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A remote building located in the mountains intended to provide board and lodging. Edit or translate this description.
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See Mountain hut on Wikipedia

An alpine hut is a remote building located in the mountains intended to provide board and lodging. It is managed during the opening period. Typically, an alpine hut belongs to and is operated by an alpine club or a similar organisation.

Required properties :

  • Remote building found in mountains (not only the Alps)
  • The access is usually restricted to foot, mountain bike or ski.
  • You will find food, shelter and sleeping places
  • Permanent human presence during the opening period from staff to provide services, if no staff use tourism=wilderness_hut, if private hut for rent use tourism=chalet
  • Reservation might be possible / required / recommended
  • Optional owner access through restricted tracks might still be possible, also access by cablelift or helicopter.

How to Map

Set a node node at the center of the feature or draw an area area along its outline. Tag it with tourism=alpine_hut and name=*.

Optional tags
Key Value Discussion
reservation=* yes
yes - reservation is possible
no - there is no reservation option for this amenity
required - you have to reserve if you want to sleep at the hut
recommended - you should make a reservation, otherwise you may be rejected
members_only - reservation is only possible for members of the alpine club running the hut, or associated alpine clubs. Non members have to wait until a certified time in order to know if they can stay or not and beds are given not at first come first serve, but until a certain time (usually 4 to 6 PM) only to members, and only if empty beds remain to non members.
winter_room yes/no Small room to provide shelter outside the opening period.
shower yes/no Are showers available

Other useful generic tags :

  • opening_hours=* opening days in the year (e.g.> Jun 01 - Sep 30)
  • ele=* elevation
  • capacity=* sleeping capacity
  • description=* fill more information with text
  • access=* useful values are access=yes and access=private. NOTE. This tag should not be confused with the status of the operator (e.g., DAV/CAF/SAC owned vs. privately owned. Private would indicate that the hut is only open to members or associates of the owning organisation (this is the typical status for mountain huts in the UK, see discussion).
  • operator=* typically used to indicate huts owned or maintained by a specific organisation, usually a club. E.g., Mountain Bothy Association, Österreichischer Alpenverein, etc.



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