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Naming & coverage of breastfeeding tag

  • I do not understand what your intent is here, since talking about two different things: Breastfeeding is done by females, and all the mother needs is, depending on culture, a more or less calm and isolated space. Feeding with a bottle can be done by everybody - father, grandma, nanny - and does not necessarily need privacy. But might need infrastructure to heat milk .... as you suggest in last value. I'm not sure if the last is needed, since you can probably do it anywhere - in a cafe etc. but maybe also this is different in japan. Anyway, I can not see the use to mix these two? -- nounours77
  • I'm intended to that "yes" means only private space is there, "room" means there is private space AND some more amenity like microwave. Some infant do not want to be fed from mother's breast. In this case, the mother want to go to the space with more infrastructure. So I think it is important to identify that. And I don't want make more complex and separated schema, like "microwave=yes", "heat water=yes", and so on. Suggestions of more proper words are welcome! :) -- nyampire
  • ok with both, just a bit puzzled how you could use a microwave for breastfeeding. Maybe it's the baby you're feeding, not the breast? :-) "baby_feeding"? --nounours77
breastfeeding is the correct term for a mother feeding her baby by letting it suck milk from her breast, so your comment about "feeding the breast" is completely nonsense. Baby_feeding seems to be the prude version of the same action, as feeding a baby with a spoon doesn't require any particular situation/place (actually also breastfeeding doesn't require more than a mother and a baby, but I imagine that in some cultural context it might not be accepted to do it in public).--Dieterdreist (talk) 09:01, 13 December 2013 (UTC)
Some Japanese mother prefer to feed in isolated place, even from bottle, or spoon. From my non-native speaker's view, I'm a bit confused which is the better.. (breastfeeding or baby_feeding) --nyampire
  • Naming for "baby_feeding" is sounds good for me. -- nyampire

"baby feeding" schema

Thinking of schema for this naming...

A problem is there. If someone want to identify some more details, we maybe need the additional tag schema. For example, presence of infrastructure such as microwave (for warm a baby food) or heating water(to make a milk bottle).


microwave_oven = yes
water_heater = yes

those tags are used in Japan. (not by me!)

I think that they are a bit complex schema. It will affect to other tag schema. So I want to purge those function from my proposal. In first step, baby_feeding=room is enough for represent our ideas. --nyampire

Language and Naming of stroller

The language of OSM tagging is British English. Stroller is an American word, the English for which is push chair. I would propose that the tag push_chair, or pram (short for perambulator), be adopted. A pram is normally larger as it allows the baby to lay down, whereas a push_chair is where the baby sits up. --trigpoint

Thank you. +1 to push_chair. --nyampire

Reverted to "stroller". Reason are

  1. According to Taginfo, the tagging of "stroller" is already used. Hence, "push_chair" is not used. taginfo: push chair and taginfo: push_chair
  2. There is always discussing "whether is used, UK or US?" like this other Tagging ML. And seems no agreement on this point, and use case of the word would be changing, even in UK. So I prefer to use "existing on OSM" tags. --user:nyampire

Compability with existing tagging

There is pre-existing documentation for diaper=yes/1,2,.../room. You should make clear whether your poposal is intended to replace this. --Tordanik 16:22, 14 December 2013 (UTC)

Thank you. I'm not completely aware of existing diaper=*... The schema of existing is very similar to my ones, so I'm happily use existing tag if there. --nyampire

-- changed to "diaper=*" -- user:nyampire