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OpenStreetMap is the open data project of the 21st century, building an open map of the planet and giving it away for Free. We're having our first conference and you're invited to speak. There will be hundreds of OSMers (OpenStreetMapers) bringing a lively debate and large set of experiences to Manchester, England on the 14th/15th July for a weekend of talks, conversation and mapping.

We're about mapping the planet. How will we get there? How much data do we need? How do we organise? What tools should we build?

It's down to us. We're looking for speakers like you, people involved in F/OSS, maps, GIS, data and changing the world. We have a number of themes we invite speakers on:

  1. Open Data - what is it, how do we make and use it? (Legal and copyright issues?)
  2. Data sources - GPS, aerial imagery, out-of-copyright maps
  3. Editing - map data in OSM
  4. Data output - once we have it, what do we do with it?
  5. Cartography - painting good maps with OSM
  6. The OSM Platform: databases and schemas, scalability and distributed processing, wiki and collaborative editing

Send your abstract to FIXME with FIXME and FIXME