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A golf course Edit or translate this description.
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A golf course is the grounds where the game of golf is played.

How to map

Create an area and tag it leisure=golf_course.

If you are not sure of its border you can place a single node in the middle and tag it leisure=golf_course but the area is preferable.

Tags to use in combination

Details within a golf course

For paths for golf carts, see Talk:Key:access#Golf_cart.

Key Value Element Description Number
golf tee area node Area where play begins on a golf hole. Be aware there may be up to 4 tee boxes on a given hole, often with significant displacement from each other, and sometimes approaching the green from different directions. These are usually denoted by colours (most commonly blue, white and red, but may also be green, yellow, black) and names (Championship, Members, Womens). 1
golf hole way The hole is represented by a way along the standard playing path from tee area to the green. The hole way can also be tagged with ref=*, par=*, handicap=* and name=*. If the par or handicap varies by tee, denote the exception after a colon (for example, par:red=* if the par from the red tees is different than the par from the other color tees). 10
golf pin node For the location of the hole. Since this does change over time (as often as daily) to keep wear on the green even, it is not recommended to map it. Use golf=green and map the area. 9
golf green area The area of short grass on smooth ground surrounding a hole, short for the 'putting green'. 8
golf bunker area A type of hazard, also known as a sand trap, which is a depression in the ground filled with sand. Recommended to also tag with surface=sand or natural=sand. Do not use natural=beach--it's not a beach! (Tagging for the renderer) 5
golf fairway area The area between the tee and green where the grass is cut even and short. Do not use the tag landuse=grass is to make the rendering more appealing. Use surface=grass 7
golf rough area Areas within bounds which have longer length of grass. 3
golf water_hazard area Usually defined by yellow stakes or lines (Rule 26) - Always tag natural=water for the parts of the hazard that are filled with water. 2
golf lateral_water_hazard area Usually defined by red stakes or lines (Rule 26) - Always tag natural=water for the water areas if they exist. 6
golf driving_range area A driving range is an area where golfers can practice their golf swing.
golf out_of_bounds way Usually defined by white stakes or lines. 4
golf clubhouse area The building dedicated as a clubhouse. Always tag building=yes for the building itself.

Golf field 2.svg

Do not use sport=golf or leisure=pitch on this tag or any of the details tags!


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