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In general sport tags are attributive, i.e., they only provide information about an object already described by other tags. The closest analogy is leisure=pitch with sport=cricket_nets. I'm not sure how complete the analogy might be (although my only experience of both baseball & cricket in school were in a batting cage and nets respectively. Furthermore batting_cage does not tell data consumers unfamiliar with baseball that it is a baseball-related term.

I would look at some of the following options:

  • Tags to map the actual cage structure (e.g., man_made or barrier). Basically the cage is a fence surrounding
  • A leisure tag to describe the area of the cage (see the cricket net analogy) or just use leisure=batting_cage with sport=baseball
  • Canvas the talk-us mailing list for opinions.

Best of luck. SK53 (talk) 11:55, 25 October 2017 (UTC)

Great points

Though I'm not entirely sure that cricket nets are still even acceptable.