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Because of the wiki-like nature of OSM its very hard to say when something is complete. I might consider Weybridge to be complete, because all named roads have been mapped. Someone else, interested in footpaths and waterways, might not consider it to be so complete. Then there are pubs, schools, churches, museums, phoneboxes, postboxes, hospitals, ATMs, petrol stations, etc. Where do you draw the line?

That said, it is very useful to be able to track progress and have some sense of what is done and what isn't. The wikiproject pages on the wiki currently fulfill that need and are a lot easier to access than the maps themselves (at the moment).

A number of people use various notations, eg two or three unconnected nodes at the end of a road, like this . . . , to indicate that the road continues but has not been mapped yet.

A tag that could be used to bound an area to indicate that it has been mapped to a certain objective standard would be quite useful. Perhaps something like complete:highway=yes, complete:footway=yet, complete:phonebox=yes. 80n 00:12, 12 October 2006 (BST)