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complaints about "parajes"

Hi, as my spanish is not the best, I'll try now in english (also not good). Maybe someone understands my concerns. I don't want to depreciate the work here, I am just hoping for some improvements before we get another wrong database fully entered in OSM.
Could you explain why you started the import with the biggest amount of data of your provisional database? From the name "provisional" you can imagine that this will have many errors. You should have started with bigger Cities, Airports and such stuff, which can be verified relatively easy. After such verification you may have judged this data to be feasable and worth to continue. I doubt that, since the number of cities over 100000 inhabitants is not even close to 59 (as mentioned here [1]).

After having several examples of low quality data inside OSM Spain it's time to make things better, not worse.
Petrol Station import & Corine forrest import brought a lot of false positives/fakes to the maps. Why haven't you learnt from that? If you think the data is important enough to be entered in OSM, then please make the import after validation or put at least a FIXME Tag, that can be removed by the people while doing the validation.
The contruction of emailing to get permission to change "bullshit" is contrary to the wiki concept we have for the rest of the data in OSM. A notification can't be expected and would not be necessary if you'd thought about any validation tag. Then an automated export could find the changes and a renderer could decide if that data can be visualised or not.

As this import is actually for area names (= nombre de un paraje) it makes no sense to put this as a single point in the database. It can't be accurate for that simple reason, so I wouldn't put it and mark it as "ready" (which is expected if you see a dozen of tags for a single node). I'd prefer to avoid all tags that make such nodes visible to the renderer, since I don't see a automated way by now to judge this is "good" and this is still not verified. Some people seems also to be confused by the area names and changed already the name to a peak. As I saw in the list picos are in there, why haven't you start with such points!, if for some reason you don't like the towns.--Ottokar55 20:13, 19 April 2011 (BST)