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Public-images-osm logo.svg building = roof
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A building open on at least two sides. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Buildings
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Status: de facto

building=roof is used for roofs which are open at least at two sides. For roof features which are part of another building use building:part=roof.

How to map

If there are already other features below or above the roof on the map, layer should be used to provide information about stacking of features. In addition covered=* may be used to mark objects (for example roads) as covered by the roof.

In case of ways below the roof:

  • either all ways below roof or the roof should get a layer tag. In more complex situations layer=* for roof, ways under roof and for other objects may be required.
  • The way may have shared node nodes with the building where it crosses the outline of the building.
  • The way should be tagged with covered=*. When the two walls of the building=roof form a tunnel without an open side use tunnel=building_passage instead.

Some mappers prefer to map building=roof + layer=1 and not sharing any nodes with ways passing below the roof - please discuss.

Consider Simple Indoor Tagging or Simple 3D buildings for more complicated cases.



This tag is for instance used for the roofs of petrol stations (amenity=fuel).

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Usage in Sweden

This is a minor import but: This tag was recently used in an import in Sweden; It was used to denote, among other things, buildings that have two walls or less. This means can mean e.g. a front porch. So when it was surveyed the buildings had two or less walls, but it's noted that new walls can later be added by the owners and the data can not be 100% on what the current state is. way 206338356