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An administrative boundary Edit or translate this description.
Group: Boundaries
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should not be used on nodesmay be used on waysmay be used on areasmay be used on relations
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Status: de facto

An administrative boundary. Subdivisions of areas/territories/jurisdictions recognised by governments or other organisations for administrative purposes.

Administrative boundaries range from large groups of nation states right down to small administrative districts and suburbs, with an indication of this size/level of importance, given by the combo tag 'admin_level' which takes a value from 1 to 10 as described below.

The boundary=administrative tag is used on relations grouping several ways ways. It is also often duplicated on ways building relation. This works rather like coastline. Because ways have a maximum number of nodes, you are not required to loop around a whole administration with a single way to form a closed area (although this is a good idea for very small administrative areas)

Many administrative boundaries are currently tagged also with place=*.

Note that OSM follows On the Ground Rule. Boundaries recorded in OpenStreetMap are ones that are the most widely internationally recognised and best meets realities on the ground, generally meaning physical control. In areas without clearly defined borders, the line is approximate[1].

Note that it does not mean that OSM community considers specific invasions/wars/whatever that resulted in border change as good/desirable/welcome/wrong. OSM community attempts to map world as it exists, not as it should exist.

Note that in some cases borders may overlap without making it an incorrect tagging. It may be result of agreement between countries to administer area together[2] or to mark areas not controlled by any country, with both claiming it[3]

Super-national administrations

  • European Union

Note: a trans-national administration is not a super-national organisation and should not be tagged admin_level=1.


+ admin_level=2 

marks country borders, such as the border between Austria and Germany. The names of the countries is specified through the tags left:country=*, right:country=*, if used on a linear way rather than an enclosed/area way.

There is some controversy about what is the exact meaning of country. For the sake of clarity, only political entities listed on the ISO 3166 standard are to be considered countries. There also exist some dependent territories and special areas of geographical interest which do have their own ISO 3166-1 code but aren't a country. Two places that do not have codes assigned by ISO are considered countries: Kosovo and Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.

Country names in the table below are written in English.


+ admin_level=3 to 10

marks subnational borders. The names of the subnational entities involved is specified as with national borders, with "parish", "district", "region", "province", "state"


admin_level=1 to 10 has been introduced in order that different borders can be rendered consistently among countries (doing this based on border_type would require knowledge of their hierarchy in each country).

Besides administrative boundaries, the admin_level=* tag may also be used on features tagged with government=*. The admin_level=* values described below also apply to the capital=* and heritage=* tags.


admin_level Example rendering admin_level Example rendering admin_level Example rendering
1 (not rendered) 5 Rendering-adminlevel 5-mapnik.png 9 Rendering-adminlevel 9-mapnik.png
2 Rendering-adminlevel 2-mapnik.png 6 Rendering-adminlevel 6-mapnik.png 10 Rendering-adminlevel 10-mapnik.png
3 Rendering-adminlevel 3-mapnik.png 7 Rendering-adminlevel 7-mapnik.png 11 (not rendered)
4 Rendering-adminlevel 4-mapnik.png 8 Rendering-adminlevel 8-mapnik.png 12 (not rendered)

10 admin_level values for specific countries

If your country is undocumented, please use the talk page or your local mailing list for discussion, and add it below.

If your country uses more than 10 administrative levels, see the next table.

This wiki table can be edited here

Country admin_level
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
N/A Province (ولايت wilayat) N/A Districts (Wuleswali) N/A N/A N/A N/A
N/A NUTS-2 Regions of Albania non-administrative regions, only for statistical usages N/A counties (Qark) districts (Rreth) municipalities (Kommuna / Bashkia) Njësi Bashkiake / Subdistricts N/A
N/A Wilayas borders (departements and / or provinces). N/A Daïras borders (group of municipalities or districts). N/A Communes borders (municipalities). Use name=* to indicate the name of the commune, and ref:ONS=* to indicate the unique identifier given by ONS. N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A N/A Parròquies borders (communes) Municipality borders Only used for the capital city Andorra la Vella. N/A N/A
N/A Províncias (Provinces) N/A Municípios (Municipalities) Comunas (Urban districts or Communes) N/A N/A N/A
Antigua and Barbuda
N/A Parishes and dependencies borders N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
N/A Province / Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires Departamento / partido Distrito (Mendoza Province, Entre Ríos Province), Pedanías (Córdoba Province) Municipio (except for Buenos Aires Province, Mendoza, La Rioja and San Juan, where municipio is the same as departmento or partido) Villages, City, town Barrio N/A
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Districts (Municipalities) known as GAC regions N/A N/A
N/A State or Territory Border N/A Local Government Authority Border(e.g Shire/Council) District or Region Border (e.g Perthshire, Fitzroy, Canning, Greater Sydney, Greater Melbourne, etc.) Postcode Border (used for GIS and census) Suburb and Locality Border (If larger than ABS boundary) Suburb and Locality Border (ABS boundaries)
Austria (NUTS1 - macht in AT null Sinn) Bundesland
(NUTS3 - macht in AT wenig Sinn) Politischer Bezirk
Gemeindekennzahl: xxx
N/A Gemeinde
Gemeindekennzahl: xxxyy
Wiener / Grazer / ... Stadt- / Gemeindebezirk (opt.) Stadtteile
disputed territory - unrecognized state (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic) autonomous republic (Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic) regions (rayons) and cities with authority of republic level (şəhərlər) N/A N/A municipalities (bələdiyyələr) N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A Central government district - New Providence only N/A Districts of the Bahamas (Local government) N/A N/A
N/A Governorate N/A Municipality Example: Al Manamah, Ras Rumman etc N/A N/A neighbourhood N/A
(see also administrative divisions)
Division N/A District Subdistrict (Upazila / Thana) City Corporation Municipal Corporation / Pourashava Union N/A
National Border (Island coastline) N/A N/A Parishes of Barbados N/A N/A Suburbs, Hamlets and Villages Neighbourhoods, Housing Developments
N/A Oblasts (вобласьць / область) N/A Regions (раён / район) N/A Soviets of settlement (сельсавет / cельсовет) Suburbs (раён гораду / район города) Municipalities (населены пункт / населённый пункт)
(proposed / in use)
(see boundary=political for linguistic communities) Regions (NUTS1) N/A Provinces (NUTS2) Administrative arrondissements (NUTS3) Municipalities Deelgemeenten / sections Wijken / quartiers
Belize N/A Districts N/A N/A N/A Cities and towns N/A N/A
Benin N/A Département N/A Commune N/A N/A N/A N/A
(proposed by ff5722)
N/A Dzongkhag Dungkhag Gewog Thromde N/A N/A N/A
Bosnia and Herzegovina
(proposed / in use)
N/A entitet / eнтитет / entity
distrikt / дистрикт / district

