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An island is a small area that temporarily separates two different directions of traffic. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Highways
Used on these elements
may be used on nodesmay be used on waysmay be used on areasshould not be used on relations
Status: unspecified

A traffic island is a structure separating at least two lanes of a highway for a short distance. The width of the island is usually under a few meters and should be less than 5 meters.

How to map

This applies to nodes and ways.

Junction with central island.jpg

Don't let the island on the image on the left confuse you: there are indications neither of a one-way nor of right-of-way, so this is just a junction with an island for traffic calming.


  • A traffic calming may be rendered as small hollow dot in the middle of a node or a small hollow line in the middle of a way. The line would be the same color as the feature and the outline would be black.
  • None.


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