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The server is currently unused and will be de-racked soon. It was formerly used for the following tasks:

  • Generated and served tiles for the Mapnik (default) layer.
  • NFS server
  • planet.osm generation and osmosis diffs.
  • munin network monitoring
  • minor internal network services.


CPU 2x Dual-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 2218 (2600 MHz, 2x 1024 KB L2)
Memory 12GB (6x2GB PC2-4200 ECC)
Motherboard Tyan Thunder S2932 + M3291 v2 (Management Card)
Disk 2x750GB SAMSUNG HD753LJ 32MB SATA drives as sda and sdb
4x 2TB Western Digital WD2003FYYS (Software-RAID5)
Drive/Peripheral Bay Expansion 10 Disk Bays (6 used, 4 free. Only 6 total wired up.)
Network Intel Pro/1000 XL PCI-X (e1000) as eth0 ( (00:02:b3:ec:ee:ac)
Intel Pro/1000 XL PCI-X (e1000) as eth1 (00:02:b3:bf:cb:78)
nForce 10/100/1000 (forcedeth) as IPMI (random which IPMI). Unstable under load. (IPMI: 00:02:b3:bf:cb:78)
nForce 10/100/1000 (forcedeth) as IPMI (random which IPMI) Unstable under load.


Operating System Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Disk Partitions

Mountpoint Device RAID Level Size Underlying Devices
/ /dev/md0 RAID1 (mirrored) 690GB sda1 sdb1 (2x 750GB)
/store/ /dev/md1 RAID5 5.5TB sdc sdd sde sdf (4x 2TB)