hydroelectricity @ Land 120M NE of South Barn, Dores, Inverness, Highlands Scotland

Suggested process and tags (offshore wind power)

Existing locations are often currently marked by polygons.

Offshore wind is harder to map than onshore. If you only have the approximate position from REPD then there are no landmarks to orientate yourself whilst searching aerial photos. Aerial photos of the sea are often at night.

According to REPD there are currently 31 operational offshore wind farms in the UK:

 select '| ' || "ref id" || ' || ' || "site name" || ' || ' || "no. of turbines" || ' || ' || "address" || ' || ' || "operational" || ' || ' || ST_AsGeoJSON(ST_Transform(the_geom,4326),4)
 from ukgov_energy_planning
 where "technology type" = 'Wind Offshore'
   and "development status (short)" = 'Operational'
   order by "no. of turbines" desc
repd:id name turbines address operational OSM
2511 London Array Phase 1 175 12 miles 20km off the Kent and Essex coasts 2013-04-06 way 218433470
2543 Gwynt y Mor  160 Liverpool Bay 13-15km offshore  2015-06-18 relation 5474028
2510 Greater Gabbard Wind Farm 140 Near the Suffolk Coast 26km out to sea 2012-09-07 way 113729838
2519 West of Duddon Sands 108 Off Duddon Sands, Cumbria. East Irish Sea 2014-10-30 node 2362978617 turbines + cables, no polygon or relation
2499 Thanet  100 11km off North Foreland Kent 2010-09-16 way 113739834 + turbines not in relation
2512 Sheringham Shoal  88 between 17 and 22 kilometres off the Norfolk coast, north of the seaside town of Sheringham. 2012-10-29 1.1479,53.1353 can't find, Dudgeon?
2513 Centrica Lincs 75 8 Km of Skegness 2013-07-24 0.4981,53.1842 can't find
2544 Humber Gateway A 73 8km from Yorkshire Coast 2015-05-30 way 331863739
2500 Walney 1 51 14km off Walney Island, Irish Sea 2011-05-30 -3.5158,54.0394 node 2362978645 no polygon or relation
2506 Walney 2 51 14km off Walney Island, Irish Sea 2012-04-06 -3.609,54.0807 node 2363140365 no polygon or relation
2545 Westermost Rough A 35 25 km north of Spurn Head at the River Humber estuary. 2015-05-26 way 341804043
2539 Burbo Bank Extension Burbo Bank 2 32 Burbo Flats, Liverpool Bay, approximately 6.4km 4.0 miles from the Sefton coastline and 7.2km 4.5 miles from North Wirral. 2017-04-27 -3.27,53.48 may be mixed with way 327949356
2546 Barrow  30 7km Walney Island, near Barrow-in-Furness 2006-04-01 -3.2983,53.9915 lots round here, not sure
2490 Gunfleet Sands Offshore Wind Scheme 30 Gunfleet Sands 4 miles offshore from Holland-on-Sea Nr Clacton-on-Sea Essex 2009-07-24 way 113739835
2492 Kentish Flats  30 Saltend, Thames Estuary, North Sea 2005-09-10 way 114323074
2494 North Hoyle  30 7.5km Prestatyn & Rhyl  2003-12-01 way 136369186 non-standard tags
2509 Ormonde Offshore 30 10km off Barrow on Furness, Heysham 2012-02-22 -3.4386,54.0889
2498 Scroby Sands  30 3km NE Great Yarmouth, Norfolk 2004-03-01 way 114328399
2496 Robin Rigg East 30 9.5km Maryport_8.5km off Rock Cliffe  2010-04-28 way 291146217 not split
2497 Robin Rigg West 28 9.5km Maryport_8.5km off Rock Cliffe  2009-07-18 way 291146217 not split
2514 Teeside Offshore Wind Farm 27 Coast of Coatham Sands at Redcar, the nearest within a mile of the beach 2013-08-31 -1.0955,54.6453 can't find
2493 Lynn 27 5.2km Skegness  2008-03-15 way 114320195
2491 Inner Dowsing  27 5.2km Ingoldmells  2008-04-20 way 114320194
2495 Rhyl Flats  25 8km Abergele, five miles off the North Wales coast in Liverpool Bay 2009-12-28 way 136368935
2487 Burbo Bank 25 Burbo Flats, Liverpool Bay, approximately 6.4km 4.0 miles from the Sefton coastline and 7.2km 4.5 miles from North Wirral. 2007-10-18 way 327949356
2489 Gunfleet Sands II  18 5 Miles from the Essex coast at Frinton-on-Sea 2009-07-24 way 218287943
2504 Kentish Flats 2 15 Kentish Flats Offshore extension 2015-09-14 1.08,51.45 can't find but should be next to Kentish Flats
2488 Gunfleet Sands - Demo Extension 2 off the Essex coast 2013-04-19 way 368344994
2486 Blyth Offshore  2 1km off Blyth Harbour  2000-12-01 node 800906572 and node 800906626
2485 Beatrice Demonstrator 2 Beatrice Offshore Platform 2007-07-17 -2.8884,58.2528 can't find
2528 Levenmouth demonstration turbine Fife Energy Park 1 Fife Energy Park Test Site off the coast of Methil in Fife 2014-03-31 -2.958,56.1607

Some that are under construction: Dudgeon Galloper Array Rampion


Newcorp progress map