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A place, usually unattended, where you can pick up and drop off rented bikes. Edit or translate this description.
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Some cities have a bicycle rental/sharing system, based on parking stations where you can pick up and drop off bikes. These can be sometimes called "bike docks" or "docking stations".

Note: For features that provide besides others bicycle rental as a service, like shops (shop=bicycle) that rent bikes, better use the property service:bicycle:rental=yes. amenity=bicycle_rental is intended for rental stands which are usually unstaffed.


Add a node node and tag it with amenity=bicycle_rental in the geographical centre of the feature.

Tag Description
name=* Name of the station.
ref=* Station reference.
capacity=* Number of parking spaces available.
capacity:cargo_bike=* Number of parking space dedicated to cargo bikes.
network=* Name of the station network (Vélo'v in Lyon/France, Vélib' in Paris/France,Vélocité in Besançon, le vélo in Marseille/France, "Villo" in Brussels/Belgium, bixi in Montréal/Québec, dublinbikes in Dublin/Ireland, tfl_cycle_hire in London, etc.)
operator=* Name of the operating company (optional). example : Smovengo in Paris for Vélib', Bike Share Toronto in Toronto
payment:credit_cards=* payment:credit_cards=yes when payment is possible with credit cards; payment:credit_cards=no when not possible (for example docks that unlock only with member card or an unlock code)

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