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A pub Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Food and beverages
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A pub or public house is an establishment that sells alcoholic drinks that can be consumed on the premises. Pubs commonly sell food which also can be eaten on the premises. They are characterised by a traditional appearance and a relaxed atmosphere. You can usually sit down and there is usually no loud music to disturb conversation. A pub would be a good location to meet after a day's mapping for OpenStreetMap.

Historically, pubs originate in Britain, Ireland, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and can be traced back to Roman taverns.

How to Map

Set a node or draw as an area along the pub outline. Tag it with amenity=pub and name=*.

Tags to use in combination

In some countries, local people will often refer to local pubs with the definite article; e.g., a pub called Red Lion Inn may be referred to in colloquial speech as The Red Lion. This should be included in the name=* if and only if it appears on the signs on the exterior of the pub.

For example
Royal Oak Pub, Fishguard, Wales, UK.JPG name=Royal Oak
The Royal Oak.jpg name=The Royal Oak


Amenity-pub.png (Openstreetmap carto). Pubs are rendered with a proper pint glass on this map style. OpenCycleMap shows pint glasses at a lower zoom level; pubs are extra important when cycling.

Additional tags (suggested)

  • food=yes - If the pub serves food, or type of food thereof
  • cocktails=yes - if Cocktails selling
  • beer_garden=yes - The pub has a garden where customers can sit outside. You may wish to add an additional node describing the garden's location if you have decent imagery or GPS data. See also amenity=biergarten for biergarten as known in Germany.
  • outdoor_seating=yes - The pub has outside seating, possibly café-style. Useful for urban situations where one can't really describe the seating as garden-like
  • old_name=* - former name of premises
  • real_ale=yes - real ale offered or type thereof
  • real_cider=yes - real cider/perry offered
  • accommodation=yes/<style> - Accommodation offered, or type thereof
  • camra=yes - Listed in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide (UK only). Note that there is a Points-of-Interest file distributed by CAMRA, but the terms seem to prohibit importing this data into OpenStreetMap
  • real_fire=yes - if the pub has a real fire

Similar tags

  • amenity=bar - Difficult distinction. In general a bars are modern purpose-built commercial premises, have a more noisy atmosphere, and may be standing room only.
  • amenity=nightclub - More emphasis on dancing. More likely to require an entry fee.
  • amenity=biergarten - like pubs, but outdoors.
  • amenity=cafe - more tea/coffees drinks, less alcohol. Normally not open later at night like a pub.
  • amenity=restaurant - Often pubs double as a restaurant, or have an area set aside as a restaurant. Decide the primary purpose of the place.