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Question 1: What are your views or comments on the policy drivers for this consultation?

Question 2: What are your views on how the market for geographic information has evolved recently and is likely to develop over the next 5-10 years?

Question 3: What are your views on the appropriate pricing model for Ordnance Survey products and services?

useful links : [1]

Question 4: What are your views and comments on public sector information regulation and policy, and the concepts of public task and good governance as they apply to Ordnance Survey?

Question 5: What are your views on and comments on the products under consideration for release for free re-use and the rationale for their inclusion?

One of my personal drivers for getting involved with OSM was a deepening dissatisfaction with OS 25k (Explorer), 50k (Landranger) and 250k paper products. In the first two cases a major pain is the massive amount of overprinting of so-called tourist features which generally obscure useful detail in the base mapping. Even the OS raster tiles available on-line or in MemoryMap and Anquet products contain these clumsy icons.

250k mapping is a different matter. The cartographic style is outdated, and there is nothing like the detail available on SwissTopo maps of similar scales (200k or reduced to 300k).

I would also like something like a 100k scale. During the 1930's the OS produced a range of half-inch maps, which I find rather attractive. It would be very nice to be able to use something along these lines.

Question 6: How much do you think government should commit to funding the free product set? How might this be achieved?

Question 7: What are your views on how free data from Ordnance Survey should be delivered?

A number of free data sets are mentioned, including a number of raster data sets for current mid-scale mapping (Landranger, Explorer and 1:10000). Ominously in para 7.32 the following is stated:

As a consequence of the inclusion of 1:25 000 and 1:50 000 Scale Colour Raster products in Ordnance Survey Free, 
sales of Ordnance Survey paper maps through retail distributors might be affected by the creation of free competitive 
products in some more popular regions of the country e.g. national parks. It is possible that this might prompt a 
reduction in the range of Ordnance Survey paper maps available as some specific maps may become uneconomic to produce.

Question 8: What are your views on the impact Ordnance Survey Free will have on the market?

Question 9: What are your comments on the proposal for a single National Address Register and suggestions for mechanisms to deliver it?

Question 10: What are your views on the options outlined in this consultation?

Question 11: For local authorities: What will be the balance of impact of these proposals on your costs and revenues?

Question 12: Will these proposals have any impact on race, gender or disability equalities?

This seems just standard 'politically correct' boilerplate, but at least in the area of disabilities there are some identifiable impacts. The current OS approach is typified by this question on a FAQ page for 'FreeMaps' (as in lemonade) : FAQ 26