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A convenience store. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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A convenience store. A small local shop carrying a variety of everyday products, mostly including single-serving food items such as milk, bread, snacks, groceries to over-the-counter medications, household items, stationery, and small auto supplies such as fuses.

They may be part of a chain - 7-Eleven (US, Japan, Europe, Australia) and AM/PM, Wawa (US) - or locally owned. In the USA, they're also sometimes referred to as bodegas or corner stores.

How to map

Set a node or draw as an area along the shop outline. Tag it with shop=convenience.

Tags used in combination

In fuel stations

Convenience shops are often provided within fuel stations. This tag can therefore be used on the same node as amenity=fuel. Alternatively (as an improved level of detail) place two different nodes/areas: amenity=fuel over the location of the pumps, shop=convenience where the shop is. This may be more important when the convenience store has different branding from the fuel station (e.g., Murco and Costcutter).

With cafe / fast food?

As with fuel stations, you might be tempted to use other amenity tags in combination with shop=convenience e.g. amenity=fast_food amenity=cafe. This is not wrong, but it may be more helpful to add in separate nodes/areas if you can locate them separately, or decide upon the primary focus of the shop type.


Mapnik Convenience-14.svg
OpenStreetBrowser OSB supermarket.png

Similar tags

There's quite a lot of a very similar shop types. The distinction will often be a matter of judgement

  • shop=supermarket - shops which sell a whole range of products, but which are large. Suggested distinction: Large enough to have push trolleys. Please note that many small shops will call themselves supermarkets in their name. Please choose based on the size of the shop, not its name.
  • shop=farm - A seasonal outlet for goods produced on a given farm.
  • shop=general - a very similar type of shop, but typically with an even wider range of products including tools, building supplies. It sells everything because it is the only shop for miles around.
  • shop=newsagent - a small shop primarily selling newspapers and magazines
  • shop=kiosk - a very little shop (a kiosk) selling cigarettes, newspapers, sweets, snacks, and convenience items
  • shop=greengrocer - very similar shop (and similar size to a convenience store normally) but the vast majority of a greengrocers would be focused on fruit and vegetables.
  • shop=alcohol - in some countries, shops which were specialist alcohol shops are now often convenience stores, and may still refer to themselves as XXX Off-license. It may be necessary to check what these shops stock in order to decide which tag to use.