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I believe that this tag is necessary, but it has no to overlay to tourism=caravan_site It has to be addedd to parkings where there is no others amenity, for free parking site. We can also think to add VR=yes o Motorhome=yes to amenity=parking. it is also necessary to propose amenity=camper_service inestad of amenity=waste_disposal+waste=chemical_toilet because is more descriptive of the object. I'm in touch with the italian camper community and, from my point of view, is necessary to solve this problem just to add to the map a lot of camper thematism.

You are right, I hadn't seen that tag. There isn't a good description of that tag (in my opinion). Maybe this is just a duplicate and the other tag should have a better description?--Ayke 12:11, 6 November 2010 (UTC)