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Discuss WikiProject Cleanup/Articles Part 1 here:

A to Z cleanup approach not working very well - Delete

Not progressing very well is it? I think this approach is not really the best way to tackle the cleanup. The opinions and decisions you write on here will not be drawn to the attention of people editing the pages concerned.

It is better to write your clean-up proposals on the associated discussion pages of the page you want to cleanup. If you are proposing a move, merge or delete I have created templates to be used for sticking a prominent label on the top of the page itself, to draw attention to the proposal. This will involve the people who care about the individual pages. In many cases it will also be better to "be bold" and do the cleanup, rather than just talking about it.

The idea of mechanically going through every page of the wiki from A to Z is a bit of a strange way to go about things as well, a more organic approach is to start from the key navigation points in the wiki, and work outwards. For example the About page now looks ok (in my opinion, because I gave it a rewrite) but this leads on to Getting Involved page, which is in need of a tidy up... and navigate outwards from there.

To clean up every page of the wiki, is going to require a herculian effort. It's also an uphill struggle, since people keep creating new pages! Presumably this is one reason why the idea isn't taking off.

Of course there's no harm in some people following an A to Z approach, although I actually don't really like this page because it creates an mildly irritating background noise when attempting use wiki features such as 'What links here' and Special:Lonelypages

-- Harry Wood 11:46, 19 December 2007 (UTC)

In fact, since this is still making zero progress, and still mildly irritating me (What links here), I'm going to propose we delete this set of three pages -- Harry Wood 10:52, 29 April 2008 (UTC)