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I use jetties and slipways with small boats. Getting this right would be great. But I would clarify:

  • A small wooden structure built out a few metres into a lake or river to moor or land a rowing boat.

Is a pier. See the definiton in piers

   * Larger structures built into lakes, harbours, marinas to moor or land pleasure boats or fishing boats.

If its hollow underneath its a pier

   * A ferry landing, e.g Hong Kong, Sydney.

Uncertain! Don't know what they look like! Someone mentioned Ryde Pier in the Pier vote. It is a ferry landing.

   * A pier built into the sea, popular in the UK, for pleasure purposes and may feature a pedestranian promenade and eating or amusement places, e.g. Brighton Piers, Blackpool Pier (UK), Santa Monica Pier (US). They can have a secondary function of housing a ferry terminal.

Any I've been on had at least some capability to bring a boat alongside

   * A structure taking an oil or gas pipeline into deeper water for loading/unloading by tanker vessels.

If its hollow its a pier

   * Commercial Wharves. A wharf is a shoreline structure for loading/unloading cargo vessels. Smaller ones can be shown as jetties. Larger ones would be more approppriately mapped as part of the shoreline.

A wharf is solid underneath - i.e made of concerete - like a Harbour Wall. From a jetty / warf whatever user point of view it would be useful to see that these are not part of the shoreline but have a partifcular purpose.

My alternative proposal (while I don't really care if they are called pier or jetty) is to call them piers and ?harbours?? but to then define them in more detail perhaps with a type:

type=commerical (i.e. the oil pipeline) type=public (i.e. a jetty anyone can tie their rowing boat to, possibly for a fee?) type=tourist (i.e. Blackpool)