napomena / напомена / note

kanton (FBiH) / županija (FBiH) / кантон (ФБиХ) / canton (FBiH) grad / град / city općina / opština / општина / muncipality
mjesna zajednica / мјесна заједницa / locality combinations naselje / насеље / localities N/A
Brazil Regiões (Sul, Sudeste, Centro-Oeste, Norte, Nordeste)
Unidades Federativas (Estados e Distrito Federal)
(states and Federal District)
Regiões metropolitanas
(metropolitan areas)
Municípios e regiões administrativas do Distrito Federal
(municipalities and administrative regions of the Federal District)
Distritos e Sub-Prefeituras
Bairros e Sub-Distritos
(suburbs and neighborhoods)
(proposed by User:Zulfadli51)
N/A Districts (daerah) N/A Mukims (subdistricts) N/A Villages (kampung or kampong), as designated by the Survey Department N/A N/A
Bulgaria N/A Planning Regions NUTS 2 (Райони за планиране /за Евростат/) N/A Regions (Области) Мunicipalities (Общини) Borders of city, town, village (кметства, землища, райони) Districts and suburbs (Квартали и предградия) Suburb parts, neighborhoods (Части от квартали, махали)
Burkina Faso
N/A Régions Provinces Départements/Communes Arrondissements (only in the 2 cities of Ouagadougou, and Bobo Dioulasso) Towns or villages (excluding their surrounding rural areas) Urban sectors (only in cities, and in the capital town of other urban municipalities) N/A
(proposed by Arie Scheffer)
N/A Provinces N/A Communes N/A Collines N/A Sous-Collines
Varies by province; see Canada admin level.
N/A Provinces & territories Major divisions (only some provinces) Regional municipalities & single-tier municipalities N/A Lower-tier municipalities in rural areas, boroughs/arrondissements within cities N/A Neighborhoods
Cameroon N/A Regions, like Extrême-Nord (similar to NUTS2) N/A Départements, like Mayo-Danay (similar to NUTS3) Arrondissements, like Njombe Penja Communes, like Melong. Use name=* to indicate the name of the commune. N/A Non-offical quartiers?
the Central African Republic
N/A Préfectures, like Ouham N/A Sous-préfectures, like Bouca Communes? Arrondisements? Quartiers? Sub-quartiers?
(proposed by Pete Masters)
See also Wikipedia
N/A Régions (23) N/A Départments (61) Sous-préfectures (200) Cantons (446) Villages ou localités Quartiers (subdivisions internes au village)
Colombia Región[4] Departamento Provincia Municipio Urbano: ciudad

