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Reply to the discussion with Apm-wa

Start of the discussion with Apm-wa should be read before reading.

in common usage a phrase like "Consulate General" has both words capitalized

I like the idea to be specific for this. Also, not being an English native speaker, I'm not competent enough to decide. I think this documentation is precise enough to justify your choice. Nevertheless I also found occurrences that could be problematic, e.g. Consulate-General instead of Consulate General. Would you have any advice for that? What I can tell is that in french, it's the way around, we would use Consulat général and Consulat honoraire cf. this page. There is a specific documentation for names in french but it's not precise enough for our topic. I can add a specific paragraph if needed. An option to avoid all the complexity of being language-specific could also to just link to this documentation and trust the users to be smart about it.

I would advocate for short_name=* to be simply the name of the sending country.

My main issue here is to find a proper tag for French Embassy, British Embassy and Turkish Embassy names. The definition for a short_nameː "should be a recognizable, commonly used short version of the name, not a nick name (use alt_name for that), useful for searching (recognized by Nominatim)." Therefore alt_name=* could be used for that, what do you think? At the same time short_name=* could be used for the name of the country only, as you suggested.

The issue here is not whether a sovereign entity is internationally recognized, but whether it is recognized by the receiving side.

That is so smartǃ You literally unlocked a new level of my understanding of the world of embassies, thanks. I updated the proposal accordingly. Nevertheless this is above all related to tags. Should we create first a specific documentation (I don't think we need a proper vote for that) maybe here or on a specific page? And then I will link to that page in my proposal. Because we did not have this doc, I think we (me and user zorglobu) did messed up the data see for example so we'll have to double check everything.

Honestly, that is a complex issue and should be suggested automatically to the users by editors such as iD via a new QA tool system in Osmose. Would you know any structured data that describes exactly the states/organizations recognition? Of course it should be free, open, up-to-date, in short reliable and usable. I did not have a look yet to wiki data, it might be the proper solution here.