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Public-images-osm logo.svg amenity = bicycle_repair_station
A public tool for self-repair of bicycles. Edit or translate this description.
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Bicycle repair station-14.svg
Group: Bicycles
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A unattended public bicycle repair area, typically featuring tools, a pump and a repair stand.

This tag is intended for do it yourself standalone repair stations which are typically located outside and open 24/7. Please see shop=bicycle. Please do not tag shops with this tag!

Key Possible values Implied Description
service:bicycle:pump yes/no unknown there is an air pump with both Presta and Schrader style valves.
service:bicycle:chain_tool yes/no unknown there is a tool for repairing broken links in a bicycle chain.
opening_hours=* <value> 24/7 Usually 24/7 (can be different if it is indoor)
operator=* [name] The party responsible for maintenance (usually the property owner, but not always).
brand=* [name] The manufacturer of the station, if it is a standard design (e.g. "Dero", "Bike Fixstation", or "RepairSTAN"). For a list of vendors see this guide.
lastcheck:status=* [working] [needs_repair] A report of the last field check of this facility. Is it fully operational? In need of repair?

See Also

Import History

  • Import/Dero_Bike_Repair - Early 2015 import of 500 or so bicycle tool stands. The Dero company now enters locations directly into OSM, and builds their private map from this data.

Revising Existing Tagging

Prior to development of this tag, mappers were using various hacks to get this feature to render. Those hacks included:

Further Examples

Public Bike Repair Station with tools and pump in front of the Decathlon retail store in Berlin-Schöneweide