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Route 1: Downtown Melbourne Swanston Street

See Google map.

Just a walk down the street, two coordinates. 1.3 kilometers. Lots of high rise buildings in the neighborhood.

  <point id="1" lat="-37.817460" lon="144.967450" />
  <point id="2" lat="-37.806643" lon="144.962394" />

Route 2: Melbourne: along the M3

See Google map.

A 15 km drive along the M3 Eastern Fwy.

  <point id="3" lat="-37.794528" lon="144.989826" />
  <point id="4" lat="-37.795407" lon="145.000048" />
  <point id="5" lat="-37.791279" lon="145.013591" />
  <point id="6" lat="-37.791322" lon="145.029184" />
  <point id="7" lat="-37.790325" lon="145.039400" />
  <point id="8" lat="-37.790672" lon="145.049962" />
  <point id="9" lat="-37.785138" lon="145.060183" />
  <point id="10" lat="-37.783656" lon="145.069780" />
  <point id="11" lat="-37.780077" lon="145.078862" />
  <point id="12" lat="-37.779669" lon="145.094697" />
  <point id="13" lat="-37.781045" lon="145.098131" />
  <point id="14" lat="-37.786668" lon="145.101099" />
  <point id="15" lat="-37.790987" lon="145.105694" />
  <point id="16" lat="-37.793852" lon="145.109749" />
  <point id="17" lat="-37.797316" lon="145.123297" />
  <point id="18" lat="-37.797042" lon="145.129311" />
  <point id="19" lat="-37.798220" lon="145.141970" />

Route 3: Don Road

A 9 km drive through the mountains (never been there).

  <point id="1" lat="-37.757051" lon="145.588828" />
  <point id="2" lat="-37.755150" lon="145.588350" />
  <point id="3" lat="-37.753840" lon="145.588630" />
  <point id="4" lat="-37.750630" lon="145.590980" />
  <point id="5" lat="-37.749408" lon="145.591019" />
  <point id="6" lat="-37.748424" lon="145.591550" />
  <point id="7" lat="-37.746884" lon="145.591616" />
  <point id="8" lat="-37.745234" lon="145.592089" />
  <point id="9" lat="-37.743067" lon="145.592000" />
  <point id="10" lat="-37.741730" lon="145.591536" />
  <point id="11" lat="-37.740398" lon="145.592294" />
  <point id="12" lat="-37.739951" lon="145.592997" />
  <point id="13" lat="-37.738844" lon="145.593178" />
  <point id="14" lat="-37.736896" lon="145.593187" />
  <point id="15" lat="-37.736136" lon="145.593429" />
  <point id="16" lat="-37.735095" lon="145.593588" />
  <point id="17" lat="-37.734520" lon="145.594400" />
  <point id="18" lat="-37.733656" lon="145.594230" />
  <point id="19" lat="-37.733499" lon="145.593709" />
  <point id="20" lat="-37.732933" lon="145.593085" />
  <point id="21" lat="-37.732407" lon="145.593070" />
  <point id="22" lat="-37.731918" lon="145.592466" />
  <point id="23" lat="-37.730634" lon="145.592464" />
  <point id="24" lat="-37.730296" lon="145.592879" />
  <point id="25" lat="-37.729805" lon="145.592849" />
  <point id="26" lat="-37.729680" lon="145.592251" />
  <point id="27" lat="-37.729440" lon="145.591970" />
  <point id="28" lat="-37.728740" lon="145.592350" />
  <point id="29" lat="-37.727986" lon="145.594543" />
  <point id="30" lat="-37.727315" lon="145.595498" />
  <point id="31" lat="-37.725260" lon="145.596140" />
  <point id="32" lat="-37.724945" lon="145.596918" />
  <point id="33" lat="-37.723526" lon="145.596857" />
  <point id="34" lat="-37.722854" lon="145.595763" />
  <point id="35" lat="-37.722560" lon="145.594690" />
  <point id="36" lat="-37.721411" lon="145.594441" />
  <point id="37" lat="-37.718561" lon="145.595810" />
  <point id="38" lat="-37.717234" lon="145.595553" />
  <point id="39" lat="-37.715411" lon="145.596968" />
  <point id="40" lat="-37.714600" lon="145.597150" />
  <point id="41" lat="-37.714658" lon="145.596673" />
  <point id="42" lat="-37.715133" lon="145.596102" />
  <point id="43" lat="-37.716074" lon="145.592537" />
  <point id="44" lat="-37.715890" lon="145.591910" />
  <point id="45" lat="-37.714920" lon="145.590900" />
  <point id="46" lat="-37.714300" lon="145.589399" />
  <point id="47" lat="-37.713340" lon="145.588830" />
  <point id="48" lat="-37.712090" lon="145.587100" />
  <point id="49" lat="-37.711530" lon="145.587240" />
  <point id="50" lat="-37.710181" lon="145.585396" />
  <point id="51" lat="-37.709587" lon="145.584916" />
  <point id="52" lat="-37.709078" lon="145.583933" />
  <point id="53" lat="-37.708300" lon="145.583453" />
  <point id="54" lat="-37.707649" lon="145.582418" />
  <point id="55" lat="-37.707180" lon="145.582000" />
  <point id="56" lat="-37.705687" lon="145.581218" />
  <point id="57" lat="-37.705231" lon="145.581301" />
  <point id="58" lat="-37.704299" lon="145.581816" />
  <point id="59" lat="-37.703990" lon="145.581650" />
  <point id="60" lat="-37.704010" lon="145.580850" />
  <point id="61" lat="-37.703184" lon="145.580396" />
  <point id="62" lat="-37.702780" lon="145.580133" />
  <point id="63" lat="-37.702760" lon="145.579432" />
  <point id="64" lat="-37.702459" lon="145.578904" />
  <point id="65" lat="-37.701463" lon="145.578541" />
  <point id="66" lat="-37.701160" lon="145.577460" />
  <point id="67" lat="-37.700844" lon="145.577135" />
  <point id="68" lat="-37.700285" lon="145.576689" />
  <point id="69" lat="-37.699702" lon="145.575396" />
  <point id="70" lat="-37.700140" lon="145.573850" />
  <point id="71" lat="-37.701910" lon="145.571290" />

Route 4: Long straight road

200 kilometers from Bourke to Nyngan (New South Wales), mostly straight road. Enjoy. It may not be completely accurate though.

  <point id="1" lat="-30.088850" lon="145.937740" />
  <point id="2" lat="-30.094060" lon="145.936930" />
  <point id="3" lat="-30.094060" lon="145.936930" />
  <point id="4" lat="-30.097138" lon="145.947483" />
  <point id="5" lat="-30.097252" lon="145.947610" />
  <point id="6" lat="-30.101589" lon="145.950951" />
  <point id="7" lat="-30.108497" lon="145.957300" />
  <point id="8" lat="-30.134053" lon="145.978325" />
  <point id="9" lat="-30.141927" lon="145.980714" />
  <point id="10" lat="-30.143489" lon="145.980673" />
  <point id="11" lat="-30.145621" lon="145.979606" />
  <point id="12" lat="-30.147628" lon="145.980114" />
  <point id="13" lat="-30.152628" lon="145.985230" />
  <point id="14" lat="-30.661910" lon="146.403530" />
  <point id="15" lat="-30.666818" lon="146.403791" />
  <point id="16" lat="-30.671185" lon="146.407458" />
  <point id="17" lat="-30.677133" lon="146.417411" />
  <point id="18" lat="-31.542346" lon="147.159028" />
  <point id="19" lat="-31.559080" lon="147.188810" />