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11 December 2019

      07:59  Tag:shop=car‎‎ 4 changes history-1,783[Adamant1‎ (4×)]
07:59 (cur | prev) +144 Adamant1 talk contribs →‎Tagging car service
06:56 (cur | prev) +11 Adamant1 talk contribs →‎Tagging car service
04:22 (cur | prev) -72 Adamant1 talk contribs Expanded explanation and got of link to tagging numbers of service=tags. As it doesn't really matter and was confusing anyway. Ultimately car repair shops should be mapped separately anyway per the "one feature, one OSM element" guideline. So both tagging schemes are bad for the exact same reasons.
04:10 (cur | prev) -1,866 Adamant1 talk contribs Rewrite bit about using a semi-colon value separator versus a name space in a more neutral tone and got rid of redundant section that was a duplicate of the example section.

10 December 2019

 m    16:12  Tag:shop=car diffhist +604 Rtfm talk contribs even if there is one person who doesn't get it, it's better not to let the undiscussed change of the ID editor unmentioned. Regarding namespaces check this :

9 December 2019

      23:01  Tag:shop=tyres diffhist +17 Dieterdreist talk contribs repair
      22:27  Tag:shop=car‎‎ 2 changes history-409[Dieterdreist‎; Adamant1‎]
22:27 (cur | prev) +196 Dieterdreist talk contribs add hint about trucks and buses
07:26 (cur | prev) -605 Adamant1 talk contribs It is crap to state that something is "better" then something else when it hasn't been established that the option your pushing is in fact "better." Feel free to rewrite it in a more neutral tone though that doesn't favor your un-discussed and not voted on scheme at the cost of the current one. Tag: Undo

8 December 2019

 m    14:59  Key:service diffhist +69 Rtfm talk contribs link to vehicle tag overview added
 m    14:23  Tag:shop=car diffhist +605 Rtfm talk contribs Undo revision 1921607 by Adamant1 (talk) - don't remove info just by naming it "crap", give a reason why you think so Tag: Undo
 m    02:27  Template:Description‎‎ 6 changes history+1,326[MalgiK‎ (6×)]
02:27 (cur | prev) +20 MalgiK talk contribs +Icons for osmcarto-rendering
02:20 (cur | prev) +18 MalgiK talk contribs osmcarto-rendering-area
01:48 (cur | prev) +519 MalgiK talk contribs osmcarto-rendering-node / osmcarto-rendering-way / osmcarto-rendering-area
01:38 (cur | prev) -44 MalgiK talk contribs removed second osmcarto-title
01:33 (cur | prev) +410 MalgiK talk contribs +one more osmcarto render parameter (osmcarto-rendering3)
01:27 (cur | prev) +403 MalgiK talk contribs test, adding "osmcarto-rendering2"