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Open Data Law

In 2014, Colombia passed an open data law:

There are now lots of huge data sets available for download, including these SHP files (Cons.shp has all of the buildings in Bogotá), and this spreadsheet which correlates those buildings with usage codes. The spreadsheet is clearly available under CC-BY-SA. Let's figure out the licensing on those shape files and get it clarified if necessary. Anyone with good Spanish skills and powers of persuasion want to email ? Also, has anybody found similar datasets for other Colombian cities?


In many major cities in Colombia Sunday morning designated roads are closed for motorized traffic for the citizens to bike, walk and other exercises[[1]].

The current status of tagging these roads seems to be to draw a separate road over normal roads, labelling them highway=cycleway and giving them opening hours (e.g. [[2]]). This is an older convention and today we prefer to use conditional restrictions to tag these roads.

For example

Access:motor_vehicle:conditional=no @ Su 0700-1400
Acces:bicycle:conditional=yes @ Su 0700-1400
Acces:foot:conditional=yes @ Su 0700-1400