Rural: corregimiento

Urbano: localidad / comuna

Rural: vereda

Urbano: barrio

Rural: N/A

Costa Rica - Provincia - Cantón - Distrito - Barrio
Chile N/A Regiones N/A Provincias N/A Comunas N/A N/A
(see Upravna podjela)'
N/A N/A Statistical regions (hr: statističke regije) (Slavonija, Dalmacija,...) County (hr: županije) municipality borders (hr: općine ili gradovi) Settlements (hr: naselja) Suburbs (hr: granice gradskih četvrti ili kotareva) Suburb parts (hr: granice kvartova ili mjesnih odbora)
(proposed by User:Esperanza)
SARs / 特别行政区界线 Provinces / 省级行政区 Prefectures / 地级行政区 County / 县级行政区 N/A Township / 乡级行政区
Town / 镇
Subdistrict / 街道
N/A Village / 村级自治组织
Neighbourhood community / 社区
  Hong Kong SAR
(proposed by User:miklcct)
SAR border N/A Hong Kong / Kowloon / New Territories Districts N/A N/A N/A N/A
  Macau SAR
(proposed by User:miklcct)
SAR border N/A Macau / Coloane / Taipa / Cotai Freguesias N/A N/A N/A N/A
Country 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
(proposed by User:Ricky75, User:Carluti)
N/A Provincia N/A Municipio N/A Ciudades N/A Barrios
Cyprus / Κύπρος / Kıbrıs
(second draft proposal)
De facto partitions: N/A N/A The 6 districts (e.g. left district (el:)Λάρνακα, en:Larnaca; right district (el:)Λεμεσός, en:Limassol) N/A Municipalities N/A N/A
Czech Republic N/A Statistic regions (NUTS 2) N/A Regions (kraj) (NUTS 3) Districts (okres) (LAU 1) Towns / villages (obec) (LAU 2) N/A Cadastral places (katastrální území)
Congo-Kinshasa (DRC)
(proposed by clairedelune)
N/A Province (26) "Ancienne" province Territoire / Ville Collectivité (secteur, chefferie, cité) / Commune Groupement / Quartier Localité ou village (terroir) / Cellule Subdivision interne au village / Bloc
N/A Regioner (regions - administrative unit) N/A N/A Kommune (municipalities) N/A N/A Sogn (parishes)
Dominican Republic
N/A Province (Provincia) N/A Municipality (Municipio) N/A District (Distrito municipal) N/A N/A
(proposed by Temporalista)
N/A Provincia N/A Cantón Límite Urbano (ciudades) Parroquia Urbana Barrio (Urbano), Comunidad (Rural) N/A (¿sectores censales?)
(proposed by Metehyi)
Governorate (Mouhafazah محافظة) fixme fixme fixme fixme fixme fixme fixme
El Salvador
(proposed by AragonChristopherR17z)
fixme Departamento Distrito Municipio Cantón Barrio Colonia fixme
Equatorial Guinea
(proposed by johanemilsson)
Regiones (Insular Region and Continental Region) Provincias N/A Districts N/A N/A N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A Countys (maakonnad) Municipalities (vallad, omavalitsuslikud linnad) Municipality districts (osavallad, linnaosad) Settlement units (külad, alevikud, alevid, vallasisesed linnad, asumid) N/A
Country 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
(proposed by Ukundji)
N/A Administrative States (9) Zones (68+2) Woreda (550+6) N/A Kebele N/A villages (Gots)
(proposed by Boozeman, augmented by Skela)
Main areas (Pääalueet, NUTS 1): Manner-Suomi Provinces (AVIn toimialueet (ent. läänit), NUTS 2): Etelä-Suomi N/A Regions (Maakunnat, NUTS 3): Uusimaa Sub-regions (Seutukunnat, LAU 1): Helsingin seutukunta municipalities (Kunnat / Kaupungit, LAU 2, for ref=*, see Väestörekisterikeskus, kuntaluettelo): Helsinki villages (kylät), Kaupunginosien suuralueet (Helsinki; Espoo, Vantaa ...) suburbs (Kaupunginosat): Kulosaari
(in use)
Territorial areas
(non purely administrative: one for Metropolitan France including Corsica, and one for each overseas departement)
Overseas collectivities
(note: 7 régions have replaced the 16 former régions still used by NUTS2 and ISO3166-2)
Circonscription départementale
(replacing a splitted former department, for the préfecture of Rhône, still used by NUTS3 and ISO3166-2)
(similar to NUTS3 and ISO3166-2), including the new department of Rhône (a sous-préfecture)
The Métropole de Lyon (also a sous-préfecture)
(subdivision of departements around a sous-préfecture)
(note: previously used for EPCI, which are now outside the admin_level scheme)
Use name=* to indicate the name of the commune, and ref:INSEE=* to indicate the unique identifier given by INSEE (COG).
Arrondissements municipaux (in Paris, Lyon, Marseille only), or communes associées and communes déléguées (in partially merged communes). Quartiers
(used for the local democracy).
May also be subvidided at level 11 into micro-quartiers in some densely populated cities.
 • French Polynesia The overseas collectivity N/A N/A Administratrive subdivisions (ISLV, IDV, Marquises, Tuamotu-Gambiers, Australes) N/A Communes (unitaires ou groupées) Communes associées District
(proposed by johanemilsson)
N/A Provinces N/A Departments N/A N/A N/A N/A
(proposed by kalc 7 May 2017)
N/A Regions (Divisions) LGAs Districts
(see also Administrative Divisions of Georgia)
Disputed territories - partially recognized states (Abkhazia and South Ossetia) regions (მხარე) including the Ajaran Autonomous Republic (ავტონომიური რესპუბლიკა) N/A districts (რაიონი) N/A N/A City Raions in Tbilisi and Batumi N/A
(see also Grenzen in Deutschland)
N/A federal states border (Bundesland) (NUTS 1) state-district border (Regierungsbezirk) (NUTS 2) county borders (Landkreis / Kreis / kreisfreie Stadt / Stadtkreis) (NUTS 3) amt (Amtsgemeinde, Verwaltungsgemeinschaft) (LAU 1) Towns, Municipalities / City-districts (Stadt, Gemeinde) (LAU 2) Parts of a municipality with parish councils / self government (Stadtbezirk / Gemeindeteil mit Selbstverwaltung) Parts of a municipality without ... (Stadtteil / Gemeindeteil ohne Selbstverwaltung)
Umgestellt Dez. 2008 / levels changed Dec. 2008 (siehe Diskussionsseite / see discussion page), see also the proposal with 11 values in next table below
N/A Region N/A District N/A N/A N/A N/A
Guinea - Guinée
(proposed / used)
N/A Region N/A Prefectures N/A Sub-prefectures (Communes) Villages / Towns Quartiers (Neighbourhoods)
N/A Όρια Αποκεντρωμένων Διοικήσεων Όρια Περιφερειών (NUTS 2) Όρια Περιφερειακών ενοτήτων (NUTS 3) Όρια Δήμων (LAU 1) Όρια Δημοτικών ενοτήτων, Δημοτικών διαμέρισμάτων (LAU 2) Όρια δημοτικών και τοπικών κοινοτήτων, Όρια πολεοδομικών συνοικιών N/A
(proposed --Esteban Ortiz 21 June 2009 (UTC))
N/A State border (Departamentos) N/A Municipal border (Municipios) N/A City and town border (Zonas) N/A N/A
Haiti (Republic of)
(proposed --Vsandre 16:19, 15 January 2010 (UTC))
N/A State border (Départements) (Layer 1) Districts (Arrondissements) Search-And-Rescue sectors (temporary) N/A City and town border (communes) (Layer 2) N/A Suburbs (sections) (Layer 3)
(proposed --Antonio Locandro 11 March 2014)
N/A Departamentos (State Border) N/A Municipios (Municipal Border) N/A Aldeas (Admin level border which encompass several towns / cities) Ciudades (Cities) Barrios y Colonias (Neighborhoods)
(proposed / used)
N/A Országrészek (Groups of Regions, NUTS 1) Régiók (Regions, NUTS 2) Megyék / főváros (Counties / capital city, NUTS 3) Járások (LAU 1) Települések (LAU 2) Kerületek (Districts) N/A
Country 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Iceland N/A N/A Regions Sveitarfélög - Municipalities N/A N/A N/A Hverfi (Suburb)
(see also administrative divisions)
Division State District Subdistrict (Tehsil / Mandal / Taluk) Metropolitan Area Municipal Corporation / Municipality / City Council Civic Zone Village/Civic Ward
Indonesia N/A Province City / Regency (Kotamadya / Kabupaten) Subdistrict (Kecamatan) Village (Kelurahan / Desa) Hamlet (Dusun) Community Group (Rukun Warga) Neighborhood Unit (Rukun Tetangga)
(proposed by johanemilsson, modified Øukasz (talk) 15:58, 24 August 2016 (UTC))
Iraqi Kurdistan (Arbil, Duhok, Sulaymaniyah) region governorates (muḥāfażah) districts (qadha) subdistricts (nahya) boroughs (hay) in urban and counties (mukataa) in rural areas neighbourhoods (mahalla) in urban and villages (qarya) in rural areas
Iran N/A Province (استان/Ostan) N/A Counties (شهرستان/Sharestan) District (بخش/Bakhsh) City (شهر/ Shahr), municipality or rural agglomeration (دهستان/ Dehestan) Village (روستا/Rousta) Neighborhood Unit (محله/Mahale)
Ireland N/A Reserved for compatibility with UK states (eg Northern Ireland) Province County Adminstrative County, County City Borough & Town council, Dublin Postal Districts Electoral Division Townland
Isle of Man N/A N/A N/A Sheedings N/A Parish / Village / Town N/A N/A
Israel הרשות הפלסטינאית
Palestinian Authority
אזור טבעי
Natural Region
Metropolitan area
עיר, מועצה אזוריות, מועצה מקומיות
City, Regional council, Local councils
(as discussed on the Italian Mailing list Vol 16, Issue 27, Dieterdreist - Updated March 9 2019 Ilbano)
N/A per i confini regionali (en: boundary of regions) N/A per i confini provinciali (en: boundary of provinces) per le comunità montane (en: mountain community) o le unioni di comuni (en: union of municipalities) per i confini comunali (en: boundary of municipalities) N/A per le circoscrizioni (dove sono rimaste) o per le località (en: boundary of districts)
Côte d'Ivoire N/A district
(example: Lagunes) où disctrict autonome (example: Abidjan)
place=state (not place=district)
(example: Agnéby-Tiassa)
(example: Département Sikensi)
(example: Sous-prefecture Bingerville)

