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A playground: an area designed for children to play. Edit or translate this description.
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Marks a children's playground, playpark, or play area. These are outdoor (sometimes indoor) areas specifically designed for children to play. Often they provide equipment such as swings, slides, climbing frames and roundabouts. They are often part of a larger park, but are also found in residential areas and schools.

In the United States, it is common for a park to have "Playground" in its name even though there are athletic fields and other amenities in addition to the playground. Use leisure=park for the overall "Playground" and leisure=playground for the play area specifically.

How to Map

Create an area of the grounds and tag it leisure=playground.

If you are not sure of its border you can place a single node in the middle and tag it leisure=playground, but the area is preferred.

Tags to use in combination

  • name=* - name of the playground
  • surface=* - grass, sand, rubbercrumb, woodchips etc
  • wheelchair=yes/no/limited if the equipment can be used by wheelchair users
  • min_age=* Minimum age of the user in years
  • max_age=* Maximum age of the user in years
  • operator=* - eg, the name of the local council or school
  • opening_hours=*
  • access=private/customers for playgrounds unavailable to public
  • indoor=yes for indoor playgrounds (outdoor is default)
  • fee=yes when entrance is charged (typical for indoor situations)
  • supervised=yes for places with non-parental supervision of children (no is default)
  • playground:theme=* and more rarely theme=*

Playground equipment

Equipment and features within the playground should be mapped individually as separate nodes/areas, details are found here: playground=*.

Fewer mappers prefer to describe the available equipment as a summary list with prefix-tags described in playground:=*.

Additional infrastructure


Tip: Take care not to look too shifty while photo mapping a playground. Do it from a distance, or when no children are around

Similar tags

  • leisure=fitness_station - outdoor excercise equipment. A playground for adults!
  • leisure=pitch - a sports pitch. An area (or "grounds") in which sports are "played", but playgrounds are more for children to play and not for serious sports.
  • leisure=park - a park. Usually a park will be mapped as an area, and a playground can be placed within it.
  • leisure=schoolyard - for open areas in schools where pupils spend breaks between lessons; for recreation but usually without playground infrastructure
  • tourism=theme_park - A theme park has supervised "rides", unlike playgrounds which have self-operated play equipment.
  • landuse=recreation_ground - An open green space for general recreation.