SotM 2014 session: Putting Big Data on the Map

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State Of The Map 2014 Session
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Speaker: Sebastian Mattheis, BMW Car IT GmbH

Language: English

Media: Video coming soon

With the proliferation of mobile devices that are connected to the Internet, location based services have become increasingly attractive. Service providers must maintain computer systems for processing service requests and for storing location based information. This is a challenge when the extent of data gets ‘big’. The Big Data research community has produced numerous solutions to the general problems; however, locating a large number of objects, e.g. connected cars, on a map has been mostly beyond the scope. This talk presents state-of-the-art technologies and selected open questions for putting Big Data on a map. It also introduces Barefoot, a map matching library that has been used to put Big Data of moving objects on the OSM map in real-time.