(example: Yopougon)
(copied from Japan tagging#Boundary)
Reserved for state border - 道州制) Prefecture border Sub Prefecture border (振興局・支庁 in Hokkaido) County (郡) Municipal border (Cities, Towns, Villages, Special wards of Tokyo) Suburb; Wards of cities designated by government ordinance 政令指定都市 , Wards designated by local ordinance - 地域自治区 Quarter; Major Neighbourhood - 大字, (市町村配下の)町 Neighbourhood ; Minor Neighbourhood - 小字, 字, 丁, 丁目
not implemented below level 4 (governorate)
governorate district subdistrict
(proposed/used, proposed by MarcRKS & bardhazizi)
N/A Komunat e Kosovës N/A N/A N/A Zonat Kadastrale N/A Lagjjet
N/A Provinces (Lao: ແຂວງ khoueng) or one prefecture (kampheng nakhon) N/A Districts (Lao: ເມືອງ mɯ́ang) Villages (Lao: ບ້ານ ban) N/A N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A Counties (Novadi), Cities (Republikas nozīmes pilsētas) Towns (Pilsētas) Parishes (Pagasti) Villages (Ciemi) Suburbs (Priekšpilsētas)
(proposed by Metehyi source [1])
Governorate (Mouhafazah محافظة) Qadaa (also known as Caza قضاء ج. أقضية) Federation of municiplalities (إتحاد بلديات) Municipality (بلدية) منطقة عقاريّة N/A N/A N/A
(proposed by Adrian Frith)
N/A Districts N/A Constitutencies N/A Community councils N/A N/A
(proposed by Rafael Ávila Coya)
N/A Counties (15) N/A Districts (90) N/A Clans (chiefdoms?) N/A N/A
(proposed by Jano John Akim Franke)
N/A district (Shabiya) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Country 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Lithuania N/A Counties (Apskritys) Municipalities (Savivaldybės / Rajonai) Elderships (Seniūnijos) N/A Miestai / miesteliai / Kaimai (Cities / towns / villages) N/A City/Town suburbs (Miesto / miestelio dalys / miesto seniūnijos)
(proposed by User:Loll78)
N/A Districts (state) Cantons (region) Communes (county) N/A Cities / Villages (city / town / village) Quarters of City (suburb)
North Macedonia
(proposed by User:borces)
(see also mk:Административна поделба на Македонија)
N/A Статистички Региони (Statistical regions) N/A Град Скопје (City of Skopje) Општини (Municipalities ) Град/Село (city / town / village) Населби (suburb) Маало / Локалитет (neighbourhood / locality)
Faritany mizakatena (provinces) Faritra (regions) N/A Distrika (districts) N/A Kaominina (communes) N/A Fokontany (sections, communities of settlements / townships / villages)
Malaysia N/A negeri (states) bahagian (divisions) Sabah & Sarawak only daerah (districts) subdistricts
Kuching District only
mukim (counties) N/A PBT, kampung, taman, dll (municipalities, including townships, cities, villages, etc.)
Regions Districts Traditional authorities (rural areas), Urban administrative wards (urban centers) SC - sub-chiefs governed under the authority of the local traditional authority. The sub-chiefdoms are used in order to create reasonably sized administrative units within large TAs. Wards - the urban equivalent of a rural traditional authority or sub-chief area. Area - Numbered administrative wards in Lilongwe city. (Malawi Atlas) GVH Village
N/A Régions N/A Cercles N/A Commune N/A N/A
N/A Régions (Wilayas) N/A Départements (Moughataa) N/A Arrondissement Communes N/A
(proposed by OSM México)
(source: [2])
N/A State borders Municipal border city / town limit district limits / delegaciones city sectors / colonias
Moldova (Republic of Moldova)
(proposed by Moldovan_Merkator, Anatolie Golovco, Oleg_MD / in use)
- Disputed territory - unrecognized state (Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic [5]) - Autonomous regions UTA Găgauzia and ATU from the left bank of the Dniester (UAT din stînga Nistrului)

