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operator=Tesla Motors Inc.

...seem to be mostly used. Since OSM discourages abbreviations, should we just sick to "Tesla Motors"? Or how is this usually done with corporations. Not really a fan of adding Incorporated. Also seems to be "Tesla Motors, Inc."


... I can't find any tags that fits on amenity=charging_station. I think it's bascially does it over the plug and some data cable. Not every Tesla can actually charge there, for some cars it's an extra upgrade you have to purchase. Not sure authentication:cable/plug/automated/?/=*

Or is authentication:none=no enough?


....obviously means for Tesls customers, but what if a station is actually limited to for example hotel guests? Not really that important right now, but if someone has a good idea...

Supercharger Plug Type

It seems that right now there is more than one plug in use for supercharger stations (worldwide).
Example: The EU superchargers do have a Type2 like plug while the US superchargers do have a proprietary plug. If you decide to import a US Tesla to Europe or drive your US Tesla in the EU (or vice versa) you - at least as far as I know - can not use any of the superchargers, because there are no converters for it. Thereby an additional tag that would specify which type of plug is used in the supercharger would be a smart idea.
I thought about something like tesla_supercharger_type or tesla_supercharger:type = NAME
Any ideas or comments about that? --TBKMrt (talk) 17:45, 5 April 2017 (UTC)

Because of the lack of comments - none at all to be precise - I count this discussion as no one cares. So if there is a new key called tesla_supercharger:type no one will complain. --TBKMrt (talk) 19:53, 9 May 2017 (UTC)