Servers/June 2011 Maintenance

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This server maintenance downtime took place Thursday 23rd June 2011.

The work is now complete, including follow-up moving work. All front-end web servers and back-end rails servers are back online again, and the API and website are back to their previous capacity again.

Original Notice

Thursday 23rd June 2011 7:30am (GMT/UTC+0) the API and map editing on will be unavailable. The maintenance period is expected to last for 12 hours.

Affected Services

The following services will be unavailable during the maintenance period: API, editing features of and Planet.osm downloads including replication diffs.

Unaffected Services

The wiki, mailing lists and will be unaffected.

Maps will still be viewable on the homepage and on other people's websites. The main tile server will not be shut down. However rendering engines will be dis-activated, meaning that new rendering of map updates will not take place during the maintenance period, some requests for tiles will fail, where no cached copy is available, and tile response times may be slower than normal.


Servers moving: puff, fuchur, Gorilla-server.svgdraco, Gorilla-server.svgsarel, Gorilla-server.svgnorbert, smaug and horntail