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alternative or complement

You say "This proposed one is an alternative approach to quality."

Well, I see it as a complement. The scale you where talking about is under way at Proposed_features/Smoothness and it's goal is to tag whether or not driving on a particular way ( which ever it is) is possible with a particular vehicule but does not care about what speed you can reach "safe" ( for yourself and for your car )

The problem I see in your proposal is that : yes it work on any way, but not with every vehicule. So you'd probably end with a list of tag such as :

... I say : why not, another approach would be to "group" vehicules the same way we did for smoothness=* and create a scale based on an hypothesis wich is

  • "If a car drive at 20, then a 4wd can at 40 and a bike at 15"
  • or "if a car can drive at 130, then a 4wd at 110 and a bike at 25"

Don't know if that way we could find a reasonnaby limited number of case.

Good idea, but hard to apply well IMHO ! Sletuffe 14:39, 22 August 2008 (UTC)


Well i am not used to Discussion feature in wikis. I am a french guy, living in Romania. In this country, one difficulty is some roads (secondary or tertiary) are not refreshed, are disused, the asphalt is not here anymore (may be never was), and it's not quite practicable as would be expected for tertiary road.

For instance : look here [1] The upper part of the road (almost connected to a motorway) is unpaved, it's not convenient to go faster than 50 km/h, but the lower part via Luica is very smooth the speed can be 90 km/h (maxspeed) without any problems.

I know a supposed to be tertiary road (DJ401C south of romania),

  1. the road begins with asphalt,
  2. then the road becomes a track. I am not even sure it's still the same road (a ground track nearby is smoother ...well at least during summer time) yes I tried to find milestones...
  3. then the road surface is compacted (no asphalt).

For the 1st and the last part (for which I am sure are part of the DJ401C), it'd be interesting to indicate that the speed would be about 90 km/h and then 50 km/h.

Do you think it should be implemented by routing software based on surface info ? I am sceptical.

On road with rocks and stuff :

  • qmaxspeed:4wd=maxspeed
  • qmaxspeed:sedan=50
  • qmaxspeed:low=50

On a track with grass in the middle

  • qmaxspeed:4wd=maxspeed
  • qmaxspeed:sedan=maxspeed
  • qmaxspeed:low=50

Fabyen 21:51, 10 September 2010 (BST)