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A drinking water source provides potable water for consumption. Edit or translate this description.
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Drinking water is a place where humans can obtain potable water for consumption. Typically, the water is used for only drinking. This includes the drinking fountain or bubbler, water taps, water wells and water points.

How to Map


This tag value should be used on nodes or areas that shows the source of a potable water that humans can drink from. Generally, this feature provides small quantities of water. Tag bottle=yes if it offers an easy way to fill a portable water container.


You can use the key fountain=* to map subtypes of drinking fountains and fountains. Also it is proposed to tag drinking fountains/bubblers with man_made=drinking_fountain.

Temperature additional tags

There is also warm_water=yes in use.

Alternative Tags

The tag drinking_water=* is used as a indication whether a physical feature provides safe drinking water or potable water for consumption. When mapping with this tag it has a fine level of granularity, it is acceptable to mark the individual water sources as a amenity=drinking_water.

For example when tagging a natural=spring that has potable water for use, one may tag the spring with drinking_water=yes.

Photo Examples

Drinking water road signs

Proposal History

External links

  • www.wetap.org – iOS applications (Android coming soon, it says) for collecting drinking water photos/locations/status.
  • OSMBright-drinkingwater – Files to make the OSMBright theme for OpenStreetMaps show drinking water more prominently.

Common/Possible Tagging Mistakes

If you know places with this tag, verify if it could be tagged with another tag.
Automated edits are strongly discouraged unless you really know what you are doing!

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