- Districts (Raioane) [ex: Florești, Briceni, etc.]
- Second level Municipalities (Municipiile de nivelul II) Chișinău, Bălți and Bender

- Găgăuzia Districts (Raioane) Comrat, Ceadîr-Lunga and Vulcănești Districts

- Transnistria Districts (Raioane) Rîbnița, Dubăsari, Grigoriopol and Slobozia Districts]
- Transnistria Cities Tiraspol City Council and Bender City Council

- First level Municipalities (Municipiile de nivelul I) [ex.: Orhei, Ungheni, etc.] - Chișinău Municipality's sectors (Sectoarele Municipiului Chișinău) [ex.: Rîșcani, Buiucani, etc.]
- Towns (Orașe) [ex.: Briceni, Glodeni, Dubăsari, etc.]

- Communes (Comune) [ex.: Larga, Crocmaz, etc.]
- Villages that do not form a commune (Satele care nu formează o comună) [ex.: Talmaza, Copanca, Bocani, etc.]

- The intravilane limit of villages, towns and cities (Limita intravilana a satelor, orașelor și municipiilor) [ex.: Căinari, Cricova] - Quarters (Cartiere)
(See: subdivisions)
N/A Regions (Wilaya)

(جهات المغرب)(ولاية)

Prefectures (الأقاليم والعمالات)
Cercles (الدائرة),
Caïdats (القيادة),
(الإداري) Préfectures d'Arrondissements (عمالات المقاطعات)
Urban and Rural Municipalities (الجماعات الحضرية)
and Communes (القروية)
Arrondissements (المقاطعات) N/A
Regions // Regiões (Norte, Centro, Sul) Provinces // Províncias Districts OR Province Capital Cities // Distritos OU Cidades Capitais Provinciais Administrative Post // Posto Administrativo Headquarters of Administrative Post // Sede do Posto Administrativo Neighbourhoods // Bairros Blocks // Quarteirões Group of 10 houses // Grupo das 10 casas
(see administrative divisions)
N/A states, regions, union territory, self-administered zones and divisions (ပြည်နယ်, တိုင်းဒေသကြီး, ပြည်တောင်စုနယ်မြေ, ကိုယ်ပိုင်အုပ် ချုပ်ခွင့်ရဒေသ, ကိုယ်ပိုင်အုပ် ချုပ်ခွင့်ရ တိုင်း) N/A cities (as the only city in Myanmar, Yangon encompasses several districts) districts (cities like Mandalay or Naypyidaw are each one district) (ခရိုင်) townships, city-districts (မြို့နယ်) subtownships villages
Province Development Region Zones Districts Municipalities, Sub-Municipalities and Metropolitans (Nepali: नगरपालिका, उप-महानगरपालिका, महानगरपालिका ) Cities/Villages (This admin level in OSM is what the Nepal Gov. calls a "Village Development Committee" (VDC) (Nepali: गाउँ विकास समिति; gāun bikās samiti)) Ward Tole
New Zealand see also the proposal with 11 values in next table below
New Zealand
(in use --Sdk 18 December 2012 (UTC))
N/A Regions (Canterbury, Bay of Plenty, Auckland, Gisborne etc.) governed by a regional council or unitary authority, and the Chatham Islands Territory. N/A Districts and Cities governed by a territorial authority (Dunedin City, Kapiti Coast District etc.) N/A Local boards in Auckland N/A N/A
N/A Departamentos, such as Chontales and RAACS N/A Municipios, such as Boaco and Juigalpa Indigenous territories, such as Tawira and Mayagna Sauni Bu City boundaries, such as Granada and León Distritos, Comarcas, such as Distrito I and El Almacen Barrios / Residenciales / Colonias, such as Villa Sandino and Bosques de Altamira
N/A Régions N/A Départements N/A Communes N/A N/A
Geopolitical zones (6) States (36) + the federal capital territory N/A Local Government Areas (774) N/A Wards (10 to 15 for each LGA - They are like councils) N/A N/A
North Korea
N/A Province (도), Capital city (직할시), Special city (특별시) N/A County (군), City (시) Ward (구역) Town (읍), Village (리), Neighbourhood (동), Workers' district (로동자구) N/A N/A
N/A County (Fylke) (19)
(1) Example: Rogaland, Hordaland
N/A N/A Muncipiality (Kommue) (430)
Example: Stavanger, Sandnes etc
N/A Bydel
Example: Røa, Våland, Minde etc
Country 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Panama N/A Provincias
(puede ser comarca)
N/A Distritos / Municipios N/A Corregimientos
(puede ser comarca)
Comunidad (rural)
Localidad (urbana)
Paraguay natural regions
regiones naturales
N/A N/A N/A municipal, city limits
municipalidades / distritos
N/A suburb and locality
barrios y compañias rurales
Peru N/A States, Departments
N/A Regions, Provinces
N/A Counties, Districts
N/A suburb and locality
Centros Poblados, Caserío, Anexo, Comunidad Nativa, etc
the Philippines
(first proposed by Ianlopez1115, revised by Seav, replaced by 11 admin_levels)
Regions Provinces Provincial Legislative Districts (if any) Cities and Municipalities City/Municipal Legislative Districts (if any) Other administrative districts (if any) (proposed: Barangays) Zones (if any) (proposed: Purok/Sitio) Barangays (proposed: gated communities (i.e. subdivisions) or any other type of community which does not constitutes their own low-level local government units (i.e. old city districts, Poblacion))
Portugal (Project page) N/A Region Island / Subregion District Municipality Civil parish Locality Neighbourhood
N/A Região Ilha / Sub-região Distrito Concelho Freguesia Localidade Bairro
Romania (România)
Historical provinces (Transylvania, Moldavia ...)
We don't think they will ever be drawn, as these are not administrative boundaries any more.
In theory there exists another intermediary level between county and country, the regions created because "the european union demands it" by arbitrarily grouping some counties, but neither the government nor the people are using these regions.
Counties (Judeţe) and the Municipality of Bucharest N/A Municipalities (Comune), which includes the surrounding area around the city / town / village, see example N/A N/A N/A N/A
Russia (Russian Federation)
Federal districts Federal subjects Groups of municipal districts / urban okrugs, administrative okrugs / districts of federal cities Municipal districts of federal subjects, municipal urban okrugs N/A Urban and rural municipalities, municipal intra-city territories of federal cities Administrative districts of urban okrugs and municipalities (Under discussion: all hamlets / suburbs or only suburbs with local government offices)
Федеральные округа Субъекты федерации Объединения муниципальных районов / городских округов, административные округа / районы городов федерального значения Муниципальные районы субъектов федерации, муниципальные городские округа Городские и сельские муниципальные образования, внутригородские муниципальные территории городов федерального значения Административные районы городских округов и поселений (Обсуждается: все населённые пункты либо только микрорайоны с территориальными управлениями администрации)
(see Administrative division or Statistical regions for possible future division)
N/A autonomous provinces
аутономне покрајине
(future NUTS1?)
statistical regions
статистички региони

