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We have Proposed_features/water_well and Proposed_features/Well_Water. --Jas4711

Standpipes differ from water wells, because standpipes actually not wells and take water from urban water supply, while wells take water from subterranian water layer, so in last case water's quality may vary even in the same town.

Not just in villages

There are also some in urban parishes, so perhaps it should be "parish_pump"? But there could be more than one in a parish or village, so how about "hand_pump"?

Also, many are no longer functioning; how should we tag these?

Not just in parishes. Actually they are called street standpipes (not the hand pumps, becasue water in not pumped by hand, but goes from water supply networks) and they are widespread in russia too - usually in rural areas of towns (almost every of them are working) and sometimes in old urban districts (usually working too, but not always).

Another tag with compound meaning which renders it non-usable

As it was mentioned above, "village" is not a part or feature of pump. What if it's located in town? Or just in the middle of nowhere? Which kind of pump does it refer to: manual, electric, driven by donkey? What if it's not a pump, but some sort of valve (tap) on water network pipeline? --BushmanK (talk) 15:55, 25 May 2016 (UTC)