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Handling collision when used with other pois

Hi can you guys help detailing naming tag like courier:<company>=yes or courier:[brand]=yes/office/subsidiary @Dieterdreist @Rtfm

Why not post_office

For most countries, where there is a national mail service, the phrase "Post Office" has a specific meaning to be one of the outlets for that service. People don't expect see a courier service when they look for post_office. And I believe one of the reasons for mosth of them not being added to the map already.

There are state owned and public private post offices at many places, they should be mapped as post_offices only.
But still that doesn't mean courier services to called and identified as post_offices.Their is a distinction between. I think using post_office tag for everything will cause much confusion. And this is the main reason why people use other tags and why this proposal was made. Please go through the mailing list of this tag and amenity=courier proposal and respective discussion page to get more idea --Muzirian (talk) 12:35, 15 April 2017 (UTC)