State Of The Map 2009/meeting-minues/December 24th 2008

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7th Jan 2009 Minutes


  • Nick (Chair), Henk, Arjan, Borjan, Floris, Martijn


  • email addresses will be set up for everyone present by Andy Robinson


  • Martijn reported that the website is on track for the end of Jan. A working version of the site is available here. It was agreed that the design and layout of the site would be completed by the local committee by the 15th January. The site would then by transferred to the OSM dev machine (where the site was hosted in the past). The organising committee would then add content to the site, which would be launched on the 30th Janurary.
  • At launch the site will contain information about the


  • Nick will pass on sponsorship proposals, including sponsorship bands and pricing, to the full organising committee (Steve, Etienne, AndyR, Mike). It was agreed that confirming sponsorship levels is an important actions as we are aiming to have early sponsors on the site when it launches on the 30th Jan.
  • Arjan + Steve will target 26th Jan for confirmed sponsorship levels, in collaboration with Etienne.


  • Expected numbers of attendees were discussed and the committee felt that given the growth in OSM and Amsterdam's location as a transport hub, we should expect 300+ delegates over the weekend. The current Westerliefde venue has a maximum capicty of 250 people. Floris will look into venues with greater capacity and report back to the committee, via the Google group.
  • It was noted that we could potentially attract 500+ or even more delegates. To help gauge interest, an early ticket allocation was suggested which would encourage delegates to sign up early. The committee felt that it was important to have a confirmed venue in order to attract delegates to sign-up.

Future Meetings

  • Nick to set a meeting the week of the 19th (late in the week) to confirm sponsorship / venue / ticket pricing. This should include Steve, 80n, Andy, Mike
  • Nick will confirm the exact date and time of the meeting and send out an agenda during the week of the 12th Jan