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This section contains the basic english phrases. The bold names are identifying the phrase, so that it's translations can be found.

please keep the structure intact to allow automatic parsing of this wiki-page

destination_reached "Du er fremme." You have reached your destination.

destination_reached_DISTANCE "Du er fremme om (distance) (unit)." In 50 meters you have reached your destination.

turn_around "Snu så snart som mulig" Please turn around when possible!

turn_around_DISTANCE "Snu om (distance) (unit)!" In 200 meters turn around!

turn_DIRECTION "Ta til (direction)!" Please turn left!

turn_DIRECTION_SIGNPOST "Ta til (direction) mot (destinations)!" Please turn left towards CityA, CityB, Motorway5!

turn_DIRECTION_NAME "Ta til (direction) inn i (streetname)!" Please turn left into 5th Avenue!

turn_DIRECTION_DISTANCE "Om (distance) (unit) ta til (direction)!" In 2Km turn left!

turn_DIRECTION_DISTANCE_NAME "Om (distance) (unit) ta til (direction) inn i (streetname)!" In 2Km turn left into 5th Avenue!

turn_DIRECTION_DISTANCE_SIGNPOST "Om (distance) (unit) ta til (direction) mot (destinations)!" In 2Km turn left towards CityA, CityB, Motorway5!

take_EXIT "Ta (numbers) avkjøring!" Please take the first exit!

take_SIGNPOST "Ta avkjøring mot (destinations)!" Please take the exit towards CityA, CityB!

take_EXIT_SIGNPOST "Ta avkjøring (numbers) mot (destinations)!" Please take the first exit towards CityA, CityB!

take_EXIT_KEEP_SIGNPOST "Ta avkjøring (numbers), hold til (direction) mot (destinations)!" Please take the first exit, then keep left towards CityA!

take_KEEP_SIGNPOST "Ta av ved avkjøringen, hold til (direction) mot (destinations)!" Please take the exit, then keep left towards CityA!

enter_roundabout "Kjør inn i rundkjøringen." Please enter the roundabout!

enter_roundabout_EXIT "Kjør inn i rundkjøringen, velg (numbers) avkjøring" Please enter the roundabout. Then take the second exit!

enter_roundabout_EXIT_DISTANCE "Om (distance) (unit) kjør inn i rundkjøringen. Ta avkjøring (numbers)." In 1.2 Km enter the roundabout. Then take the second exit!

over_roundabout_EXIT "Kjør gjennom rundkjøringen, kjør ut på avkjøring (numbers)." Please cross the roundabout, third exit.

over_roundabout_EXIT_DISTANCE "Om (distance) (unit) kjør gjennom rundkjøringen, forlat på avkjøring (numbers)." In 1.2 Km cross the roundabout, third exit.

over_roundabout_DIRECTION_EXIT "Ta til (direction) i rundkjøringen, (numbers) avkjøring." Please turn left in the roundabout, third exit.

over_roundabout_DIRECTION_EXIT_DISTANCE "Om (distance) (unit) ta til (direction) i rundkjøringen, (numbers) avkjøring." In 1.2 Km turn left in the roundabout, third exit.

follow_NAME "Følg vei (name)!"

follow_NAME_DISTANCE "Følg vei (name) (distance) (unit) frem!"



direction/left "venstre"

direction/right "høyre"

direction/left/hard "knapp venstre"

direction/right/hard "knapp høyre"

direction/left/slight "svak venstre"

direction/right/slight "svak høyre"


numbers/first_exit "Første avkjøring"

numbers/second_exit "Andre avkjøring"

numbers/third_exit "Tredje avkjøring"

numbers/fourth_exit "Fjerde avkjøring"

numbers/fifth_exit "Femte avkjøring"


time/day/singular "dag"

time/day/plural "dager"

time/day/short "d"

time/hour/singular "time"

time/hour/plural "timer"

time/hour/short "t"

time/minute/singular "minutt"

time/minute/plural "minutter"

time/minute/short "min"

time/second/singular "sekund"

time/second/plural "sekunder"

time/second/short "s"


units/kph "kmt"

units/mph "mph"

units/ms "m/s"

units/km "km"

units/m "meter"

units/miles "imperisk mil" XXX: not quite sure..


places/start "start"

places/destination/singular "mål"

places/destination/plural "mål"

places/home "hjem"

places/poi "POI"

places/poi/trainstation "togstasjon"

places/poi/toilet "toalett"

places/poi/phone "telefon"

places/poi/gas "bensinstasjon"

places/labels/city "by" XXX: tettsted?'

places/labels/street "gate"

places/labels/housenumer/long "husnummer"

places/labels/housenumer/short "nr"

places/labels/zipcode "Postnummer"


metric/fastest "Raskeste vei"

metric/shortest "Korteste vei"

metric/fuelefficient "Mest drivstoffeffektive vei" XXX: fixup

common labels

labels/search "Søk"

labels/vehicle "kjøretøy"

labels/fullscreen "Fullskjerm"

labels/exit "Avkjøring" XXX: utgang? avslutt?

labels/comport "Kom-port"

labels/baudrate "baudrate"

labels/time "tid"

labels/destination_time "ETA"

labels/route_me "Kalkuler route"

labels/help "hjelp"

labels/settings "Innstillinger"

labels/preferences "Preferanser"

labels/abort "Avbryt"

labels/ok "OK"

labels/map "kart"

labels/open_map "åpne kart" XXX: "last kart'?

labels/import_map "importer kart"

labels/download "last ned"

labels/download_map "last ned kart"

labels/map/autorotate "Rotér kart automatisk"

labels/map/autocenterGPS "Sentrer kart"

labels/map/centerGPSonce "Midtpunkt på GPS"

labels/map/showGPStrail "Vis sporlogg"