општине и градске општине
local communities
месне заједнице
boundary of the "Regions" like Saint-Louis, Matam... N/A N/A boundaries of the "Départements" see a list here boundary of "arrondissements" : subdivision of departements; see a list here boundary of communes like Dakar, Tambacounda, Ziguinchor...see a list here or rural communities. boundary of "Arrondissement municipal" Used for the local democracy : quartiers
Sierra Leone
(proposed by IndoFio)
N/A borders of 3 Provinces (Eastern, Northern, and Southern) + Western Area (as described in ISO 3166-2) borders of 12 administrative districts, 6 municipalities (including Freetown), and Western Area Rural borders of Paramount Chiefdoms, 8 Wards in Freetown, and 4 Districts in Western Area borders of Section Chiefdoms (Paramount Chiefdoms only) N/A N/A N/A
Slovakia NUTS 2 Region (Groups of Regions): (SK: oblasti: Bratislavský kraj, západné Slovensko, stredné Slovensko, východné Slovensko) region borders (SK: hranica kraju, vyššieho územného celku) N/A borders of Bratislava and Košice (SK: hranice miest Bratislava a Košice) N/A district borders (SK: hranica okresu) LAU 2 Obec (Town/Village), autonomous towns in Bratislava and Košice Katastrálne územie (Cadastral place) (SK: katastrálne územie obce)
(see Regije and Upravna delitev Slovenije)
NUTS 2 (West-East) reserved for regional borders - if they are ever finalized (SL: pokrajine) borders of statistical regions (SL: statistične regije) N/A ... borders (SL: upravne enote) Municipal borders (SL: občine) N/A Suburbs, hamlets (SL: meje naselij)
South Africa N/A provincial borders N/A district borders (borders of district municipalities and metropolitan municipalities) N/A municipal borders (borders of local municipalities within districts) N/A ward borders
South Korea (ROK)
(proposed by namuori under discussion talk-ko Sep-2012)
N/A Regional(State) Border (Metropolitan Self-Governing Entity(MSGE) or 광역자치단체, as per 대한민국의 행정 구역 - 특별시(서울), 광역시, 도, 특별자치도(제주), 특별자치시(세종)) N/A County Border (Basic Self-Governing Entity(BSGE) or 기초자치단체 - MSGE's Gu/Gun & Do's Si 특별시의 자치구, 광역시의 자치구/군, 도의 자치시/군) City; Within a BSGE (기초자치단체(자치시)의): -gu 구 ; Within a Special Self-governing province (특별자치도의) :-si 시 Town; Within a -si (시의): -dong 동, -ga 가; Within a -do (도의): -eup 읍 : -myeon 면 N/A Village (-ri, 리), -tong 통
South Korea (merge with above for readability) N/A Province (-do, 도), Metropolitan City (gwangyeok-si 광역시), Special City (Seoul)(teukbyeol-si 특별시) N/A County (-gun, 군), City (-si, 시), Basic Self-Governing Entity (BSGE, 기초자치단체) District (-gu, 구). Special Self-governing Province (Jeju)(teukbyeol-jachido 특별자치도) N/A N/A N/A
South Sudan
(proposed by clairedelune)
Historical region (3) State (28) (Before 2015) State (10) County (86) Payam (580) Boma (2092) Village Village subdivision (rural) / Block (urban)

Frontera nacional.

(Unused) Groups of Spanish autonomous communities (NUTS 1).

(No usado) Grupos de comunidades autonomas (NUTS 1).

Autonomous communities (NUTS 2).

Comunidades Autonomas (NUTS 2).

N/A Provinces, see boundary=political for insular councils (NUTS 3).

Provincias, ver boundary=political para cabildos insulares (NUTS 3).



