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28 November 2020

      07:46  Key:mtb:scale:imba‎‎ 3 changes history +81 [Jeisenbe‎ (3×)]
07:46 (cur | prev) +15 Jeisenbe talk contribs
07:43 (cur | prev) -92 Jeisenbe talk contribs table formatting
07:39 (cur | prev) +158 Jeisenbe talk contribs Add list of tags to table, move other tags to bottom

25 November 2020

      20:34  Key:mtb:scale:imba diffhist +1,681 Jeisenbe talk contribs Create text table based on pdf image, add list of specific tags: | ''Specific tags'' || {{key|width}} || {{key|surface}}, {{key|tracktype}} || {{key|incline}} || {{key|incline}} || {{key|smoothness}} || {{key|bridge}} + {{key|width}} || {{key|bridge}} + {{key|width}} || n/a
      20:06  Key:mtb:scale‎‎ 6 changes history +750 [Jeisenbe‎ (6×)]
20:06 (cur | prev) -10 Jeisenbe talk contribs Change “driving skills” to “riding skills” - normal English terminology for bikes.
20:02 (cur | prev) +338 Jeisenbe talk contribs →‎Rationale: Due to the subjective nature of the overall scale, this key has been criticized as lacking verifiability. This can be improved by tagging specific characteristics including {{key|surface}}, {{key|incline}}, and additional scales such as {{key|smoothness}} and {{key|tracktype}} - though these two tags also are somewhat subjective.
19:56 (cur | prev) +85 Jeisenbe talk contribs →‎Crux spots or very difficult single places: It is also possible to map permanent obstacles with tags such as {{tag|barrier|log}}.
19:52 (cur | prev) -201 Jeisenbe talk contribs →‎How to Map it - Usage, Tags and Values: Remove this text '(do not highlight every switchback of a way however). If you put a point with mtb:scale=1-6 (0 makes no sense) outside of the way, then this shows a place that is more difficult, but can be circumvented.” - this doesn’t make much sense and doesn’t seem to be used.
19:51 (cur | prev) +196 Jeisenbe talk contribs →‎How to Map it - Usage, Tags and Values: Specific tags can be added to show the characteristics which contribute to the overall difficulty: {{tag|surface}}, {{tag|incline}} {{tag|smoothness}}, and {{tag|tracktype}}.
19:46 (cur | prev) +342 Jeisenbe talk contribs combine with *{{Tag|smoothness}} *{{Tag|tracktype}} *{{Tag|surface}}. Less often used with {{Tag|highway|cycleway}} and {{Tag|highway|footway}}