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3 March 2021

      08:03  Tag:highway=primary‎‎ 2 changes history +100 [Mateusz Konieczny‎ (2×)]
08:03 (cur | prev) -2 Mateusz Konieczny talk contribs →‎Road quality: ce
08:02 (cur | prev) +102 Mateusz Konieczny talk contribs noname, surface == Road quality == In developed countries normally with 2 lanes or more. In areas with worse infrastructure road quality may be far worse and may include even unpaved roads. The traffic for both directions is usually not separated by a central barrier.

1 March 2021

      21:05  Tag:highway=track diffhist +53 Minh Nguyen talk contribs →‎Other kinds of tracks: Railroad tracks

28 February 2021

      00:58  Tag:highway=track‎‎ 5 changes history +2,128 [Jeisenbe‎ (5×)]
00:58 (cur | prev) +2 Jeisenbe talk contribs →‎Regional usage: Re-arrange points to put the part about access roads in cemeteries/parks/golf etc at the end.
00:31 (cur | prev) +13 Jeisenbe talk contribs →‎Regional usage: This usage may be considered appropriate by mappers in some regions, but in many others {{Tag|highway|service}} is recommended.
00:30 (cur | prev) -185 Jeisenbe talk contribs →‎Regional usage: Remove "<ref>An analysis by Roland Olbricht of the iD preset was [ posted on the OSMF mailing list]</ref>. {{clear|left}}” - this discussion is not directly relevant to this page. Re-write section about unmaintained roads to remove focus from iD editor.
00:19 (cur | prev) +118 Jeisenbe talk contribs and agricultural use includes tracks in rangeland, and lightly developed land used for grazing, not only in farmland.
00:17 (cur | prev) +2,180 Jeisenbe talk contribs Undo revision 2118893 by Bhousel (talk) Please respond on talk page Tag: Undo

27 February 2021

      22:17  Tag:highway=track‎‎ 13 changes history -1,449 [Jeisenbe‎ (4×); Bhousel‎ (9×)]
22:17 (cur | prev) -2,180 Bhousel talk contribs Jeisenbe, this page is to document how to use the `highway=track` tag, not a place for you to post your gripes about me or about iD. There is ample discussion both on tagging lists and on the iD GitHub tracker going back 6 years. Your edits are hostile, and I ask you again, please stop. We've been through this many times that paving is not maintenance. I agree that that picture of the logs could be a track or a service road. It's not some kind of "gotcha" that iD is wrong. Stop now.
21:16 (cur | prev) +2,180 Jeisenbe talk contribs Revert to page before latest edits. Please discuss this on the Tagging list or here on the Talk page before making these major changes.
13:34 (cur | prev) +52 Bhousel talk contribs expand description to include off-road, high-clearance
13:31 (cur | prev) -30 Bhousel talk contribs simplify further
13:23 (cur | prev) -147 Bhousel talk contribs Forestry use does not include this whole list of stuff. If we ever have any hope of having this page agreed on by everyone and translated for everyone to read, it needs to be MUCH simpler.
13:22 (cur | prev) -147 Bhousel talk contribs simplify further
13:20 (cur | prev) -829 Bhousel talk contribs Problematic Usage literally overlaps with Regional Usage below - it said the same stuff
13:18 (cur | prev) -335 Bhousel talk contribs This is supposed to be a documentation of what track is and there are more pictures of what a track isn't - we should do better
13:16 (cur | prev) -14 Bhousel talk contribs unmaintained does not mean disused. It just means not plowed or cleared of debris.
13:15 (cur | prev) -730 Bhousel talk contribs I will not accept any version of this page which contains the picture, nor Roland's conjecture that he posted to the mailing list without talking to me first. the iD preset text is localized and it says different things in different languages. In en-US it says "Unmaintained Track Road" because that is how the tag is used here. in German it says "Forestry and Farm Road" because that is how it is used there. Please stop attacking iD - it's bordering on harassment at this point.
07:17 (cur | prev) +1 Jeisenbe talk contribs Move thumb to right
07:16 (cur | prev) -88 Jeisenbe talk contribs Shorten section about iD editor preset - hopefully this is all factual
07:10 (cur | prev) +818 Jeisenbe talk contribs Undo revision 2118404 by Bhousel (talk) - the current text seems to be factual, unless the iD preset has been changed recently. Tag: Undo

26 February 2021

      23:30  Tag:highway=track‎‎ 2 changes history -799 [MalgiK‎; Bhousel‎]
23:30 (cur | prev) -818 Bhousel talk contribs Whether a road is maintained for non-4WD use has absolutely nothing to do with whether it is paved. iD has supported paved/unpaved surface and all tracktypes since it launched in 2013. If the words "unmaintained track road" do not fit the usage in your part of the world, you can translate it to something else. Please stop spreading lies and harassing the iD devs.
17:51 (cur | prev) +19 MalgiK talk contribs template formats, format titles (References to the bottom)