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How to tag particular chain restaurants and stores?

Information here is outdated; please use You can instead use the page.

Baskin Robbins

amenity=fast_food or something else?


amenity=restaurant or amenity=fast_food?


Should it be amenity=cafe or amenity=restaurant?

Five Guys

amenity=restaurant or amenity=fast_food?


amenity=restaurant or amenity=fast_food?

Panera Bread

amenity=cafe or amenity=restaurant?

Pizza Hut

amenity=restaurant or amenity=fast_food? Some Pizza Huts do have traditional table service and are restaurants; others are only take out or delivery, or other format that can make them fast food.


amenity=cafe or amenity=restaurant?

From OSM planet

As of 4 May 2010

name cafe fast_food pub restaurant
Baja Fresh 23 8
Baskin Robbins 4 25 1
Chipotle Mexican Grill 51 36
Cosi 11 3 6
Dunkin Donuts 31 87 5
Five Guys 26 9
Fuddruckers 2 12
Panera Bread 25 14 37
Potbelly Sandwich Works 2 8 8
Qdoba 17 11
Starbucks 1200 26 2
Subway 22 1725 90