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1 June 2023

      21:23  Template:DescriptionStatus‎‎ 3 changes history +287 [Chris2map‎ (3×)]
21:23 (cur | prev) −45 Chris2map talk contribs (use {{ucfirst:{{LangPrefix}} with Category:Unsupported status value)
17:18 (cur | prev) +17 Chris2map talk contribs (added "imported" and renamed maintenance Category:Unsupported status value, Template_talk:Description#Add_category_listing_aliased_status_values)
17:03 (cur | prev) +315 Chris2map talk contribs (added maintenance Category:Aliased status value, see Template_talk:Description#Add_category_listing_aliased_status_values)
  m   18:25  Key:description diffhist 0 Chris2map talk contribs (status in lowercase)
  m   17:51  Template:Description diffhist −199 Chris2map talk contribs (removed {{#switch: {{lc:{{{status|}}}}} when including {{DescriptionStatus}} due to no effect because differentiation isn't done here but in code of {{DescriptionStatus}}.)
      16:08 Language change log Albert Francis Aguirre talk contribs changed the language of Wiki Translation from English (en) [default] to English (en) ‎(Cyber scam customization) Tags: Mobile edit Mobile web edit

30 May 2023

      01:43  Template:Description‎‎ 3 changes history +266 [Minh Nguyen‎ (3×)]
01:43 (cur | prev) −117 Minh Nguyen talk contribs (Undo revision 2534286 by Minh Nguyen (talk)) Tag: Undo
01:42 (cur | prev) +117 Minh Nguyen talk contribs (Underscores in OHM page titles) Tag: Reverted
01:06 (cur | prev) +266 Minh Nguyen talk contribs (Proposed features subpages have been moved to Proposal: namespace; OpenHistoricalMap subpages have their own language links)

29 May 2023

      23:31  Template:Languages diffhist −73 Maro21 talk contribs (removed duplicate link, see Template_talk:Languages#Small_graphical_improvements)
      19:59  Template:Description diffhist +82 Minh Nguyen talk contribs (Use OHM logo on OHM pages to avoid confusion)

28 May 2023

      17:19  Template:Languages diffhist +73 Minh Nguyen talk contribs (Transclude MediaWiki:Vector-language-button-label for User:Minh Nguyen/language button.js (experimental))

27 May 2023

      17:02  Template:Description‎‎ 2 changes history +471 [Minh Nguyen‎ (2×)]
17:02 (cur | prev) 0 Minh Nguyen talk contribs
17:00 (cur | prev) +471 Minh Nguyen talk contribs (Use OpenHistoricalMap’s taginfo instance on subpages of Open Historical Map)
      16:54 Protection log Minh Nguyen talk contribs protected Template:Taginfo2 [Edit=Allow only administrators] (indefinite) [Move=Allow only administrators] (indefinite) [cascading] ‎(High traffic page) (hist)
      16:51  Template:TaginfoAJAX‎‎ 2 changes history +439 [Minh Nguyen‎ (2×)]
16:51 (cur | prev) +86 Minh Nguyen talk contribs (Missed a few)
16:49 (cur | prev) +353 Minh Nguyen talk contribs (Fall back to default endpoint when |url= is empty)
      16:49  Template:Taginfo2 diffhist +101 Minh Nguyen talk contribs (Fall back to default endpoint when |url= is empty)