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I agree there needs to be a way of tagging the quality of footways/bridleways in particular, and also noting the quality of signposting, axxcessability etc. if the vote is a 1 to 5 vote can I suggest the following for footways/bridleways/byeways etc:

1: The way exceeds legal expectations with additional features. (e.g. boardwalks, built in steps, doggates etc). Everything is well maintained. 2: The way meets legal requirments 3: There are a few faults (Broken styles, a missing sign, or a long distance between signs, or unmarked turns in the way between signs) 4: The way is poor. There are no, or few signs except at the start and end of the way, poorly maintained gates/styles etc. Dangerous livestock may roam across thew way. Extreamly poor drainage... 5: (Very Rare) The way is un-navagable. Hedges, fences, barbwire etc, lie across the way. There are no signs, acsess is inposible/prevented. (There must still be some hint that the way is where you have put it otherwise you must have copied from a map

ben. 14:12 18th Nov 2006 (UTC)