Municipalities, equivalent to townships, communes.

Municipios, equivalente a ayuntamientos o concejos (en Asturias o concellos en Galicia).

Districts (parishes).

Distrito (Entidad colectiva de población): Diputaciones, pedanias, parroquias civiles, hermandades, concejos (en Navarra o Álava).


Entidad singular de población: Villa, lugar, aldea, caserío, poblado, barrio, urbanización.

(proposed by Adrian Frith)
N/A Tifundza (regions) N/A Tinkhundla (constituencies) N/A Imiphakatsi (chiefdoms) N/A N/A
Country 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
(proposed by Pander)
N/A Districten (districts equivalent to counties or provinces) N/A N/A N/A Ressorten (resorts approximately equivalent to municipalities) N/A N/A
(proposed by studerap, extened by t-i)
N/A Cantons (de: Kantone)
Example: Aargau, Vaud
Administrative region or other who isn't a district (de: Verwaltungs­regionen, fr: Régions administratives). Districts (de: Bezirke/Ämter, fr: districts)
e.g. Entlebuch.
Schaffhausen and Geneva don't have districts.
Circles or something other between districts and municipalities. Municipalities (de: Gemeinden/Städte, fr: communes/villes)
Example: Basel, Montreux
Suburbs (de: Stadtkreise/Stadtteile, fr: secteurs)
e.g. Kreis 7 (Zurich)
Quarters (de: Quartiere, fr: quartiers)
e.g. Les Pâquis (Geneva)
Sweden Landsdel (Region) Example: Norrland, Svealand och Götaland Län (County / NUTS3)
(21) Example: Västra Götalands län, Örebro län etc
N/A N/A Kommun (Muncipiality / LAU2)
(290) Example: Göteborg, Alingsås etc
N/A Stadsdelsområde / Stadsdelsnämdsområde (Stockholm / Göteborg)
Example: Frölunda, Skarpnäck etc
In Umeå, this is called "Stadsdel" (Backenområdet, Marieområdet)[6]
Stadsdel / Primärområde
Example: Masthugget, Södermalm etc
In Umeå, this is called "Stadsdelsområde" (Backen, Umedalen, Mariehem, Marieberg)[7]
(proposed by qa003qa003)
N/A Governorates
N/A Cities, towns and villages of Subdistrict
Damascus Municipalities
N/A Damascus neighborhoods
Taiwan (Rep. of China) N/A Province 省; Municipality 直轄市 District of Municipality 直轄市的區 Provintial municipality 省轄市; County 縣 District 省轄市的區 County-administered city 縣轄市; Township 鄉/鎮 Village 村/里 Neighbourhood 鄰
(proposed by Maailma)
N/A Border of Province (3), Region (1) and Capital city (Sughd Province, Region of Republican Subordination, Khatlon Province, Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region, Dushanbe) N/A District (e.g. Varzob, Khovaling, Murghob) N/A Jamoat (e.g. Sarichashma) N/A Deha (village) / micro rayons
Zone (e.g. Northern Zone) Region (e.g. Arusha) District (e.g. Arumeru) Division (e.g. Mbarika) Ward (e.g. Usa River) N/A Village (in rural context) or Sub-ward/Mtaa (e.g. USA River; urban) Shina (area of responsibility of a Mjumbe or Tencell)
N/A Province /
N/A District /
Bangkok: Khet
N/A Subdistrict /
Bangkok: Kwaeng
N/A Village place=village
Municipality City place=city
Municipality Town place=town
Municipality Township place=?
Tambon Administrative Organization (TAO) place=?
N/A Région /
Commune de Lomé (statut particulier)
(note : la préfecture du Golfe, dans la région Maritime, couvre également Lomé)
(note : Lomé est également une sous-préfecture)
Commune (sauf Lomé) Arrondissement municipal Quartier Village
Tunisia N/A Borders of the 24 Governorates of Tunisia Delegations (Districts) Borders Imadats (Sectors) Borders N/A N/A N/A N/A

See NUTS as well

the Census-defined geographical regions of Turkey (which are used for administrative purposes and are well-known in the country)


Borders of the 81 provinces of Turkey (NUTS 3) N/A


the boundary of districts (turkish ilçe) N/A

LAU 1 (aka NUTS 4)


LAU 2 (aka NUTS 5) (inofficially: boundaries of villages)

Uganda Borders of the regions of Uganda (which do not have any political or administrative importance) Borders of the 112 districts of Uganda the boundary of counties N/A the boundary of sub-counties the boundary of Parishes the boundary of Zones (in Kampala only)
Crimea, Oblasts / АР Крим, області / АР Крым, области N/A Crimea rayons, rayons in oblasts / Райони в Криму, райони в областях / Районы в Крыму, районы в областях Administrative rayons in cities, towns / Адміністративні райони в містах/ Административные районы в городах Local radas in rayons in oblasts or in Crimea / Місцеві ради в районах області або в Криму (міські ради, селищні ради, сільські ради) / Местные советы в районах области или в Крыму (городские советы, поселковые советы, сельские советы) N/A N/A
United Kingdom N/A England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland Regions of England England: metropolitan counties, non-metropolitan counties, unitary authorities, City of London, Isles of Scilly
Scotland: council areas
Wales: principal areas/awdurdodau unedol
N/A England only: Districts, consisting of metropolitan boroughs, London boroughs, non-metropolitan districts N/A England: civil parishes
Scotland: community councils
Wales: communities/cymunedau
United States
Simplified/generalized; see United_States_admin_level and
WikiProject United States/Boundaries
There are semi-official and unofficial regions, see [W] List_of_regions_of_the_United_States. These are geographical, possibly cultural regions; do not tag these admin_level=3. the 50 states,
three Territories, two Commonwealths
and the District of Columbia
New York City (unique in USA as an agglomerate of multiple county equivalents) state counties and "county equivalents," territorial municipalities civil townships (in about one-third of states) state municipalities: cities, towns, villages and hamlets (infrequent) wards (rare) neighborhoods (infrequent)
(proposed by Zeroth)
N/A department borders N/A local board limits (municipios) N/A city / town limit N/A barrios
(proposed by Øukasz (talk) 00:17, 17 November 2018 (UTC))
N/A Province N/A Area (sometimes referred to as Area Council. Municipalities of Port Vila and Luganville are their own Areas) N/A Ward (subdivision of Municipalities, and in some cases former Municipalities) Community (Nakamal council) (Not typically used by the central government, but in use to further subdivide some Areas) N/A
(proposed by Ninomax)
(see also this page)
N/A province border : Tỉnh, thành phố trực thuộc TW N/A district / township border : quận, huyện, thị xã, thành phố thuộc tỉnh N/A commune / town / ward border : phường, xã, thị trấn N/A N/A
Country 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 admin_level values for specific countries

