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1 October 2022

      08:50  Module:Languages‎‎ 16 changes history +33 [Push-f‎; Bgo eiu‎ (15×)]
08:50 (cur | prev) +10 Bgo eiu talk contribs nbsp;
08:49 (cur | prev) −10 Bgo eiu talk contribs maybe space in the link will work? if not will keep space less until figured out
08:38 (cur | prev) −12 Bgo eiu talk contribs two spaces is a bit dramatic
08:37 (cur | prev) +20 Bgo eiu talk contribs
08:36 (cur | prev) +4 Bgo eiu talk contribs manually pad with spaces
07:58 (cur | prev) −10 Bgo eiu talk contribs solution for now - simply remove the seps if they bother people; the dots do not affect language list Tag: Manual revert
07:48 (cur | prev) +24 Bgo eiu talk contribs restore to few edits back, trying something different to fix dots Tag: Manual revert
07:46 (cur | prev) +28 Bgo eiu talk contribs readded hlist class
07:45 (cur | prev) +20 Bgo eiu talk contribs add hlist sep to new sep
07:43 (cur | prev) −28 Bgo eiu talk contribs removed class hlist with seps
07:40 (cur | prev) −44 Bgo eiu talk contribs abandon hlist sep as not bidi-friendly
07:37 (cur | prev) +31 Bgo eiu talk contribs Languages module was messed up before, aesthetic concerns are not more important than Arabic script language links working Undo revision 2411394 by Push-f (talk) Tag: Undo
07:23 (cur | prev) −31 Push-f talk contribs revert changes by User:Bgo eiu because they messed up Template:Languages ( Tag: Manual revert
07:17 (cur | prev) 0 Bgo eiu talk contribs fixed sep location
07:16 (cur | prev) +10 Bgo eiu talk contribs readdition of separator now that dir confirmed to work; previous edit fixed rtl links breaking in chrome
07:14 (cur | prev) +21 Bgo eiu talk contribs
      07:25  Module:Languages/config diffhist 0 Bgo eiu talk contribs re-added in use punjabi, saraiki now that language bar works for these (was using custom table)
      00:58  Notes diffhist +236 Harry Wood talk contribs →‎Reporting notes: In fact spam is better dealt with by resolving. Reduce demands on DWG. See also

29 September 2022

  m   14:43  Notes diffhist +4 Harry Wood talk contribs minor english fixes

28 September 2022

      17:42  ID diffhist −18 MalgiK talk contribs version up
      07:44  WeeklyOSM diffhist +144 MalgiK talk contribs →‎Map of authors

26 September 2022

      22:00  Humanitarian OSM Team diffhist +126 Arnalielsewhere talk contribs added link to membership code Tag: Visual edit
      07:54  StreetComplete‎‎ 4 changes history +822 [Mateusz Konieczny‎; MalgiK‎; Goldbattle‎ (2×)]
07:54 (cur | prev) +1 Mateusz Konieczny talk contribs typo
05:10 (cur | prev) +335 MalgiK talk contribs →‎Overlays
00:33 (cur | prev) +375 Goldbattle talk contribs Describe overlays, update quest and overlay guideline links. Tag: Visual edit
00:16 (cur | prev) +111 Goldbattle talk contribs Add info about gps traces since v44.0 Tag: Visual edit

25 September 2022

      22:45  Foundation diffhist +37 MalgiK talk contribs →‎Governance: +old title "History by year of election"
  m   03:43  Vespucci diffhist −5 Adavidson talk contribs Minor grammar fix.

24 September 2022

      22:06  File:ETrex20.jpg diffhist +96 MissingImageInfoBot talk contribs mark file as missing well specified attribution (in template itself)
      14:55  WikiProject Nederland Wandelroutes diffhist +23 GRi talk contribs Rijnstrangenpad gelopen en bijgewerkt Tag: Visual edit