This wiki table can be edited here

Country 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Bolivia (proposed) N/A Departamentos / state border Regiones / regions Provincias / provinces Regiones metropolitanas / metropolitan regions Municipios, Territorio indígena originario campesinos, Pueblos / municipalities, Indigenous-original-farmer territories, towns Partes del municipio con autoridad, macrodistritos, comunas, juntas vecinales / parts of the municipality with authority, macro-districts, municipalities, neighborhood councils Partes del municipio sin autoridad / parts of the municipality without authority Organizaciones territoriales de base (OTB), Barrios, Unidad Vecinal (UV) / territorial base organizations, neighbourhoods, neighborhood unit
Germany: Umstellung auf: / changed to: (siehe Diskussionsseite / see discussion page), see also the original list with 10 values in table above
new levels:

Germany see also Grenzen in Deutschland

N/A federal states border



state-district border



county borders

Landkreis / Kreis / kreisfreie Stadt


amt [3]

Samtgemeinde, Verwaltungsgemeinschaft

LAU 1 (aka NUTS 4)

Towns, Municipalities / City-districts

Stadt, Gemeinde

LAU 2 (aka NUTS 5)

Parts of a municipality with parish councils /self_government

Stadtbezirk / Gemeindeteil mit Selbstverwaltung

Parts of a municipality without ...

Stadtteil / Gemeindeteil ohne Selbstverwaltung

Neighbourhoods statistical or historical

Stadtviertel etc.

Mozambique (proposed) N/A States (Províncias) N/A N/A N/A Municipalities (Municípios) Districts (Distritos Municipais) Postos Administrativos Neighbourhoods (Bairros)

Updated per this thread.

border around The Netherlands, and border around other constituent states in the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Aruba, Curaçao & Sint Maarten) Provinces like Zeeland, Noord-Holland etc. (provincie)


also the Caribbean Netherlands (BES eilanden)

Water board boundary (waterschap) No longer used.

Historically used for plusregio urban regions in some parts of NL (until 2015-01-01)

No longer used.

Historically used for collaboration of municipalities, but not an official plusregio

boundary for municipality (gemeente) (like Amsterdam , Schiermonnikoog)


also special municipalities (Bonaire, Saba, Sint Eustatius)

No longer used.

Historically used for autonomous city districts in Amsterdam (stadsdelen) en Rotterdam (deelgemeenten)

boundaries for settlements (woonplaatsen) (non-autonomous municipal subdivisions) No longer used.

Historically used for neighborhoods (wijken)

Philippines 10-admin level proposal is replaced by 11-admin_level, with sitios and puroks taking admin_level=11. See old administrative levels at table above
new levels


Regions (Rehiyon) Provinces (Lalawigan) Provincial legislative districts Cities/municipalities (Lungsod/bayan) City/municipal legislative districts Administrative districts of Manila, Iloilo City and Davao City, former barangays that remain in use for addressing purposes (e.g. in Quezon City, Caloocan) Barangay zones Barangay Sitio/purok
Poland N/A województwa (voivodships, provinces, regions). Details in Polish N/A powiaty (counties) - some cities have county status - in OSM their borders have both relations - one as a city and second as a county. Details in Polish gminy (municipalities) - some cities have municipality status - in OSM their borders have both relations - one as a city and second as a municipality. Details in Polish cities, towns and villages.
(miasta, miasteczka i wsie). Details in Polish
City districts (dzielnice) Przysiółki - usually isolated parts of villages. Details in Polish boundaries for neighborhoods (osiedla)
Turkmenistan (proposed) N/A Provinces / Welayatlar / Области (e.g., Ahal) Provincial districts / Welayatyň etraplary / Районы областей (e.g., Ak Bugday etrap) N/A N/A Cities and Towns / Şäherler we Şäherçeler / Города и поселки (e.g., Ashgabat, Dashoguz, Ýölöten) Rural Councils and Municipal Boroughs with mayors, Villages / Geňeşler we Şäheryň häkimli uly etraplary, Obalar / Сельсоветы и крупные городские районы с мэром, Села (e.g., Babarap, Köpetdag etrap) Neighborhoods, Hamlets, Municipal Districts / Ýaşaýaş toplumlary, Oba ilatly punktlar, Şäheryň kiçi etraplary we etrapçalary / Микрорайоны, Хуторы (e.g., Parahat 7, Çoganly Ýaşaýaş Toplumy) Subdistricts / Etrabyň etraplary / Субмикрорайоны (e.g., Parahat 7/2)
Venezuela Región Estado, Distrito Capital, Dependencia Federal Distrito Metropolitano, Alcaldía Mayor Municipio Parroquia Ciudades y poblaciones Sectores y Barrios de 1° nivel Sectores y Barrios de 2° nivel Otros elementos administrativos menores


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